We hope the Internet dies a rapid death.Welcome to the seventh dimension, humans: even Satan’s pet horned toad Rush Limbaugh thinks Michele Bachmann’s ludicrous claim that the Gardasil HPV vaccine causes girls to “suffer mental retardation” is off-the-reservation insane.

Rush Limbaugh told his cult army of brainless followers that Michele Bachmann “jumped the shark” on the vaccination thing, whatever the hell that means, but we thought this special instance of the batshit Insane calling another portion of the Insane even more radically Insane than usual contrasted nicely with this super self-serious piece from THE POLITICO hopefully declaring Michele Bachmann’s rank lunacy THE NEXT BIG THING in political comebacks:

GOP consultant Mike Murphy said Bachmann came alive.

“I think she showed some life and proved that Perry will have some competition in Iowa on his right flank,” Murphy said.

Many of the next-day debate reviews agreed that Bachmann came out of the debate with a new lease on life.

“Bachmann was better than last time and showed she’s not going to quietly fade away,” National Review editor Rich Lowry wrote. Power Line declared that Bachmann “clobbered Rick Perry.” ABC News proclaimed her the winner of the debate, recapturing the spotlight and connecting with the tea party audience.

Terrifying photo of Marcus Bachmann using his favorite Weeping Jesus sex pose on his wife courtesy of the most terrifying corner of the Internet, Twitter. [The Hill/Politico/Twitter]

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