let's drink to the salt of the earth

Here’s the Video of Those Wall Streeters Drinking Champagne Above the Protest

We haven’t heard from Riley in 18 hours, and fear for the safety of his Monopoly MacBook battery. While we await Waggaman’s new dispatch from the Occupy Wall Street occupation, here’s the actual video of the Wall Street suits literally drinking champagne and laughing from balconies while thousands of serious and determined protesters march below. The best thing about this video is knowing the cops saw the Wall Streeters do this outrageous Marie Antoinette act. And while some of the cops have been utter assholes, most of the NYPD officers working the protest have been decent and good-humored — and they’re also part of public-sector unions, and they’re also working class people, and they’re also wrestling with collapsing home values and collapsing pensions and an intentionally destroyed infrastructure.

Let’s all drink to the cops remembering the faces of everyone yukking it up and sipping champagne on this balcony. [AnonOps]

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      1. Ken Cuccinelli

        Nah, I'm totally gonna go with "pisses off", because have you ever met one of these people? They'd drink cyanide-laced santorum if they thought it would piss off Michael Moore.

        1. mumbly_joe

          Call me a vintage-obsessed hipster, but I've always been a fan of the old-school vibe from a good guillotine.

      1. CommieLibunatic

        Funny, I was just thinking about an XKCD-inspired pick-up line for the protesters:

        "That top looks great on you, but it'd look even better stuffed into a vodka bottle and thrown burning at those fuckasses with the champagne."

        1. Ken Layne

          Girls say yes to boys who throw the girls' tops (as the fuse for an improvised incendiary device) at investment bankers.

          … eh, too long for a bumpersticker on my Rascal.

    1. mrpuma2u

      Rocks? we can so much better than rocks. Let's throw a rabid possum through their window and sit back and watch the fun.

  1. Barb

    Maybe when they are done with these white collar criminals they can go after the ones in the Catholic Church.

  2. BlueStateLibel

    Laughing at the people you've screwed over is all a good idea, it just makes them like you more. BTW, they ought to have at least taken off their ugly capitlist pig masks off – oh wait.

    1. RavenRant

      Gotta think that working people ambivalent about these crazy protesters will see these smug, laughing creeps and remember who tanked their home equity, pension funds, and 401ks.

  3. SmutBoffin

    I hope that the 'paign has meat tenderizer mixed in it, because soon these Ri¢hie Ri¢h wannabes will be EATEN.

  4. Wilcoxyz

    Can we just raise the top bracket to whatever rate it is that gets these fucks to decide to stop "working." I'm willing to go to a super exclusive 110 percent marginal rate on this.

  5. James Michael Curley

    You know who else used to drink Champaign while standing on a balcony watching demonstrations?

    1. Fare la Volpe

      They've clearly never heard of "class." Did you see the periwinkle gold trim dashiki Ms. Blondie was sporting? She pull that out of Granny's hope chest?

      1. FakaktaSouth

        So I take it you're not standing high over Wall Street, above it all, looking down on poor folk, in a huge metaphor clusterfuck come to life?

    1. RavenRant

      Far too benign.

      Raddled, pox ridden, pus dripping whores, maybe.

      Or oozing, seeping sacks of toxic medical waste.

  6. Callyson

    1960's: Hey, hey, LBJ, how many babies did you burn today?
    2010's: Hey, hey, Wall Street haters, how many pensions will you piss away today?

    1. mrpuma2u

      Karl or Chico? They both were I think. Especially Chico, when he said "who ya a gonna believe? Me or your own eyes?"

    2. lulzmonger

      "Quick, Bruno, Biffy & Bob! I want everything we've got moved into going long on futures in rope, guillotines & tumbrils – & I want this done by YESTERDAY!"

  7. SayItWithWookies

    Nice to know that their tax cut is being put to good use. Has a presidential candidate praised these assholes yet?

  8. Dumbedup

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. They have really done a number on this country. Bring back the fucking Wobblies and see if they are still smirking then.

  9. BaldarTFlagass

    Weird how things work out, I'm just going to cut and paste a post from a couple threads back, and I think it will work just fine.

    Baldar sed: "Or to paraphrase Bogey in Casablance, 'Here's looking down at you, kid.'"

  10. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    But, don't you see, if we made them pay for all of the bailouts of Wall Street, or raised their taxes, these people would not be able to create jobs in the vineyards of France or the tobacco plantations of Cuba.

  11. NickDanger007

    They'd better start wearing designer clothes made of Kevlar. Post that pic along Wall Street, too. And identify those pricks.

  12. Wilcoxyz

    A friend of mine spent a while as a dominatrix in lower Manhattan, catering to Wall Street broker types. She went back to stripping because she hated the clientele. I think I would have found a way to enjoy it.

  13. chicken_thief

    I always thought those guys were rich enough to get some really good looking pussy. Guess I was wrong…

    1. wondering where i am

      I just came back from occupied Wall Street, where the heavens were cracking open and it was raining bucket. No Riley to be seen. Unless he was asleep (with his honey?) underneath one of the blue tarps.

  14. Allmighty_Manos

    Watching these guys is enough to turn a peaceful liberal into a Red Brigade militant in under a minute.

  15. ThundercatHo

    Let's all hope for some rusty bolts holding on that railing. Hope you motherfuckers have your golden parachutes handy.

  16. Chichikovovich

    But don't forget that Wall Street types perform important tasks. Like right now I'm on the phone to get a broker, so I can put all the money from my mattress into shares of Consolidated Tumbrel and Tricoteuses-s'm's-Nous.

  17. Chichikovovich

    This video reminds me of a recent edition Russian joke, post collapse of the Soviet Union. Two old babushkas who were born during Stalin's Regime and lived through Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Interims and Gorbachev, are watching a run of limousines ferrying post-privatization billionaires zip around Moscow, splashing freezing water on the now destitute pensioners who line the streets.

    One says to the other: "You're never too old to learn something new. All my life I've known that Marx was all wrong about Communism. But now I find out that he was absolutely right about Capitalism."

    1. axmxz

      Haven't heard that one before! It's got a very late-90s vibe to it though. Nowadays the post-privatization billionaires are all either abroad, in prison, or have affiliated themselves with the state, so the babushkas are being splashed by the government functionaries, who are also holding up the traffic in every direction with their sirens.

  18. spinozasgod

    we. as a country managed to create these people. this is what laissez faire capitalism looks like. ayn rand would be so proud, her dreams for america have come true……sociopaths run the show.

  19. fuflans

    hey baggers!! did you see that tool in the pink shirt? the cow in the bedazzled purple?

    these are the people pulling your strings.

    1. Carolinadancer

      The blond looks like the annoying blond attorney from the prosecutor's office on "The Good Wife". Smack her around some more. ")

  20. Chichikovovich

    Wait, wait — I think they're all going Galt! Finally! Oh wonderful day! Let's buy a few bottles of bubbly for them. In gratitude.

    1. jrients

      Speaking of the lulz, I’m wondering how long before 4chan sees this clip and Anonymous decides to destroy these fuckers.

  21. rambone

    most of the NYPD officers […]also part of public-sector unions, and they’re also working class people, and they’re also wrestling with collapsing home values and collapsing pensions and an intentionally destroyed infrastructure.

    Sure cops are pro-union, as long as the union is their own . . . and their unions are exempted from every anti-union legislation that comes down the pike.

    In our society, like every other corrupt regime, cops are the bought-off enforcers recruited from the lower classes by the elites to beat the rest of us into submission.

    1. mumbly_joe

      Meh, they marched with labor in Madison. In spite of exemptions. I suspect it was still out of self-interest, though- the only thing that will get you on labor's shit list even more than scabbing against a union is scabbing against all of labor

  22. memzilla

    I have never felt a bigger need to have a Super Soaker filled with cat pee as I have watching these people on the balcony.

  23. ChuckieJesus

    I used to clean these bitches' houses. I used to turn tricks for these bitches too, at a different point in my life. They didn't consider me "people". They don't consider most people "people". But damn, for a bunch of rich motherfuckers, they were the stingiest tippers ever.

  24. DocChaos

    "Let's drink to the hard working people. Let's drink of the lowly of birth. Raise your glass to the good and the evil. Let's drink to the salt of the earth."

    -M. Jagger/K. Richards

  25. Carolinadancer

    I got the note about this post via Think Progress. The pic they used featured a blond woman in a violet blouse drinking champagne with her cronies from a balcony. She is quite similar in looks to that annoying blond attorney bitch from the prosecutor's office that goes up against Alicia on a regular basis on "The Good Wife". Which makes me hate her (Ms. Champagne) all the more…

  26. hilbillyheroine

    I'm a pure liberal. However, my kids are not. They have sort of a liberal-libertarian twist, and they own massive firearms. So, I'm ok. When it all blows up, I can beg for mercy for the banksters: right before my libertarian bunch goes ape shit crazy on them. I won't beg too much.

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