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War On Everyone Round One Million: Charles Koch Defeats Jimmy Hoffa

silly socialists probably think wars are for free.America’s favorite fundraising tool, “the other side declaring terrible war on everyone else,” got a shiny new box of ammo, haha, from a PG-13 Labor Day pep talk Jimmy Hoffa gave to a crowd of union supporters calling for Democratic voters to declare war on the GOP and to “take these son-of-a-bitches out” at the ballot box, meaning, who else, the Tea Party. This unremarkable swear-y  war speech is the one that has the Internet/Twitter/the Space Lizards super pissed off, because Fox News predictably edited out the part where Hoffa refers to voting to make it sound like he wants union supporters to off Tea Party supporters. Outrageous outrage! But Hoffa is what Charles Koch might call “an amateur warlord” and a socialist, because his speech lacked murderous dictator references and demands for cash from oppressed millionaires. Charles Koch raises him a “Saddam Hussein Obama” and a veiled threat for civilizational collapse to get the war dollars flowing in the direction of Charles Koch and war money hanger-on Michele Bachmann.

Mother Jones got hold of an audio recording from a secret, closed-door June sleeper cell meeting of the Koch Brothers and America’s robber barons that doesn’t even need to be edited to sound insane and murderous. Here is Charles Koch trying to raise money to fight “Saddam Hussein Obama” in the transcript from the BRAD Blog:

But we’ve been talking about — we have Saddam Hussein, this is the Mother of All Wars we’ve got in the next 18 months. For the life or death of this country. So, I’m not going to do this to put any pressure on anyone here, mind you. This is not pressure. But if this makes your heart feel glad and you want to be more forthcoming, then so be it.

THAT is how you call for war and outrage, Jimmy Hoffa.

And of course this is just a plot against Michele Bachmann, who puked this helpless cry for monies out to her mailing list:

Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa’s violent rhetoric continued at a rally with President Obama, as he issued a profanity laced rant against the Tea Party calling for union members to declare war against our conservative values, and “take those sons of bitches out.”

Hoffa and his well-funded liberal allies are scared of our momentum, and will do anything to try and silence our voices. But, we won’t go quietly into the night. Will you follow this link and make a donation to help me defend myself against their profane and vicious attacks?

And so, children, there may not be any jobs or health care or education for anyone, but there is always money in endless WAR! Invest your last five dollars accordingly.  [TPM/Mother Jones/The Week/Michele Bachmann Spam List]

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      1. Pristine_ODummy

        Tell me what you've got planned for them, Biely. I long to hear you whisper sweet "Nothing good" in my ear.

        1. Biel_ze_Bubba

          No immediate plans, but I'm not worried … I've got Hoffa down here to consult with, and he's taking this one personally. Quite an imagination he has … I could almost call it "diabolical".

          1. Pristine_ODummy

            You sure do know how to make a person happy, Biely. Tell Jimmy I support his son 110%. I'm hoping he'll take that as a reason *not* to think up any, um, entertainment for me.

    1. mookwrthwilson

      That was the endzone…and that stadium is gone…it's now a parking lot or a pregame party tent or something like that…

    2. Terry

      Naw, too frickin far to drive from Detroit with a body in the trunk. Jimmy was buried someplace deep in the greater Detroit area.

    3. Callyson

      Jimmy lives with Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis in an underground cave: usually their spirits only come out at night, but this is an emergency…

      1. chicken_thief

        At this point back in Ought-Eight election cycle wasn't some goober Muzlin dude in 3rd place behind Hilldog and Baby Daddy Edwards?

      1. Pristine_ODummy

        It's contagious. Read about Michele, yer brain gets a fungus.

        Also, she would look better with antlers.

        Anyone else notice her giant sticking-out ears?

    1. Dexter Linwood

      That the Son of a Hoffa didn't threaten knee cappings is quite an improvement. The tea party should consider itself lucky for his mellowed son.

    1. DahBoner

      "Let's take the sons of bitches out."

      May I suggest Golden Coral with the ever-flowing Chocolate waterfall, and now Cotton Candy..

  1. flamingpdog

    And the latest item in the "Who the fuck cares" category:
    Presidential hopeful Herman Cain decried the speech as "name-calling" in an interview on Fox News shortly after Hoffa's remarks.

    1. Beowoof

      Republicans worried about being called names? One way to stop that would be to stop acting like an asshole; ya dumb son of a bitch.

  2. TanzbodenKoenig

    I'm just glad to see a Democrat doing something besides handing Republicans his wallet, the keys to his car and house, and his virgin daughters (or sons) and then calling it 'tough negotiations'

    1. DahBoner

      Remember when Roger Ailes was telling Nixon that he wanted to start something he called at the time, "GOP TV"?

      Well, his dream came true…

  3. weejee

    take these son-of-a-bitches out

    Hoffa was suggesting libtards take Teatards out for coffee, or a date, or something. No violence there Michele you silly. If violence was intended he would have called them poopyheads® not SoBs. See Rollins absence already has MB missing the big points.

  4. PuckStopsHere

    You got your 14th Amendment remedies, you got your 19th Amendment remedies, and you got your SECOND Amendment remedies. Your call, bitches.

    1. Limeylizzie

      I have no idea what those are , other than that really, really, silly Second Amendment, but I upfisted you with alacrity!

      1. PuckStopsHere

        That would be your equal protection under the law, your giving unto the women the vote, and the gun thingy.

  5. Beowoof

    Damn finally someone stands up and gives back some and the republican pussies are all crazy about it. I have hoping to hear this from Sadam Obama himself.

  6. SorosBot

    A liberal saying "take those sons of bitches out" is horrible, just one of the worst things someone can say, worse than Hitler; but when a prominent Republican recommends shooting Democratic members of Congress, then someone actually shoots one of them, pointing out how horrible that rhetoric was is blood libel. Makes sense.

    1. RadioEnron9/11

      Last week Russ Limbo called the President "a man-child" who can't do anything without a teleprompter, a doofus and a jackass in the space of two sentences. Makes sense.

      1. SorosBot

        And he probably said "man-child" because he knew boy was too obviously racist. We can hear your dog-whistles, Rush.

      2. unclejeems

        Yes, and that "teleprompter" slur made it across the Atlantic in a microsecond. I read the same phrase today in a so-called original response to a Guardian article about Obama's re-election chances.

        But hell, if your brain's the size of a doll's teacup, and your facility with English is nill, what else you gonna do. Think for yourself?

        1. RadioEnron9/11

          Along with "in over his head, " "he's really not smart," fail and some others the teleprompter bullshit buzzword is one of their chorus of dog whistle trumpets.

    2. Pristine_ODummy

      It wasn't that long ago that some Good Ole Boy in the South was proposing selling hunting licenses for killing liberals. That, apparently, didn't nudge the horribilimeter.

    1. Not_So_Much

      I was going to add 'nudity' to your comment. But then I realized what these people look like and settled for just throwing up in my own mouth instead.

  7. Sue4466

    So, after years of the T'baggers holding rallies with cries of "take our country back," badly spelled signs equating Obama with Hitler, carrying actual loaded guns, talking of Second Amendment remedies for election results they disagree with, using "surveyor's marks" on Democratic congress people, carrying signs about watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants, etc. now these assholes are upset that Jimmy Hoffa suggested Democrats VOTE against the GOP and T'Baggers? Because that's uncivil? Or because how dare anyone suggest democracy includes voting for anyone other than the GOP? Or is it just that they're upset someone in the Democratic party maybe shouted back once in a fucking while?


    But seriously, how long before the Democrats fold and distance themselves from Hoffa?

    How long before the media false equivalency dance?

    1. Sparky_McGruff

      Republicans, as a group, have incredibly thin skin. It insults them to their very core that anyone would disagree with them. It's not enough that Obama and the congressional dems cave in to them. They are insulted that anyone would ever disagree with them. They are even more insulted that anyone would ever point out that the facts disagree with them.

  8. BlueStateLibel

    They're going to be outrageously outraged when the other side starts calling for guillotines. Seriously, you declare war on the U.S. economy and anyone who has to work for a living, and you're surprised that people might be a little pissed off?

    1. Sue4466

      In their defense, given the largely apathetic response of most Americans–not to mention the general gutlessness of the Democratic party–to the decades long class war that's been raging against the working poor & middle class, they probably are surprised.

      Though, if they bothered to know Hoffa is a union guy, they might have seen it coming.

  9. Redhead

    How dare them UNION members, with their actual jobs and their living wages, actually suggest change by voting, or "violent rhetoric" when edited certain ways! How Un-American of them! Advocating violent change is only for TRUE Amurikins, who always vote teabagger and who carry several assault rifles, proudly, with them on their Hoverrounds, which they purchased with Medicare and disability and government assistance, because they're too fat to work, and which they ride to rallies to protest socialist government programs and them brown people taking our jerrrbs! Don't these stoopid libruls know that only REAL Amurikins kin own guns or advocate using them – having a jerb makes you a brown person, not a REAL Amurikin!

  10. proudgrampa

    Sons of Bitches? That's it? Fuck. They don't know what profanity is (and probably wouldn't know it if they stepped in it).

  11. proudgrampa

    "…help me defend myself against their profane and vicious attacks…"

    Oh, Michele, it's always about you, you, you, isn't it?

  12. Weenus299

    I'm no PR specialist, but if my name were Jimmy Hoffa I'd change my name to something like "Sal Mineo" or "Kimbo Slice" or something.

  13. mumbly_joe

    Maybe the problem is that Jim Hoffa didn't follow the tea party's lead for non-violent protest, and bring loaded assault weapons with them to an Obama rally. Or that he didn't say that between now and election day is hunting season for teabaggers, and there is no bag limit (with votes, tho!).

    Maybe it also would have helped if he specifically called out Allen West and called him a nigra and a pimp before seguing way to talking about his sexual fantasies about Nancy Pelosi. Decorum is important, you see!

  14. UnionAgitator

    RANT –

    It’s a good start but the rhetoric needs ramped up and matched with civil disobedience.

    Republicans are bullies and when stood up to they will back down.

    Unions should call a general nationwide strike until all anti-worker laws are reversed.

    1. LesBontemps

      Between the War on Unions and the War on Poors ("you aren't poor if you own a refrigerator"), I can't understand why we aren't already stringing up industrialists and bankers by their intestines and building guillotines on the National Mall.

    2. friendlyskies

      Might as well, Drudge is already getting all post hoc ergo prompter hoc on his herd's confused asses and suggesting Ford is opening a new factory in India is because unions might strike. Nothing to do with the fact that minimum wage is US$2.50/hr.

    3. Barrelhse

      Funny you should say so. I was thinking along those lines last night, wondering if the workers could just stop working until these fucks get off our backs- and give back a little of what this country has given them by sharing the tax burden with those of us who struggle. My contempt for the Pigs is inexpressible.

  15. Weenus299

    "Sons of bitches?" What, no God-Damned arrogant fuckwads? And where are the guns and bats and bricks and whatnot?

  16. PhilippePetain

    Next time just quote the facts: "Let's take the corn dog sucking, fudge packing, storm praying, bathroom stall blowing, fetus cuddling maniacs out." Has a nice rational quality to it that may be missing form the current rhetoric.

  17. Oblios_Cap

    How dare them UNION members, with their actual jobs and their living wages, actually suggest change by voting

    From what I read earlier the TeaTards should welcome the Union folks voting, what with them havin' houses and such. Not like those filthy poor, lazy socialistic type folk that live on gubbermint assistance like, you know, TeaTards.

  18. JustPixelz

    Demoncrats calling Repubicans names! My word. I believe I am having an attack of the vapors. We didn't have such disrespectful outbursts from the America-haters when the president was a more traditional type of man instead of a lying illegal socialist muslim.

  19. HobbesEvilTwin

    Hey Faux News! You don't even have to selectively edit my comments:

    Fuck you fucking teabagger fuckheads. Fuck you fucking hard. Choke on a rat dick you fucks!

  20. ttommyunger

    Meanwhile, the National Director of the SPCA, in a hastily called news conference decried the slanderous and defamatory language used against its wards of the female gender. "Our bitches have never, now or at any time in recorded history attempted to deprive humans of their healthcare, their job security or their retirement benefits", the Director stated in her prepared statement, "Our clients have and always will be man's best friend, not his sworn enemy, as some have proven to be. Mr. Hoffa will be hearing from our attorneys."

  21. smitallica

    Yes, take out the TeaTard sons o' bitches! The tree of liberty must be watered with Metamucil and adipose tissue!

  22. Goonemeritus

    I often lamented the loss in passion for generational leaders. Look at the sad state of affairs in organized crime. In three generations we have gone from the hands on leader ship of the old mustache Pete’s to today’s reality TV stars. Jimmy Hoffa senior would not have been talking about ballot box as his son clearly was he would have been advocating for a much more spirited defense of workers rights.

  23. El Pinche

    Yeah, it was a PG-13 speech at best. Needed more "Koch-sucking anti-American assfucks" and "anal ripping America raping teabaggers." Jimmy Hoffa should have consulted with Jim Jeffries first.

  24. elviouslyqueer

    Media Matters For America charged that [Hoffa's] clip had been deceptively edited in Fox's re-airing of it.

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, at the implication that Fox News would deliberately edit something in order to make liberals and the POTUS look bad. I shall now retire to my fainting couch and collapse in a mighty fit of the vapors.

  25. HelmutNewton

    Another phony 'Koch Approved™' news story. Maybe if the MSM reported on how many of us ALSO want to take the sons-of-bitches out, it wouldn't be so overhyped.

  26. Barrelhse

    Profanity laced?
    Michele, "profanity laced" would be more like Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits, you twat-faced peckerhead.

  27. An_Outhouse

    I have forwarded the audio to the Dept. of Homeland Security. I'm sure the F.B.I. will be sending in an informant to set up the millionaires on terrorism charges any minute.

    chirp.. chirp.. chirp…

  28. chascates

    Kind of like storming the Bastille only this time the revolutionaries are the extremely wealthy and the enemy is democratically elected government, the poor, equal rights, diversity, etc.

    Wealth = power = righteousness

  29. 102415

    I spent an idle hour over at the Beitards this morning to see how they were taking all this foderall. Hilariously they are swooning over Sarah by the carload full of sock puppets and deranged nutball me too's. She didn't quit she resigned! He really has cornered the market on the sad lost boys of the GOP. Then I had some club soda and now I feel fine.

  30. rickmaci

    We have been in a WAR for years. The Rightists declared their "Cultural War" on the progressive heart and soul of the country at the 1990 Repuke convention, articulated by Benito Buchanan. It's about time someone on the left called then on it. Yes, they declared the war so if that is what they want, then let's give it to 'em, both barrels. Thanks Jimmy Hoffa for calling it as it is.

  31. Dexter Linwood

    I'll tell you what. When Obama started going on and on about the payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits at the speech the other day, that crowd went dead silent. They are so damned tired of hearing about tax cuts, even tax cuts that would benefit them. Hell, the poor folks in that crowd would totally tolerate being taxed more.

    Hoffa gave a helluva a speech. Barry was so out of touch with that crowd. We Michiganders pretended along with him as best we could, and they'll turn out for him, but Hoffa totally stole the show with his rousing speech. Albeit, you wouldn't and can't expect the president to do what Hoffa did; he is the president after all, but even when he did what he could do, rhetorically, it sounded so flat. He had his chance to do something very big in Detroit, and he went on-and-on about a "bipartisan" plan and then tossed a few mosels of red meat about how he wasn't going to wait for them to do something. Yeah right, Barry. That was perhaps the friendliest crowd he could ever have. Detroit gave him something north of 90% of the city's vote; the very least he could have done was gave them a proper rhetorical dinner, even if it was a lie.

    Hoffa practically begged the president offering "this is your army, we are ready to march." If all we're going to be marching for is $50 billion in infrastructure out of a $300 billion jobs plan, he can fuckin' Fuhgeddaboudit, for real.

  32. Dexter Linwood

    I love, just love, the conservative paintting of unions as being big and bad. They've so decimated the ranks of unionized America they make up what? 10% of the entire workforce? As if union power is even on the same level as corporate power. How they can play the victim is nothing short of amazing.

  33. Pristine_ODummy

    Duh! HITLER, of course.

    Thought you'd get me, din'tcha? I'm wise to you libtards and your devious ways, kitteh.

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