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Boise, Idaho Hosts 9/11 Conspiracy Concert On 9/11 Anniversary

...but what does it MEAN?!Before Barry forced him to walk the plank with an iPod full of Bruce Springsteen super glued to his ears, Osama bin Laden was pretty excited to delay an Amtrak train or something, on 9/11/11. But Osama bin Laden is dead now, or so we have been led to believe, so why is he still allowed to plan terrorist attacks? This is what he has been doing, according to some theater in Boise, Idaho, which has dared to break terrorist tradition by advertising an attack before it is scheduled to occur. Apparently, Boise is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with something called “EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY.” Did someone forget to tell Boise that nothing is supposed to happen in the sky, on 9/11? Or is this just something unrelated that has been blown out of proportion by an idiot with a cell phone camera?

Some person at this concert venue in Boise is in big trouble, for not realizing that it would be “controversial” to book a band called “Explosions in the Sky” on the anniversary of actual explosions happening in the sky.

A theater marquee for a poorly timed concert is drawing attention because it advertises “Explosions in the Sky” on “Sept. 11.”

The sign in Boise, Idaho, is promoting a concert by the group Explosions in the Sky, which has the unfortunate timing of taking place on the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks that killed more than 2,700 people at the World Trade Center.

Experts say thousands of New Yorkers still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from the twin airplane explosions that could be seen from miles away on that clear morning.

The band has had to contend with 9/11-related questions before.

They released their second album in late August 2001, just before the attacks, called Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever.

The album’s artwork features a plane shining a light on an angel, and includes a liner note that reads “this plane will crash tomorrow.”

A few months later, guitarist Michael James was detained at an airport because his guitar case had a sticker with the same message.

Seriously, what is with this band and 9/11? Did they plan it or something? Actually, a band with the word “Explosions” in it is always extremely inappropriate in America, where it is 9/11 all the time. Nevermind that there are explosions happening in the sky and on the ground pretty much every single day of the year, all around the planet. This band is some sort of Texas 9/11 conspiracy, and Boise should probably cancel this concert and replace it with a Charlie Sheen show, because of Patriotism. [NBC]

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  1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    The ironic thing is that Explosions in the Sky's original name was "Death to the Infidels!"

      1. OneDollarJuana

        Don't worry, Washington grows more spuds than Idaho, and we're more liberal. At least in Seattle.

      2. poncho_pilot

        now the potatoes aren't safe? shit. i was going to cut a little tunnel inside a potato and crawl inside it.

    1. Jukesgrrl

      From what I've heard, terrorists took over Boise long ago. But they're thoughtful enough to be white and Christian, so no one cares what firepower they're stockpiling.

        1. Gunner Asch

          Well gee, around here we see Boise as the Liberal Big City. But then I'm in Eastern Oregon.

  2. donner_froh

    The album’s artwork features a plane shining a light on an angel, and includes a liner note that reads “this plane will crash tomorrow.”

    A few months later, guitarist Michael James was detained at an airport because his guitar case had a sticker with the same message.

    Michael James is really stupid.

    1. NewtsChicknNeck

      i don't think is some kind of 9/11 truther garbage. this band plays instrumental-jam type stuff. they're from austin (not the "texas" you're imagining). their music has been featured in several episodes of "friday night lights" and a michael moore flick. these ain't paultards.

      and their guitarist is no more stupid than some tsa moron who thinks an austin hippie is going to advertise his intention to bomb a plane with a guitar with a sticker touting the same.

      also, wilco recorded yankee hotel foxtrot before 9/11. so, no, "ashes of american flags" is not about 9/11.

        1. NewtsChicknNeck

          Damn it. My Wilco street-cred has been damaged. It was "Jesus, Etc." that everyone always believes is about 9/11. No matter, it and Ashes of American Flags were both written in Rudy's Giuliani's pre-9/11 wasteland.

  3. noodlesalad

    Sounds like a Christian Rock Band with no taste and even less self-awareness. Which is pretty much true of anything that brands itself as specifically "Christian."

  4. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Of course, this should not be confused with Glenn Beck's 9/11 celebration: Explosion Out My Ass.

  5. Texan_Bulldog

    "Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever"….WORST.ALBUM.NAME.EVER. What the hell does that even mean? It's like Glenn Beck and Snowbilly concocted that title after a couple bottles of MadDog.

    1. Negropolis

      And a house near, but not adjacent to, the main house, but many hours later. And, also a house in Pennsylvania.

      Too soon?

  6. SpurningBeer

    I'm excited to announce that my country band, Niggerlips, will be performing with Watermelon Smile and The Jungle Bunnies at a Christian Rock Festival in Memphis on April 4th.

    1. TX_Bluebonnets

      But will there be fried chicken?

      I'll bring my racist Klan member forebears, and we'll have a real old night in Dixie!

      And there will be no Mexicans, because they didn't exist before Cesar Chavez and Ritchie Valens.

      1. OneDollarJuana

        Anthony Quinn, 1915, Chihuahua, Mexico.
        Ricardo Montalban, 1920, Mexico DF.
        Cantinflas, 1907, Mexico DF.

        Just sayin'.

    2. user-of-owls

      Mr. Beer,
      My name is Owls and on behalf of my rockabilly band, I would like to offer to play a free set (we need the exposure) as an opening act. Thank you for your consideration.

      Lead vocalist for Jimmy Earl and the Ray of Death.

        1. user-of-owls

          Hell yeah, we be cool with that. Only possible hitch would be our militantly pantheist drummer, Grand Cyclops.

    1. Steverino247

      Yes, but their top hit, "Shoot Straight, You Bastards!" might give the wrong idea to airport security, too.

      1. SorosBot

        I tried watching that stupid movie, and it made me really wonder about the taste of several friends who told me how great it was. That was one of the dumbest, most pointless pieces of shit I've ever seen.

      1. PristinePantalones

        *I* was gonna say that.

        In fact, let me pull a Mitt Romney: I would have said exactly that. That has been my position all along. I have always believed in that, and hope that those around me will see that my support of that, being of long standing, has always been firm, just, and principled.

  7. x111e7thst

    I don't think 9/11 gave me PTSD but I have sure gotten less tolerant of the crap that oozes out of the flat places in the middle of US Amerikkka. So if that's a symptom..

    1. Warpde

      Is that a mooslim exploding guitar?
      Hit the high chords and boom!!!!!!!

      Damn I miss Hendrix :(

  8. Callyson

    Any group that uses Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever (capital WTF?) is not likely to remember that something happened on 9.11…
    …also, this band is from Texas. The CASH guy should see if they procured any entertainment for Governor GoodHair…

  9. Warpde

    Well you know what they say.
    Boise will be Boise.

    OT. Where the fuck is Idaho?
    Is it close to Tuktoyaktuk?

    1. SayItWithWookies

      Nowhere near. But I always wish I had bought the sweatshirt that had a coat of arms and TUK U in a wreath around it. Spent so much money on the plane ride there I decided to pass. The guy I was camping with and I flew up from Inuvik for the day, and while it was 90 degrees and sunny in Inuvik, it was just above freezing in Tuk and there was ice washed up on shore. This guy drove us around town in a pickup truck he called a taxi, and we stopped and sampled some dried white fish this guy had hanging on a rack outside of his house. The other major sight was the floating drydocks. Beautiful austere country, rich white leathernecks and scraping-by Eskimos, though there were some exceptions.

    2. Papa_Uniform

      No one knows. It's some where on the map over the line labeled "Beyond this point there be Dragons". Scary.

  10. TX_Bluebonnets

    Listening to Explosion in the Sky…right now…in another window…

    It's so bad…I can't even bring my self to embed the intro video/song on their website.

    It's like early Pink Floyd, only without the cool.

    If I don't post again, notify the authorities. It might have taken me inside.

  11. Negropolis

    BTW, OT, but Wonkette needs to do a post on Maxine Waters visit to my hometown of Detroit, the other day. Some heady stuff said at that townhall.

      1. Negropolis

        I was talking mostly about the crowd. There is very, very real frustration that could keep turnout low if he keeps avoiding at least showing his face in these communities.

        1. Limeylizzie

          Yes, I was wondering about that, they love him though right, so why is he not coming to the black community? Even if they are frustrated I would think just doing a town hall or something would be so smart.

          1. Negropolis

            They'll give him until September to see what is economic plan is that he's planning to announce, but he drags any longer beyond that and turnout operations will be hurt. Yeah, even just a townhall would be a huge, huge thing. They aren't so much as crying to instant solutions as much as what everyone else wants: a chance to be heard and to be able to see their president every once in awhile. It's nice that he's out in Iowa and Minnesota and West Michigan, but the cities need to see him too.

            Detroit turnout last November, with the horrible spector of the Tea Party staring the state in the face, was only in the low 30's. That should worry the president and the Democrats. These beaten down communities can't be taken for granted. If you don't show up when they need you, maybe they won't either when you need them…

          2. Limeylizzie

            It's the problem of everyone projecting on him what they wanted to see, I know he can't solve everyone's problems, but I think he owes so much to the black community, he has to know that.

          3. fuflans

            yes. i know he has to woo the 'fat middle of the center vote' but he should spend some time with the urban folk who elected him and i include my skinny blond ass in that category.

            plus, it would be a shitload more fun.

    1. fuflans

      we drove back home thru detroit last week (from toronto to chi). took the most gorgeous pictures of the city. looks really beautiful on a sunny summer sunday.

      made me sad.

  12. MissusBarry

    This band, conspiracy theorists, and Idaho cause explosions in my brain. And toilet. Er, excuse me, gotta go…

  13. Trannysurprise

    This is nothing compared to the "rise of the Soviet Union" that our dear old crazy eyes predicted today.

    1. PristinePantalones

      R U fucking kidding me? She's predicting the rise of the Soviet Union in the future? Or is she living in the past?

        1. PristinePantalones

          That's why they're always looking in different directions. The woman is certifiable, and it's time someone rushed her to a secluded room.

    1. El Pinche

      Reminds me of Slayer's "God Hates Us All" released on 9/11/01. But that is weird. I'm sure Alex Jones can connect this to a Bohemian Grove conspiracy.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      This is just marketing for My Father the Hero III. It's a redemption story. Gerard is down on his luck — thus, the peeing on planes — but rises up to save the day. Again.

  14. DashboardBuddha

    I am so not looking forward to this the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The Jingoistic Bullshit will be flowing like never before.

    1. user-of-owls

      But just think of the possibilities of a memorial resurrection of our beloved Wonk's post(s) celebrating the most outrageously grotesque, um, 'memorial pieces'? Hold on, I'll try to find them.

          1. user-of-owls

            Wasn't it, though? That's why I'm intrigued by what treatment the 10th anniversary will receive. Oh, the horrors of my imagination.

          2. PristinePantalones

            I tingle with anticipation. I'm sure it will be utterly unspeakable in its tacky, tchotchke-laden sparkle-ponies-and-glitter-bacon way. Remember, my friend, I'm counting on YOU to find the tackiest aspects of this celebration!

          3. user-of-owls

            Oh dear heart, you're missing the point: this is a community endeavor; I find a velvet Elvis riding a distinctly feminine water-spouting dragon toward the burning embers of the towers; you find an updated version of laser-pointer Whack-A-Mole where a series of Saddam heads pop up from their spider-holes and if you hit 'em with the pointer, the heads explode in a miasma of blood, bone and brain chunks.

            And then, as the fruit of our majestic collective efforts, the shrine arises. Basically, it's exactly like an Amish barn-raising. If the Amish were degenerate atheist reprobates with frightening sexual proclivities. And if the barn was something considered so vulgar and beyond the pale that Burning Man explicitly banned its mere mention. So that's kinda how it works…get looking!

          4. PristinePantalones

            Well, fuck me blind, as they say in the old country, and blind is what I'll be at the end of this sojourn, too. Very well, then. (Buckles on flightsuit) Oh, wait, that comes *after* we accomplish the mission.

            In the meanwhile, I suggest "America Drinks and Goes Home" as accompaniment for the results of our dredging.

  15. owhatever

    The Boisers alleged football team paints its home field blue, and whines that nobody takes them seriously. Nuf said.

  16. SayItWithWookies

    Well if you want taste there's nothing like the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. Intentional, too. And I know it's for a good cause and to memorialize the brave who sacrificed, and everyone remembers things in their own way. I don't begrudge anyone that — personally though, I think it's gross.

  17. Doktor Zoom

    True Boise story: For about a year after 9/11, the two main streets next to the Idaho Capitol building were closed off because then-Gov. Dirk Kempthorne was worried that terrorists would find the building an irresistible target. His reasoning was that it looks so incredibly like the US Capitol that al Qaeda would just love to crash a truck bomb into it for a propaganda fake-out.

    It looks very little like the US Capitol, except that it has a dome and stairs.

    1. not that Dewey

      In Albuquerque, the electric utility barricaded the streets around their headquarters with concrete pylons. After a few months without their much-anticipated terrorist attack, what was once a main artery through downtown became a basketball court for PNM suits.

  18. SudsMcKenzie

    I had the same problem when my luggage had a "I'm going to explode like a Virgin" sticker.

    Damn you Richard Branson.

  19. CalamityJames

    One of the greatest bands to still be putting music out and you guys are all shitting on them. Do yourselves a favor.

    1. not that Dewey

      And their "music video" is like a catatonic patient's remake of Koyaanisqatsi — Catatonisqatsi?

      1. CalamityJames

        I'm pretty certain that the "video" is just the product of some doped-up poster, but the music is genius and I'll gladly put up my duke to anyone who disagrees.

        What's that you say? "Dukes" not "duke"? Well that doesn't sound like any kind of fun I ever heard of.

        1. not that Dewey

          My Love Exploded for that song, actually. I was drawing block diagrams of microwave circuits, and that kind of trippy, inobtrusive shit is perfect for that.

  20. Neoyorquino

    Let's just hope Katrina and the Waves never play New Orleans. Actually, how about they just don't play at all?

  21. widget2011

    I guess it's time to pull out that sorry assed crying eagle stuff again, along with Jesus wept. Fer Chrissakes, get over it America, the wicked witch is dead. On second thought , maybe I shouldn't have said that, because it opens another can of worms. (In Aflack duck voice…… where's the body?…… where's the body?)

  22. BlueStateLibel

    But wait, I thought 9/11 was far more devastating for the true patriots out in the heartland, rather than for the Bluestaters whose family and friends where actually killed by the big boom?

  23. SorosBot

    Oh god, it's the 10th anniversary coming up so there will be a lot of stupid commemorations, mostly from rural "real American" folk who were not in any way affected by the attacks but will double down on the anti-Muslim hate. I'm already hearing ads on the radio saying, "what will you do on 9/11?" Um, the same as on any other – (looks at the calendar) – Sunday, thanks; playing video games probably. Treating September 11 as some holy day of Nevar Forgit is just silly.

  24. Carrabuda

    I just hope they play the song about the rockets' red glare and the bombs bursting in air. Can't get enough of that stuff.

      1. Carrabuda

        Speaking of Laurie Anderson, a friend of mine saw her NYC show that happened to be scheduled for two days after 9/11. She performed "O Superman" to an audience of shell-shocked New Yorkers. He said it made his hair stand on end.

  25. Steverino247

    As David Rees asked (through his Get Your War On comic), "Why do everybody's balls drop off at the mention of 9/11?"

  26. kissawookiee

    OT and apropos of very little, my dog died seven weeks ago, and then yesterday my other dog died, ON MY BIRTHDAY, NO LESS, and I am thus fairly irritated with the universe right now. So, uh, fuck Tom Delay, and FOX, and Boise, and explosions, and skies, also.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Well, that pretty much sucks. Sorry to hear about the dogs; blaming the Republicans is entirely appropriate, just because.

    2. PristinePantalones

      Condolences on the loss of both your puppers. Sometimes it helps to kick something. Over and over and over, after giving it the name of some Republican you really despise.

  27. Naked_Bunny

    Experts say thousands of New Yorkers still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from the twin airplane explosions that could be seen from miles away on that clear morning.

    …and they all moved to Boise? What the hell does that have to do with this concert?

  28. genxr

    "Sweet dreams and flying machines lying in pieces on the ground."

    Ladies and gentlemen, James Taylor!

    1. Gunner Asch

      In one of those weird "sticks in your head" things; I was on TDY at Cam Ranh airbase (the Navy and Air Force guys get GOOD food) when I saw a copy of Time magazine with James Taylor on it and the title "The New Rock: Bittersweet and Low". My roomie was an ARDF (Aerial Radio Direction Finder) crew member with 1st Radio Research telling me about dodging 30mm AA up around the Laotian border. That song popped into my head, and the juxtaposition just stayed with me.

    1. OneYieldRegular

      I used to have that written on the outside of my computer, in tribute. I also have a ukelele doctored to look like Woody's guitar.

  29. tihond

    Finally, my band "You Say Party, We Say 'though we are not structural engineers, we're pretty sure that that's what a controlled demolition looks like'" We haven't played a show since we got an opening gig for Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra when they came through town. That was an awkward greenroom.

  30. notreelyhelping

    They're actually kind of a cool band, though they take repeated listenings to grow on you. All-instrumental, slow-building, post-rock guitar crescendos. (Kind of like slow-motion…well…explosions.) An aquired taste. But that is a very unfortunate marquee.

    A couple 9/11s ago, a local church, known for putting stone-stupid messages on a signboard out front, greeted passing drivers with something like: "If you thought 9/11 fires were bad, wait till you see hell." That one lasted approximately 48 hours.

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