Fox Nation Notices There Were Black People At Obama’s Birthday Party

we cannot deal with these people on a Friday.Here is your dumb racist Fox Nation headline screengrab accusing Obama of some kind of secret anti-employment Black Panther birthday celebration, because “hip-hop” is the acceptable derogatory term for “black people things” if you are an old white racist who reads Fox Nation. Why didn’t this barbecue party create jobs? Why is Obama always inviting black people to his parties? Why can’t Obama party with some employed people sometimes? Maybe they would accidentally create some jobs while Obama parties?

For the cruelly illiterate white readers of the Fox Nation blog, the headline writers also throw them another clue: the URL handle reads Got that? There were black people at a party and there are no jobs in America, which is Rome, and it is burning to the ground. Did Fox News just admit that America is actually terrible? EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.

Oh right, black people are not allowed to have money or party unless the white people in the country get their party and money first. It’s like this Negro President of ours STILL cannot remember the rules. [Fox Nation]

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    1. arihaya

      also the blacks were crucifying Jaysus, because they hate white people … and white culture,

      look for it in the Bible

      1. PristinePantalones

        Well, yeah, but that doesn't count. You know, anaconda white people are, like, normal, and the standard, and all that stuff.

  1. Barb

    I guess they forgot the picture of Bush, handing McCain the birthday cake on the White House front lawn while Katrina was blowing through New Orleans.

      1. Barb

        Correction, Bush handed him the cake on a tarmac, not the lawn, sorry.
        Love that picture, Manchu, thanks!

          1. Sue4466

            Thanks for that flashback. It brought back a lot of anger and that was before the stuff about Terry Schiavo.

            As pissed as I am at Obama, at least he is not Bush. (which should not be his campaign slogan)

          2. anniegetyerfun

            Everybody Loves Me, Baby (Don McLean) – which I have long suspected WAS written about Dubya.

      1. snicker snack

        I will follow you, Ms. Limeylizzie, into the pit of hiphopdom to dance with the Negroes.

    1. widestanceroman

      JOBS being the acronym for 'Jerk-Off Bull Shit," and that they have been dolling out like so many tobacco lobbyist checks.

  2. memzilla

    What about the money that Faux News spends to have caviar and pickled librul hearts in the Green Room?

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Those will arrive in the form of forwarded racist emails from Republican politicians all over the country, come Monday morning.

      1. GOPCrusher

        Don't think it will take that long. The forum discussion on Faux Noise Sunday should be interesting. Juan Williams can feign outrage.

  3. mavenmaven

    "Also present: Chicago pals, law-school friends, donors" – of course, you can assume, William Ayers.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      To be strictly accurate, OK Go was at the Wednesday night party in Chicago, not at the White House on Thursday. On the other hand, the Fox story barely mentioned the presence of Relentlessly White Person Tom Hanks….

      1. horsedreamer_1

        Who recently released his second directorial effort, Larry Crown, which features known blacks Cedric the Entertainer & Taraji* P. Henson, & woman of easy virtue Julia Roberts.

        *What kind of name is this!?

        Also, multiple anchor-babies (Wilmer Valderrama, Roxana Ortega, et. al.), avowed homosexual George Takei, & drug-lord Bryan Cranston.

      1. Biel_ze_Bubba

        Ever wonder what South Africa would have done with Boner, back in the day? The guy's not even ON their color chart.

        "Hey, Gunther, do we have a "brightly colored" category?"

    1. prommie

      I am heading to the store to get some heavy duty instant tanning spray, I hope my plan will work. . . .

    2. FakaktaSouth

      Go girl and then tell me all about it.
      I just told my friend yesterday that since I'm all til death to you parted I am glad I never went Alabama Blacksnake – I'd probably just cry myself to sleep every night.

      1. PalinPussyPower

        Eh. Since the gheys have been permitted to get married, marriage as an institution is no longer sacred. Therefore, also too, you may now whore around with the negros. And such.

          1. Dashboard_Jesus

            funny, I just read your profile description for 1st time Ms. Fakakta, seems like you are due for a new spiritual 'advisor', but no churchin' for all y'all! (I lived in Alabama for a year in another lifetime and that's all I can remember of that furrin' language?) also, too

    1. MozakiBlocks

      And apparently he was so even before his election in Nov '08. I guess I really need to start paying attention to the news.

      1. finallyhappy

        Because in Amurica-one drop of black blood makes you black. The GOp is going to start a genetics program on this(of course, there is no way to tell via genetics but science is just librul crap anyway)

        1. PristinePantalones

          Also, they'll shut down the program tout-suite after they discover how many of them have more than just that one drop, if you catch my drift. And I b'leev you do.

      1. BerkeleyBear

        Yeah, but as Anthony Bourdain pointed out on Real Tim with Bill Maher this week, white people don't even THINK about taking those gigs, or dishwashing, or picking crops. We've all come to believe such things are beneath us somehow.

    1. OhNoGuy

      Let's make Rupert an honorary citizen of the Confederate States of America,

      And revoke his US citizenship.

    2. Biel_ze_Bubba

      "Fox Nation", "Aryan Nation".

      Any similarity between the two are pure coincidence, right?

  4. Gratuitous World

    "thrown by ACORN, catered by Planned Parenthood and paid for by you, the taxpayer! for shame."

    i miss the days when teh blacks could only celebrate 3/5 as hard the rest of us (me +my frat brothers).

      1. PristinePantalones

        There are many fine recipes for fetus available in Kwangtung. Also a Fruit Chan movie.

  5. DaSandman

    Gawdam, Mr Ailes, them niggers jest won't go on back to pickin' cotton once they get all up in their own private jets, music, comedy and sports careers and livin' in that White Hawse and shit.

    We jest gotta pass us a law that says that 4 niggers together constitues a defacto ass riot.

    1. NorthStarSpanx

      Remember too to always go after more than three women in a living arrangement; automatic brothels, threat to society. Whores and abortions.

  6. JoshuaNorton

    They can have all the goddamn birthdays they want. Just stop dragging me along with you.

  7. bureaucrap

    If a Democrat is caught having a good time before he/she has given the Koch brothers all the additional tax breaks they need to create jobs, that means they JUST DON'T CARE ABOUT AMERIKKKA.

  8. chascates

    What about all the crack dealers, people selling forty-ouncers, sport shoes, and gold jewelery?

      1. chascates

        Drought, high heat, uncooperative chickens! Farmer sold over 600 chickens in 2 weeks; down to less than a dozen. My house has only one window A/C unit and one of my cats got out and is probably a goner.

        Still, I'm farther away from Rick Perry now I'm out of Austin so it's all good!

        And this part of Texas is Tea Party Central!!!!!!!!!

  9. johnnyzhivago

    It's actually toned down from the FIRST URL:

  10. nappyduggs

    With the exception of Honest Abe, that "Ebony Top 100" Mount Rushmore up there is so much cooler than the Whitey version.

    1. mayor_quimby

      There will ALWAYS be a new Wayans movie or tv show coming out. They even snuck a Wayans onto that one ABC comedy, my chick didn't know why she hated the show until I told her the black dude was a Wayans – then she said "that's it! I knew something was wrong, I didn't know they snuck a Wayans in on me!"

  11. metamarcisf

    Any menu that includes the four food groups: watermelons, kool-aid, fried chicken and hog jowls deserves nothing but praise.

  12. anniegetyerfun

    But remember how indignant Fox News was every time that Bush went golfing while the men and women of the armed forces were being blown to pieces in a war that Bush started under false pretenses?

      1. Fukui_sanYesOta

        Yes, I remember that. It was when they were complaining that unfunded wars were driving the national debt to unsustainable levels and that the deficit was going to kill everyone's children.

        1. poncho_pilot

          good times. they did an excellent job with Black History Month back in 2003. brought tears to my eyes hearing Coulter on O'Reilly talking about how important it is to not judge people by the color of their skin.

          1. Fukui_sanYesOta

            What really touched me was the duet of Ebony and Ivory with Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg and Sean Hannity.

    1. PalinPussyPower

      I remember those days. That was around the time they aired the Pulitzer Prize-winning piece about NOTHINGWHATSOFUCKINGEVER. Good times.

    2. cerebralposse

      It's ALL false pretense! Bush is a globalist too. They ALL have the exact same agenda, Destroy the US! Bankrupt the US! Start unending wars all over the globe and kill 80% of us! And NO, if you are reading this, you are NOT part of the 20%!

  13. Hacklebarney

    Bullshit! Jay-Z alone has probably fired more people than Fox Nation has ever employed; Roca-A-Fella forever!!!

    Seriously though, old white people are still scared of the browns and despite all the trouble this is causing Barry, I can't help but get a little satisfaction in picturing them shuddering fearfully in their Hoverounds.

  14. SorosBot

    It is a shock to see Fox being openly racist; usually they at least try to hide it with dog-whistles.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      SOME PEOPLE SAY that Barack Obama's birthday party was a hip-hop extravaganza that was a bit "over the top" for these troubled times! What do YOU think*?

      A. Yes, N*ggerbash 2011 is terrible.
      B. Black Preznit.
      C. All of the both aboveness.

      *This is a trick question – Fox News viewers DON'T think.

  15. Jukesgrrl

    Wait til Barry starts giving all the brothers the Presidential Medal of Freedom. You know … the one George Bush gave his brother George Tenet. Of course FOX will object. After all, how much brush did they cut down fer Amurrica???

    1. PristinePantalones

      It's those Irish shoemakers in the ancestral line. Also, all teh vowels. How was anyone supposed to know they were Gaels and not Gauls?

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Well, frankly, it would have run more true if Obama had agreed to stay 49 for the next four years or something, after vowing to turn 50 no matter what.

    2. SorosBot

      Quite a few of their articles have come true in recent years, it's somewhat scary. Probably their most prophetic article was this one:

      Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'
      January 17, 2001 | ISSUE 43•01 ISSUE 37•01

      WASHINGTON, DC–Mere days from assuming the presidency and closing the door on eight years of Bill Clinton, president-elect George W. Bush assured the nation in a televised address Tuesday that "our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over."

      "My fellow Americans," Bush said, "at long last, we have reached the end of the dark period in American history that will come to be known as the Clinton Era, eight long years characterized by unprecedented economic expansion, a sharp decrease in crime, and sustained peace overseas. The time has come to put all of that behind us."


      During the 40-minute speech, Bush also promised to bring an end to the severe war drought that plagued the nation under Clinton, assuring citizens that the U.S. will engage in at least one Gulf War-level armed conflict in the next four years.

      "You better believe we're going to mix it up with somebody at some point during my administration," said Bush, who plans a 250 percent boost in military spending. "Unlike my predecessor, I am fully committed to putting soldiers in battle situations. Otherwise, what is the point of even having a military?"

  16. powersuit

    Really, Fox should stop pretending and just put up a bunch of Willie Horton pix next to Obama. I think Roger Ailes knows all about Willie Horton.

  17. CrunchyKnee

    All things said that is a pretty shitty basketball team, even with the round mound of rebound.

  18. MissTaken

    "The president loves pie, so last night he had a choice of apple, cherry, huckleberry and/or peach"

    I bet pie wasn't the only thing the Prez ate last night….hubba hubba!

    Sorry all, I'm all flustered after Sara's column and my mind is stuck in the gutter.

    1. mayor_quimby

      You're not the only one, I have daydreams of Michelle's thighs of steel wrapped around my.. nevermind, but trust me it's filthy.

  19. edgydrifter

    Meanwhile, Fox is reporting that Boehner (Orange Be His Name), Cantor and the rest of the congressional Republicans are spending the entire month of August with their noses to the grindstone just cold pumping out jobs as fast as they can. Thank goodness the Republicans can be counted on to always put country first.

      1. poorgradstudent

        To be fair, doing their best to make sure people starve is one way of approaching a bad economy.

    1. littlebigdaddy

      I was not aware that there was an unemployment problem among young male prostitutes and/or golf caddies

  20. MissTaken

    Jay-Z looks a little scared in that picture. I guess Fox Nation aren't the only ones intimidated by a group of black men.

  21. FakaktaSouth

    I love Charles Barkley. I once had a 2 hour conversation with our local (he's also national) sports radio dude Paul Finebaum (Fien-uh-baum as The Maddow called him) on his stupid show about how I would vote for Charles for Governor of Alabama (he says he's running all the time, but alas, no) because he came out and said Christian Conservatives were stupid and that he would legalize gay marriage in a second. Two. Hours. I shit you not. It takes that long to explain to my fellow statesmen that they are all fucking retards, and yes a white girl from Bama would do this.

    1. SorosBot

      I remember when he said, "I used to be a Republican, but then the Republican Party went crazy"; that was good.

      1. DahBoner

        I used to be a Republican, back when I was busy shitting in my diapers.

        Then I grew up and the Republican party didn't….

      2. FakaktaSouth

        I remember when he would say, "yeah I'm a Republican, I'm rich" and we would laugh and it just meant he was funny and not that he was a scary, fundamentalist, fact denying, environment destroying, lying, sick child fucking, poor people hating, ignorant dickbag.

  22. DaRooster

    See what happens when the Senate goes on vacation?
    Crazy ass shit that's what… I am sure they will NEVER take another break again due to this.

  23. Tommmcatt

    Big birthday bash with Obama, Charles Barkley, Chris Rock and Jay Z


    Big birthday bash with Mike Huckabee, Steve Doocy, Rich Little and Ted Neugent

    Which sounds like more fun?

    Fuck you, Fox News assholes. Just face it, Liberals are better than you.

    1. Fukui_sanYesOta

      Big birthday bash with Mike Huckabee, Steve Doocy, Rich Little and Ted Neugent

      With a special musical number performed by Thad McCotter and the Second Amendments followed by a standup comedy routine by Tim Pawlenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. Jerry Fjord

      With the latter choice I'd bet money on a sexual assault occurring and I DAMN well wouldn't feel comfortable if there were any kids around them.

    1. DahBoner

      Well, he's half white, so there was a plate sitting in the corner with a pile of Wonderbread cucumber sandwiches with mayonaise, with the crusts cut off.


  24. bumfug

    This brings back memories of their coverage of the Bush birthdays: "Whitebread Bland-fest Celebrates Mediocrity And The Loss Of All Hope".

  25. DaRooster

    OT. Hey Barry!
    Please start referring to the mess we are in as The Bush Recession. I think we really need to start calling a spad… shit… you know what I mean.

    Thank you!

  26. Fox n Fiends

    Obama needs to throw a huge blacks-only party with dozens of old white men serving the guests food & drinks, washroom attending and shining shoes. THAT would be the End Times for Teatards.

    1. DahBoner

      And all the guests rub their heads for good luck, just like Bush every time he got a chance with black kids around…..

  27. neiltheblaze

    Yes, how can the President of the United States have a birfday party while Rome burns?

    Though why the President of the United States should be particularly involved when a city in Italy is burning makes little sense to me – but whatevs.

  28. DaRooster

    They are just pissed 'cuz they are stuck with Herman… "Obama gets all the cool ones to hang out with."

    1. petehammer

      Anyone remember the Bob Dole "Black Republicans" thing from Conan where O.J. came on the screen? Hilarious.

  29. natoslug

    I guess I can get behind job-creating barbeques, but I thought it was tax cuts and deregulation that created jobs. BBQ just creates that sleepy feeling of too much beer and charred flesh, and fond memories of makeout sessions with sister-momma-cousin. It was Southern BBQ, right?

    1. horsedreamer_1

      I just filled up on Saturday for 3.59 — after getting a quarter-tank at 3.75 two days earlier — & saw it at 3.55 this morning.

      As somebody wiser than I about politics (goes by the handle Yail Bloor) said, around the time bin Laden was taken out — but a few days before, actually — by Labor Day, gas will be at 2.90, by the election unemployment will be below 9%, & Obama will win re-elect with 300+ electoral votes.

  30. fuflans

    bamz probably thought rick perry was taking care of the whole jobs thing with the praying party.

  31. BarackMyWorld

    You know, as much as I despised Jack Kemp's economic ideas, I had enough respect for him to think if he were still alive he'd be denouncing this shit.

  32. anniegetyerfun

    Wait, is Rome actually on fire? I knew Italy was having some issues, but if Rome is literally burning, should be do something about it? What if Berlusconi is in danger, sheeple?!

      1. DahBoner

        "Wait, is Rome actually on fire?"

        Texas is the new Rome and Rick Perry is Nero.

        "Will someone please think of the child prostitutes?"

        Well, over on Harry Hines in Dallas, they got prostitutes, but it's obviously been a long, long time since they were children…


      2. Lionel[redacted]Esq

        I'm just proud to be the first person to fist you after that line. Although the office must wonder why I suddenly broke up laughing.

  33. Nostrildamus

    Alas the comments section is closed. Who could possibly guess how Fox Nation readers would comment on this story?

  34. GregComlish

    The guy who owns that rusty camper is going to be pissed when he sees Fox stole his scoop:


      1. anniegetyerfun

        Oh, I love this game! Until a Republican joins in, and then it becomes a "noose" party real quicklike.

        1. DahBoner

          I wish Obama had a NOOSE party and had one of the OLD WHITE MEN hired help hang up a noose and laugh and laugh and say the "Next Republican that fucks with me gets it"...

          That would be hi-lar-i-ous…

  35. DahBoner

    "Obama's Hip Hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs"

    Sure it did.

    Think about how many guys with one pants leg rolled up came home with money stuffed in their pockets.

    Everyone knows the secret ingredient in Hip Hop BBQ Sauce is crack….

  36. owhatever

    White folks like Tom Hanks and Hillary Clinton also were at the party, but had to come in through the basement door.

  37. __kth__

    Fox Nation is to Fox News as the unrated DVD version of your favorite chainsaw-massacre slash-porn quasi-snuff flick is to the one that played at the mall cinema.

  38. Tundra Grifter

    ClusterFox Nation forgot to report that Bull O'Really was just so impressed how polite and well-dressed all the guests were.

  39. SayItWithWookies

    I like how it's beneath the dignity of the office for a white Republican president to have a scaled-down bash/dinner/ceremony of any sort, but anything President Obama puts on is either too gangsta or too Nation of Islam, depending on how many of the attendees wear ties. Next time though, Barry should invite Clarence Thomas and welcome him as the "token Republican" and watch some craniums explode.

  40. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    As usual, Wonkette is way to judgmental. After all, FOX Nation did not go with their first headline:

    "Lazy Niggers Party While Their White Masters Work"

  41. anniegetyerfun

    Fox News just closed the comments, because so many angry people were discussing how racist it was.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Oh? I saw the comments were closed, and assumed that they did it pre-emptively, knowing that Fox viewers' comments would be even more over the top than the headline.

      1. anniegetyerfun

        Naw, liberals were going NUTS criticizing the article, with dozens of comments per minute, so they shut it down. I should have taken screen shots.

  42. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    This is obviously an error over at FOX, as Juan Williams has explained that they are very diverse and accepting of Negros.

    1. Jukesgrrl

      FOX loves women, too. Especially if they're Republican governors or college girls in a wet T-shirt contest.

  43. Gainsbourg69

    If they really wanted to scare white people they should've added a picture of Will Smith or Tiger Woods.

  44. JoshuaNorton

    Well, to be perfectly fair, Repug policy creates lots of jobs. For people in China.

    Needz moar 'free trade'.

  45. Goonemeritus

    I guess Fox Nation is surprised by any event that has more than one person of color. In their experience it’s usually only one black guy at their events and he is hanging from a tree.

  46. LodovikoZ

    Fox News must use "GOP Mad Libs" to produce product. Just fill in any Obama noun, verb, adjective, or adverb in the blanks, and the piece, she is written!

  47. Pat_Pending

    Wait, are we sure this is a birthday party? Sounds more like the line-up for the Wasserman bar mitzvah. Daddy shells out serious dough for the entertainments…

    1. finallyhappy

      my kids knew the kids who had Insync(when Insync was big) and then Dave Matthews at their bat mitzvahs. I think by the third kid's event, Dad was in jail

  48. imissopus

    And then to cap off the festivities, Obama set his real Kenyan birth certificate on fire while everyone cheered and toasted with glasses filled with aborted fetuses.

  49. poorgradstudent

    I wish I could convince Obama to hold a Dolemite-theme party, especially if it involves Obama calling Eric Cantor an "rat-soup-eatin', insecure, honky motherfucker!"

  50. arihaya

    as Obama turns 50, it is worth to remember that 50 years ago when Barry was born, interracial relationship was illegal and punishable by prison in fucking Virginia and other Southern States

    1. finallyhappy

      In 1967(Loving Vs Virginia), the supreme Court finally said that interracial marriage was legal but it was 2000 before Alabama actually removed the law banning it from the state legal code. – I just saw a documentary about it.

  51. ttommyunger

    I don't see how those guys could be much fun at a party. I'm surprised he didn't invite Grover Norquist, Newt Gingrinch, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Charles Krauthammer, Erik Erickson, Rush Limbaugh….I could go on, but you get the idea.

    1. El Pinche

      Yeah and I guess they didn't want to ruin the whole thing with Herman Cain and the Conservative Cameo Allen West. "Slavery wasn't so bad! …hey where you going ??"

    2. smokefilleddoommate

      Krauthammer is such a card.. When he puts the lampshade on his head, people always mistake him for a modern performance art piece, although they never really agree on the message: compact fluorescents or disabled people?*

      *disclaimer: I did not just make that joke.

      1. ttommyunger

        I prefer the term “cripple” for Charles. It is all-encompassing for him: body, soul, mind.

  52. El Pinche

    My favorite birthday party was the one where Bush and McCain were eating cake while New Orleans was drowning. Pat Boone rocked the mic on dat wun.

  53. soojank

    But aren't these people all very wealthy and therefore they shit (create?) jobs by merely existing?

    Or does that only apply to white rich people?

  54. chascates

    Matt Drudge has an entire section about these frightening 'black' people':

    'Mob' beatings at WI state fair…

    'Hundreds of young black people beating white people'…

    Fairgoers 'pulled out of cars'…

    'They were just going after white people'…

    Heightened security…

    1. El Pinche

      Three-corner hats shoved up diabetics lard asses by non-white union thugs

      Tea Party patriots walk in healthy, leave in hoverounds.

      Andrew Breitbart beaten senseless, pees blood for two weeks

      ….I just made my nipples hard with delight.

    2. horsedreamer_1

      My tenth grade English classmate Dennis [shares his name with a Washington notable, on the Justice side] just told another fried chicken joke after seeing this story about his hometown.

      (Backstory: day of the Million Man March, dude was jesting about the event getting catered by KFC, with watermelon for dessert, & the other whities in my class were giggling at it all. I wasn't, though — seriously. & the Mexican kid, Rob, was awkwardly smiling, knowing he might be next to get joked on.)

  55. Negropolis


    Okay, that was hilarious to me for two reasons. First, "Whoopi While Rome Burns" sounds like a humorous porno. Second, the entire url title reads like an ironic Wonkette title.

    1. bagofmice

      It do. It's like they're becoming the onion of our time. Also, I'm certain there's a Neropolis joke waiting to be made, too.

  56. Suck My Balls

    This is bad! If Fox starts snarking itself Wonketters are going to start getting laid off.

  57. Negropolis

    Looking at that line-up, are we sure that Spike Lee didn't just takeover the Ocean's franchize?

    Ocean's Fourteen: Always Bet on Black

  58. jus_wonderin

    "Oh my, I think I am getting the vapors."


    "Look at all those fine menz. Snap."


    "Jeb, what ya thin' theys all worth. Just a round figer."

  59. Warpde

    From Fox Nation.

    "-DINNER: BBQ chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad." ???

    "-DESSERT: apple, peach, huckleberry and cherry pies; chocolate cake." ???

    What the F?
    Everyone knows a good Kenyan dinner has Ugali and Fish, Githeri, Mursik, Nyama Choma and Ingoho.
    With a follow up Dessert of Kirsch-flavoured Pawpaw Soufflé, Mahamri I, Coupe Mount Kenya and my favorite………wait for it………….Biskuti ya Nazi'.

    Look em up.
    I shit you not.

  60. scionkirk

    What I find hilarious is the classism, like Fox News got hacked by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

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