science proves bill clinton is not allowed to talk about science

Fox News Proves Climate Change Is Fake Since Liar Bill Clinton Says It’s Real

The exasperating cabal of global warming-denier turds who make, eh, we’ll say “the entire planet give or take a few” feel ashamed for America can still hold their heads high, because monstrous fibber Bill Clinton thinks they’re idiots, ergo, they are not. Science as a whole should probably sneak off to a corner and sob, because Bill Clinton is on its team. SO THERE.

[Fox Nation]

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    1. NickDanger007

      I always agreed with General Sherman, who said if he owned Texas and Hell, he'd rent out Texas and live in Hell. Seems he had the right idea.

  1. Come here a minute

    MSNBC's headline is "Popular Vote Winner in 2000 Presidential Election Absolutely Sure Climate Change No Hoax".

  2. freakishlywrong

    You can’t win the nomination of one of the major parties in the country if you admit that the scientists are right?

    No. Bill. You cant. These are people that believe Jesus parked his dinosaur and wrote the constitution while the founders were off fighting to abolish slavery. I mean, duhh, where ya been?

      1. DaRooster

        I would think Jesus, being all peaceful and shit, would ride a Brontosaurus… like Fred used in the quarry… that I could get behind.

        1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

          Clearly the Flinstones wasn't a documentary, as no one that looked like Fred or Barney would be married to hotties like they were.

          1. Sue4466

            Or Still Standing.
            Or Family Guy.
            Or The Simpsons
            Or Knocked Up.
            Come to think of it, any Judd Apatow movie.
            Or Hitch
            Any movie with Woody Allen

  3. MittsHairHelmet

    I always find it amazing how the wingnuts have these memes from the last 30 years that they constantly recycle as if they were current events. I mean, within a couple minutes at the first GOP debate with Perry, there was a Dukakis joke and an Al Gore inventing the internet joke. I mean, even the 2000 election was a decade ago.

    1. Sue4466

      After Cheney shot his friend in the face, there were bumper stickers "I'd rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than driving with Ted Kennedy."

      Seriously, you needed to go back that far for the equivalency spin?

    2. HelmutNewton

      It's not too surprising, really. The whole conservative mindset is always several years (or decades) out of date. That's why the birthers are saving their latest "smoking gun" for January 2017, when Obama leaves office.

    3. Biel_ze_Bubba

      You have to take into account those eight years that didn't happen, and are erased from the teatards' memories.

      Only libruls still think there could possibly have been a Republican president who was a total fuckup.

    4. Pristine_ODummy

      Do they *know* that, though? I mean, most of those people look like they're on enough meds to blow out what's left of their gray matter.

    1. NickDanger007

      He wasn't impeached. He resigned to avoid impeachment and save his pension. Aug. 9, 1974–ought to be a national holiday.

  4. hagajim

    He askes the question as to why you can't win a nomination for the GOP if you believe in climate change….musta been rhetorical, because everyone knows the GOP has been ransacked, raped and pillaged by the no-nothings.

  5. edgydrifter

    I was busy reading the "Virile, Beloved Former Commander-In-Chief Bravely Clearing Dangerous Brush From Family Ranch" article.

    1. Chichikovovich

      Unlikely – the moment the need for photo-ops stopped, W. and Barb bought a place in the city, and brush-clearing became a distant memory. Sort of like Bush I's purported "ordinary guy" love of pork rinds and hot sauce.

    1. KeepFnThatChicken

      Dammit, I wish you were right.

      Last year, I was in Dayton, Tennessee, and I visited the Rhea County Courthouse where the Scopes trial took place. During my (self-guided) tour, I listened to the interpreter give a rundown of the events to another visitor, who became rather animated. "Wha, EVER ONE knows that we didn't come from no stupid monkeys."

      I could not make this shit up. 86 years later, and for some folk in a small Tennessee town, the rhetoric hasn't changed a bit.

  6. Callyson

    “I mean, it makes us – we look like a joke, right?"
    *Look* like? In a nation where Saint Sarah can pull within 5% in the latest poll, I'd say appearance became reality a while ago…

  7. metamarcisf

    Steve Doocy, PhD and Gretchen Carlson, PhD, are both Nobel Prize-winning climate scientists. Doocy proved that the speed of sound exceeds the speed of light in a vacuum cleaner while Carlson once gave a hummer to Geraldo in the bottom of an elevator shaft. I think we know who to believe here.

    1. Mumbletypeg

      Steve Doocy, PhD and Gretchen Carlson, PhD

      Their PhD in anything science-y is news to me, as is your long-last emergence from the negative pee zone – congrats, I think? Your appearance now looks so..'tame' without the flame-red.
      Re: Doocy/Gretch: Methinks one or both of them earned a ADhD in simple sense.

  8. MissTaken

    For god's sake people, this man got a blow job, from a woman! And you want to listen to him about anything?! Are you crazy?!

  9. Goonemeritus

    I find it Ironic that the population in the North east of our Country that stand to on balance get a slightly more hospitable environment largely believe in Global Warming. While the God bothers in the Bible belt and the South West are the largely in the denial camp. These are the very people who will need to grow gills or spend their life in fire proof underwear or perhaps both.

    1. James Michael Curley

      Hoping Al gore is right. I'm overlooking the ocean twenty six feet above sea level and Brother Al says the worst case senario is twenty two feet.

  10. BaldarTFlagass

    These deniers are like the r3tarded uncle America keeps hidden in the basement, except we put him out in the front yard with a fucking bullhorn.

        1. user-of-owls

          Oh, you weren't here for the, um,…the, er…the Late Uncomfortableness related to the sort of spelling of that word that you might find in say a dictionary, were you?

          You're lucky. For a good while, we were all asking, "is it too soon to laugh?" On Wonkette.

      1. proudgrampa

        You know the old statistic: 98% of people masturbate, the other 2% are liars.

        Denial is not just a river in Egypt…

  11. MissTaken

    Why are they so stuck in the past? Yesterday with the Schweddy Balls and now Clinton impeachment crap. What's next? "You know on that show Will and Grace she's a straight woman living with an openly GAY man"!

    1. proudgrampa

      What I found fascinating about that show was that, to my recollection, he NEVER had a date (with a guy) in the entire series. Moral (?): It's OK to be gay as long as you don't see anyone? WTF?

    2. arihaya

      well, their most famous celebrities are Pat Boone and Chuck Norris,

      that says it all about how stuck-in-the-past they are

      1. GregComlish

        what about that shitty SNL wash-up from the early 90s? The one who always played incredibly stupid women in every single role and still does?

    3. Negropolis

      Hell, they'll still be banging on about Murphy Brown if we'd let them. And that little Bart fella' on what's the sow? The Johnsons or some shit?

  12. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Actually, by FOX News standards, this is pretty logical. Why should you listen to anyone that got a blow job? Now, if he was smearing falafel on someone, or sending the FOX Police out to silence someone, or just making stuff up, that would make him credible.

    1. SorosBot

      Or tapping the phones of politicians, celebrities and crime victims, and bribing the cops to cover it up.

  13. widestanceshakedown

    Why is faith-based climatology being attacked??!11!!??///

    (And something in the Constitution needs to be amended to stop that)

  14. elviouslyqueer

    Oh yea? Well, I've got a screaming headline of my own:


  15. SayItWithWookies

    Kudos to FoxNation for sticking with the relevant facts — that you can't believe anything from a man who lies about sex. Which means, I imagine, that we're going to change the Constitution so that the nation is governed entirely by people eleven years old or younger.

    1. Negropolis

      Embarrassing America?! Hell, Europe would have given him medals of honor for that scandal if they had thought that they could have gotten away with it.

      1. ttommyunger

        I've had MANY blowjobs in and around my workplace over the years but I've never carried that kind of responsibility on my shoulders. I'm no prude, but when a man accepts a position of honor and responsibility he also accepts certain restrictions on his behaviors. Clinton never understood the great difference between Bill Clinton and The President of the United States; I first realized that when he answered the underwear question like a simpering high school football hero rather than diplomatically demurring. The resulting debacle drug our Country through the seamiest side of human indecency on TV and in the Newspapers. I prefer to keep my seamy side private, that's all.

  16. Fukui_sanYesOta

    Well, since FOX has been proven to lie, and since Billy C has lied, I'm now confused as to whether climate change is real or not.

    Oh wait, that entire line of argument makes no fucking sense at all. Science FTW!

  17. chascates

    Acquitted by the Senate former President has more credibility than half-term former Alaskan governor and her crazed allies.

  18. Steverino247

    The good news about climate change would be if humans are responsible because then we could do something about it. Like we did with CFC's and the Ozone layer.

    The bad news about climate change would be if humans are powerless to do anything about it because then we'd be completely fucked.

    Oh, and about the sea level rising? Don't forget there's another place some of that water can go. It's called humidity and it is getting worse, too.

    1. proudgrampa

      Can you cite a study about rising humidity? Just curious.

      All I know is, where I live, when it's hot it's a DRY heat. Maybe we'll end up like the planet Venus.

      1. Steverino247

        No study, just personal observation. If you heat water, some of it turns to vapor, though. All I've seen is direct ice to liquid calculations (as in X much ice becomes Y amount of water), but some of it has to evaporate. Climate change implies any kind of change–more dry, more wet, etc.

  19. Tommmcattt

    I got a blowjob from a woman. Once. It was mildly amusing in a kind of camp way.

    I did not know it would discredit me from public life of any kind, however. Live and learn, I guess.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      Was she trying to "bring you back" to "normal"? If so, she definitely chose the wrong way to go about it, one would think…

      1. Tommmcattt

        I dunno, it was the nineties, I was high most of the time. I was just out of the closet, and she was a club buddy of mine and it just kind of happened. Boys are better at it IMHO, but there may be bias in that statement. Possibly.

    2. HempDogbane

      Was it "mildly amusing" enough that you might recommend this to the rest of us? I ask because I'm hopeful that my scientific opinions will continue to be taken seriously.

  20. OneYieldRegular

    I still regret Jon Stewart getting FOX completely wrong in the nonetheless entertaining Chris Wallace interview. Ideology is totally irrelevant to FOX (in its role as media wing of big business, just as the GOP is the political wing). Eh, this isn't funny. Funny goes in, funny goes out. I'll stop now.

  21. SorosBot

    Yes, we can't believe what Clinton says because his political enemies launched a witch-hunt against him and eventually impeached up for what were brazenly obvious political purposes as he had clearly committed no impeachable offense. That means we can't trust him.

  22. glamourdammerung

    So in other words, they can not factually disprove it, and have to resort to ad hominem attacks against people that agree that climate change is occurring? Since they ran the ACORN "sting" videos and have hosted serial liar Andy Breitbart, then I guess they agree they are not credible in anything, right?

  23. Negropolis

    What does disgraced former governor Palin have to say about this? Or feces enthusiast Rick Santorum? Or execution expert Rick Perry? Or, local crazy woman Michele Bachmann? Or used Kia salesman Mitt Romney. Or…well, you get the hint.

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