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Wisconsin GOP Candidate: Public Schools Are Basically Nazi Germany

long division is fascist!We blame the History Channel and Glenn Beck for making the Nazis and Hitler the only actual “bad things” that have ever happened in the world historical memory of Teatard activists, and thus the only comparison tool they have for articulating things that make them unhappy. Case in point, paranoid nutter Kim Simac is a GOP state senate candidate running in one of Wisconsin’s many recall elections who also penned a 2010 Tea Party website blog post about how sending your child to a Wisconsin public school is equal to dropping your kid off with Uncle Hitler for the day. Which makes you wonder: how do her everyday conversations sound? “The guy who washed my car did a total Eichmann on the leather seats.” “The bake club meeting lasted longer than the Third Reich.” And on and on with these horrible comparisons that have become the rhetorical bread and butter of the Tea Party.

TPM reported first reported the blog post, which has now been removed. They also confirmed with Simac that she had written it, although she backed down from her implied assertion that public school teachers are Nazis. Here is part of the post, from a cached version TPM found:

I am done raising my kids but if I was a young parent today I would take my kids out of the public school system today. At what point will we stop talking about the comparisons to what is occurring today and what actually happened by the regime of the Nazi’s in the past? Taking God out of the schools has been objective #1 for decades now….Take the commercial that Glenn Beck showed from British Progressives that explains to little children that if they do not listen to their teachers recommendations on subjects such as carbon emissions, they could have their heads blown off. Add to that Kindergarten Sex Ed classes and I really wonder how it is American parents smile and kiss their children good bye  every morning and in good conscience hand their most precious resource over to the hands of such questionable people.


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  1. johnnyzhivago

    Is this Shark Week or Hitler Week on the Discovery Channel???

    Some great shows coming up – Blondie: Top Dog in the Third Reich and Redecorating Bertesgarten: What if Hitler Took a Feng Shui Class?

    1. horsedreamer_1

      Let's go to Kim's profile on the NASCAR bulletin-board page & see what she said about the decision to allow Toyota on the stock-car circuit.

      I doubt she was happy.

  2. ChrisM2011

    Mom: Hi, son! What was school like today?

    Son: Auschwitz. But seriously, they shot alot of us today.

    1. genxr

      There was a difficult question on the biology quiz today. Teacher had to shoot three students in the head before we finally got it right. Then we played kickball.

    2. fuflans

      i've been spending a lot of time with first person concentration camp survivor materials for a project i'm doing. as you'd expect, it's absolutely harrowing.

      that these fat ignorant coddled pinheads living in the world's richest and – arguably – freest country think they are experiencing anything remotely approaching horror – much less third reich level horror – is absolutely shameful.

      i would suggest ms. simic read 'we wept without tears'.

      <snark on> that is, if ms. simic can read.

  3. DoktorThompson

    From the article: "Glenn Beck … 2010 … leather … horrible, offensive … Kindergarten Sex … kiss their child"

    I'm not saying he raped any children in 2010… but he hasn't denied it yet, so…

    1. DashboardBuddha

      and it's even worse…there are many People's Cars on said highway.

      Edit: Fuck…There NOT they.

  4. DaRooster

    "I really wonder how it is American parents smile and kiss their children good bye every morning…"
    Parents? Smiling? That's crazy talk…

    1. genxr

      It's like my father used to tell me, "What are you doing in the bathroom? Get out of there and give someone else a chance!"

    2. PuckStopsHere

      I always told the wife that if I dropped the kid off at school on time and she wasn't actually ON FIRE, I had done my job and thank you very much.

  5. mrpuma2u

    Yes we all know those socialist commie unionized teachers are just trying to create little liberal "ubermenschen" to take away America's freedom and make kids gay.

  6. bflrtsplk

    I took my car for a tuneup and those damn Nazi mechanics wouldn't give it back to me until they "finished the job." Then those fascists made me pay for it.

    1. DashboardBuddha

      Same here…I had some ignition problems, but fortunately my mechanic found a final solution.

    2. FNMA

      Those goddamn Nazis wouldn't pass my car for inspection because they said the brakes were shot.
      BRAKE LIBEL!!1!!

    3. MinAgain

      Those goddam Nazis wanted to rebuild my engine, too, but the mechanics were all at the Russian deli getting their asses kicked by the counter boy.

  7. Texan_Bulldog

    They're teaching sex ed in Kindergarten? Finally, an academic course Bristol and Levi can excel in.

    Seriously, that is the most stupid canard ever & the only people who use it are people who don't have Kindergartners!

    1. finallyhappy

      We have trouble teaching sex ed in high school here in liberal suburban Maryland. So yes, it is a lie(sowhy are you talking about dumb ducks?)

      1. Texan_Bulldog

        Stupid bitch doesn't even realize that (at least) in Tejas, kids have to have a parent-signed permission slip to have the Socialist muslin kenyan president tell them not to eat crayons and sniff glue. Like the kids are going to be learning how to slip a condom on a cucumber.

    2. Winnie_Cooper

      And by sex ed in kindergarten, I must assume that it is "don't allow strange men to touch between your legs." Yeah, we wouldn't want kids to glean that information from anywhere.

      1. Texan_Bulldog

        No, that's not the sex ed type I was referring to. I was referring to 'how babies are made' sex ed. What you are referring to is not sex ed in the traditional sense of the term.

  8. EatsBabyDingos

    Hitler made Kim's boy a 12 year old in kindegarten. Why does he need Sex Ed? Does "Ed" make the boy fap to pictures of Ronald McReagan? Or is his "ED" causing four hour erections?

  9. fartknocker

    The chick has very rosy cheeks and a rosy nose. Someone once told me the fine folks of WI are the largest consumer of schnapps in the U.S. Looking at her picture, Mommy looks like she drinks when the home-schooled children are building snowmen.

  10. powersuit

    She's dumb as a board, but man it takes too much work to explain why (ie the video she refers to). As the happy husband of a former Wisconsin public school teacher, I can say with authority the only "nazis" we ever encountered were the excitable mouth-breathers who objected to her teaching in Spanish and "unamerican" books in the school.

    Oh, and the idiots who sent their kids through these same schools then did everything they could to hamstring school funding. M-o-r-a-n-s.

  11. weejee

    And likely Simac's supporters are home schooling en masse. Will those minitards become the Worst Generation yin to balance the yang of Brokaw's Greatest Generation?

  12. Doktor Zoom

    Oh, this is nothing new. I've been a substitute teacher for a few years now, and pretty much every lesson plan is about coercing the children to hate the flag, their parents, and Jesus Christ. Then, after an hour or so of marching around singing songs in praise of Obama, we bow to Mecca and wipe our asses with the Constitution.

    Finally, if they all promise to have lots of abortions, they get kickball at recess.

    1. tihond

      I was all set to believe you until the kickball. Everyone knows public schools don't allow competitive sports, they just give trophies to all the kids for participation.

    2. teebob2000

      Kickball?? Socialistic group play!

      King of ze hill, everyone for zemself!! ZEN ze cream vill rise to ze TOP!!

  13. prommie

    When I was in 2nd grade, I got caught goofing around during the pledgeallegiance, and the teacher angrily screamed at me that if I were in Russia, they would take me out and shoot me. The clear message was that she was disappointed she couldn't shoot me for being such a disloyal traiter, and that we should be more like the USSR in regards to jokes about Richard Stanz. So yes, yes, there are and have been Nazis in the schools, but they were never liberals, I think most of them have always been people like Simic, whose basic complaint is that SHE doesn't get to weild authoritarian power over others, like a Nazi Gauleiter, so she can make them conform to her ideology of stupidity and hate.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Yep, and it hasn't changed. When I was subbing this spring, two other teachers were talking about how angry they get when kids don't take the Pledge seriously enough. One said, "If I see someone not saying the Pledge, I make sure I tell them 'You wouldn't disrespect America like that if you had someone you love fighting for you in Iraq.'"

    2. philpjfry

      I am as patriotoc as the next Allah fearing libtard but I have always resented wheen I am forced to listen to the star spangelled banner before a sporting event, as if I forgot what country I am in, or recite the pledge of allegiance before a public meeting. It always reminded me of some creepy show about what Russians are forced to do in Soviet Union.

    3. Rotundo_

      I'm all fine with the pledge and singing the national anthem, but people who take it to the extreme and badger the hell out of people or children about it are morons. If you want to really make someone respect something, going into punishment mode and scolding them isn't going to work. And this woman is typical Wisconsin redneck nuts. Probably has her mail forwarded to the "Dew Drop Inn" so she can do her bills while she gets faced.

  14. BaldarTFlagass

    “The guy who washed my car did a total Eichmann on the leather seats.”

    "The bug man came out last week, he totally Zyklon-B'd the fuck out of them red hornets I had in the eaves."

  15. MissusBarry

    I think this woman needs to go back to school for some lessons in organization and sentence structure. Seriously, except for a learned ability to intuit the lunatic garbage a teabagger is trying to express (I'd like to unlearn this skill), the words she strings together don't make sense.

  16. LouBristol

    Those damn Nazis with their radical atheism, concern for the environment and sex-positivity!

  17. freakishlywrong

    These fucking rightwing fascists should really get off the Nazi train. (Or maybe on it?)

  18. BaldarTFlagass

    Taking God out of the schools has been objective #1 for decades now….

    Dude, we achieved that objective almost 50 years ago. Madalyn Murray O'Hair laughs at you from the grave.

    1. JustPixelz

      People like her who go all Godwin have no personal experience with Nazi Germany. So it's easy for them to conflate the 60 million people killed during that war with a health insurance mandate, or a textbook they don't like.

      About 3000 people died on 9/11. During WWII, an average 1000 people died every hour. For six years.

  19. chascates

    What this country needs are graduates who follow orders, don't question authority, and are easily manipulated. Just what the charter schools are designed for!

  20. BaldarTFlagass

    Pretty soon, the public schools will be manufacturing Stukas, V-2 rockets, and Tiger tanks.

  21. mavenmaven

    Well, once Beck was able to convince all the feeble minded that Nazism was "left" and equated with the Jew Soros (who was bad because he fought the communist regimes?), there wasn't anything shocking or irrational left to say anymore.
    Oh, wait, universal health care is exactly Dachau.

  22. Atlas Frooged

    It's interesting that those who decry the Nazis on one hand, won't hesitate to wear a t-shirt like the one I espied recently. There were photos of BHO and Hilter side-by-side and the words were something to the effect of 'Who else gave good speeches and had a symbol?' I mean, fucking Hitler's face on your clothing…WTF anti-govenrmentarians?

    1. widestanceroman

      I hope the wearer of that shirt went home with dozens of replies written all over the front and back of the shirt (and tiny marks on skin underneath from clicking 'Submit Comment').

      1. Atlas Frooged

        Can you imagine if there was a Wonkateer party where the gift bag included a monogrammed switchblade, then someone spiked the punch with LSD and this guy stumbled into the room? I imagine something like out of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tatto ' books but worse.

    2. GOPCrusher

      These are the same asshats that screamed about respecting the office of the Presidency when they saw a picture of G. W. Bush and a chimpanzee.

      1. Rotundo_

        I understand their posturing when Chimpy McFlightsuit was in office, and afterwards many of them even admitted what an idiot he was, but that must have burned, especially since they knew it was true. One thing you can say about democratic presidents, they haven't always worked out as one would have hoped, but I cannot think of a duller mind ever to have held the office than George Walker Bush. Truly an amazing and frightening president.

  23. Fare la Volpe

    Today Christians … stand at the head of [this country]… I pledge that I never will tie myself to parties who want to destroy Christianity .. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit … We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press – in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past … (few) years.

    -Guess who

    1. OneYieldRegular

      If being filled with the "Christian spirit" would mean I'd have to spend eternity around people like this, then bartender, I'll take some of that poison of immorality instead. Make it a triple.

    2. SorosBot

      But according to the fundies, Hitler was an atheist, never mind the actual historical facts where everything he said and did indicated that he was a Christian, he wasn't one because they say he wasn't.

      Really, the "no true Scotsman" fallacy should be renamed the "no true Christian" fallacy, because they use it all the time; look at the wingnuts trying to claim the Norway shooter who called himself a crusader for Christ wasn't really a Christian.

    3. fuflans

      recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press.

      funny, that sounds like a thing a nazi would say in a political campaign against the weimer republic.


  24. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    I have to admit, I did wonder when my high school civics teacher kept going on about our need to annex the Sudetenland.

  25. El Pinche

    Speaking of Nazis, trying to join that conservaturd rightwing blog "patriot action network" is like trying to join an aryan prison gang. I'm awaiting approval to see if I passed the 40 question survey.

    1. Callyson

      Please, please let some hacker link that 40 question survey to that cheesy MTV show 1 Girl 5 Gays. You know, "20 Questions About Love and Sex." Please, there's got to be someone out there who can get this done…

    2. Rotundo_

      They don't hand those decoder rings out to just anyone y'know.
      R-e-m-e-m-b-e-r__ t-o__ s-t-o-c-k __u-p__ o-n__ A-m-m-o

      "Aw heck, it's a crappy commercial!"

  26. weejee

    Showing how well Wall Street likes this dumb fucking debt ceiling deal, the indices are down over a point and a quarter. Plz write your Federale electeds and Hopey and tell them they can take this deal and shove way-up where the sun don't shine.

  27. BlueStateLibel

    Yes, I remember many happy public school days of being sent to the gas chamber, starved, etc. It's a good thing we have stupid bitches like this running for office.

  28. EatsBabyDingos

    In response, I wish everyone could have been in DC for Matt Damon's speach last week. I'd like to thank a teacher today: Warrena Neff, who in 1975 found this spitball loving monster to be underchallenged by the school system, and proceeded to nurture me with a love of learning that got me through college and grad school. I accidently called her "Mom" one day in 5th grade, and when I got embarassed, she replied to the class that she was honored that I called her mom, and how proud I always made her, and how proud my Mom must be of me. I went from wanting to crawl under a rock to feeling like a rock star in about 5 seconds. Mrs. Neff, this shout out is to you, and if I din't already have an awesome Mom, I would have been proud to be your son.

  29. DashboardBuddha

    You stupid fucking morans…you idiotic, hyperbole spewing, cheeto stuffing cretins.

    Nazism murdered 6 million people. Teaching your kid that treating the Earth like shit is a bad idea is NOT Nazism.

  30. elviouslyqueer

    "I mean we can't deny the fact that the world is changing and that we need to stand up for our American values."

    I do so love it when the Teabagiban trots out the old "our American values" canard, since it usually translates to "God-fearing, right-thinking white heterosexuals who believe that gays, spics, chinks, niggers, and libruls generally should have zero rights in this country and really should be shipped off to Neptune."

      1. elviouslyqueer

        Oh right, like teabaggers would admit to Muslins having "American values," let alone allowing them to even be considered *shudder* "American citizens."

    1. philpjfry

      I hear Neptune is nice this time of year, only about -300 degrees. But if things don't change here soon, we may be fighting for seats on the Neptune bus.

  31. arihaya

    Hitler had mustache, therefor mustache is Nazi

    Hitler brushed his teeth, therefor toothpaste is Nazi

    wake up sheeple !

  32. OneDollarJuana

    You know who else tried to ruin the public schools?

    (That's right. Right-wing fundamentalist Christians. And they're still doing it.)

    1. GOPCrusher

      They're not trying to ruin public schools. They're trying to eliminate them totally. An educated population is a dangerous population.

  33. MissusBarry

    Funny, lady, if I had school-age children, I wouldn't be worried about them learning that dinosaurs are real…I'd be worried that somebody like you would find a way to poison an innocent and curious mind with hatred and ignorance.

  34. outragedcitizen

    You know, you would think that the Teabaggers would have a more favorable view of Hitler and his Nazis. I mean, they both have basically the same goals of forcing their twisted version of reality on the rest of us – for our own good of course.

  35. BaldarTFlagass

    Well, the teachers may be Nazis, but I bet the students get to class on time if that's the case.

  36. Callyson

    Add to that Kindergarten Sex Ed classes
    Shit, kids have it so good these days…I had to wait until high school to get to the good stuff…

  37. metamarcisf

    These nasty Wisconsin parents might as well just send the kiddies to a Norwegian youth camp

    1. Buckminster

      Because she has the God-given right to feed her crotch-fruit at McDonalds 3 days a week and Pizza Hut the other 4.

      1. GOPCrusher

        Cue the outrage over McDonald's cutting down on french fries in Happy Meals and adding fruit in 3….2….1….

  38. terriblyfamous

    Well, if she learned to form sentences in a public school, then this here little tirade is a pretty effective way to discourage enrolling the young 'uns at the local ISD.

  39. SpurningBeer

    During my indoctrination in public nazi school, I learned that Herr Hitler had a low opinion of homosexuals, Jews, and darkies. Okay, he wasn't into small government, but he sure believed in a strong defense and patriotic dedication to the Homeland. Maybe he wasn't all bad, eh, Ms Simac?

  40. Frost/Nixon/Robocop

    I get it! People who get up every day to teach kids some basic decency because you don't have any are equivalent to people who slaughtered millions of innocents for being different! If you really believe this, go try and be a teacher then. I bet you fail the basic studies test you fucking moron.


    Why take your kids to public school when they can spend the whole day at home watching Fox News?

  42. WhatTheHeck

    The Wisconsin school administration are right now deep inside their bunker in the Wisconsin Black Forest, designing the new lederhosen school uniforms.

  43. Doktor Zoom

    Strange, our high school band director must not have gotten the memo. He tolerated (but did not lead) the brass section singing this on the way from the practice field back to the band room:

    Hitler has only got one ball,
    Göring has two but very small,
    Himmler is somewhat sim'lar,
    But poor Goebbels has no balls at all.

  44. BaldarTFlagass

    She's probably just dreading having to attend her kid's school play Der Ring des Nibelungen year after year. It's like, what, 15 hours long? Fucking Wagner anyway.

    1. Ducksworthy

      Remember when people like this were institutionalized and forcibly medicated? Fucking mental health liberation movement.

  45. Thurman Munster IV

    That's not the half of it. Every Kindergarten (get it Kindergarten?) class has small rodents each named Joseph Gerbils.

  46. Guppy06

    Because if there's one group that doesn't want kindergarteners to learn to be wary of adults touching their "swimsuit area," it's the religious right.

  47. Terry

    Could you imagine actually trying to teach sex ed to a room full of kindergarteners? You would be greated with a chorus of the following questions and statements:

    - Ewwwwww!
    - I have to pee. NOW!
    - Can I have a cookie?
    - He's pushing me!
    - Teacher! Jason ate a booger!
    - Can we play outside today?

    …and so forth.

    1. Buckminster

      To quote my father, if sex ed is taught as well as English in the public schools, there are going to be a lot of disappointed brides.

  48. SorosBot

    "At what point will we stop talking about the comparisons to what is occurring today and what actually happened by the regime of the Nazi’s in the past?"

    I don't know; you're the wingnut lady, when will you stop? It's really tiresome, especially when everything you constantly compare to Nazi Germany has nothing in common whatsoever with it, or that you teabaggers are a lot closer to their far-right racist and nationalist ideology than the liberal you imagine the centrist President is.

  49. Tommmcatt

    I am 100% in favor of these idiots taking their spawn out of school and teaching them at home. It virtually guarantees that they won't be accepted at college (Liberty University can't take all of them), which means that they will be away from the levers of power in the future. Added bonus? Nice fat labor pool of future janitors and fast-food workers.

    1. ndisang67

      I keep my distance from anyone…who was home-schooled….they often know more about Smith and Wessons than their ABCs…

  50. Kakkeltje

    It got reported here in local (Dutch) media that 'some American presenter' had compared the Norway victims with the Hitler jugend. Now, you may have become a bit desensitised to the right wing invoking inappropriate Nazi comparisons, but in Europe they are not.

    It is almost impossible to convey how utterly batshit insane and depraved you appear here if you make such a comparison.

  51. SayItWithWookies

    People who are quick to make the flimsiest Nazi comparison alway call to mind Holocaust deniers in their odd divergent logic. Usually the Holocaust deniers simultaneously think the Holocaust would've been a good idea — I'm sure this woman would be much happier under the regime she compares the public schools to if she had her druthers.

  52. not that Dewey

    I just got back from a wonderful parent-teacher Wannsee conference. Apparently my kid excels at "evacuation procedures".

  53. BarackMyWorld

    Take the commercial that Glenn Beck showed from British Progressives that explains to little children that if they do not listen to their teachers recommendations on subjects such as carbon emissions, they could have their heads blown off.

    Anyone citing Glenn Beck as a source should be automatically disqualified from just about everything.

  54. owhatever

    Our local schools are proposing a bond issue to finance an update to the middle-school gas chamber.

  55. GeorgiaBurning

    Kim needs to read a bit more Sinclair Lewis before she wraps her flag around a cross.

  56. horsedreamer_1

    Cannot wait to see how James Nelson, Tom Kertscher, & Dave Umhoefer exonerate Simac.

  57. TheSheriffsNear

    Time to revise the Letterman Top 10 list of "Least Used Adjectives" because "Hitleriffic" has a whole new lease on life.

  58. ndisang67

    I can venture that sex ed is something Palin would wish had been available in Bristol's public school…

  59. SheriffRoscoe

    Too much atheism and communism and hating America in today's public schools. Oh yeah, and Mark Twain.

  60. Redhead

    Well I know when I was in public school kindergarten, you always had to be VERY careful where you laid your mat during naptime, to make sure you didn't end up in an oven.

  61. DavConn1

    Have you noticed that anyone with the alarming combination of an education and an open mind is considered evil by the Teabaggers? … Hell, by the right, in general? We need to start a "smartypants" movement to defend our right to be intelligent and thoughtfully independent.

  62. Naked_Bunny

    Hitler was totally anti-God. That's why Nazi uniforms said "God With Us" right on the belt. How better to make God look bad then by associating him with Nazis, huh? Devious.

  63. rimshot101

    We had Nazis when I was in high school.. we called them coaches. But yeah, I think the kids would be better off if we got some Branch Davidians in there.

  64. PrimlyStable

    Say what you like about the Nazis, at least their kids were taught how to use possessive apostrophes properly.

  65. larrykat

    To paraphrase the Dixie Chicks, I am embarrassed this moron is from Wisconsin. But she probably has a chance to win, because the dumb asses up in the woods where she is from even voted in ex-MTV Real World dipshit Sean Duffy to replace the respected Dave Obey in congress last time. Depressing.

  66. widget2011

    Do they offer Jew Killing 101, Advanced studies on queer bashing, Aushwitz didn't exist according to Mel Gison, or that wonderful movie by Jerry Lewis titled "The Day the Clown Cried" or how about the classic Huckabee Finn classic "How to lynch a Nigger?

    That's probably the cirriculum this dumb cunt would support calling it "True Freedum"!

  67. ttommyunger

    Kim really needs a good ol Missouri Horse-Fucking, she'll forget all about Hitler-for a while.

  68. thefrontpage

    Continually, amazingly, daily, the lunatic fringe psycho far-right wingnut teabagger idiots, morons and psychos insist on saying things that are flat-out wrong, inaccurate, dishonest, filled with lies, paranoid, racist, misogynist, overly-religious, crazy, outlandish, stupid, ignorant and just plain dumb. They don't know what they are talking about, they don't know anything about civics and government and politics, they are blatantly racist, they are unfamilar with basic laws, rules and regulations, and they are so far outside the mainstream, locally, nationally and internationally, they only exist in some small, low-minded, fringe twilight zone of lunacy, craziness and idiocy. They are one of the worst aspects of current politics, yet at the same time they are a non-factor because of their crazniess. They are simply lunatics.

  69. chicken_thief

    I can remember when teaching used to be an honorable profession. You know – way back in 2008. People dedicated to trying to teach our little shithead brats something and we appreciated those efforts. But with their wanting fair pay and benefits and shit like that, it's clear that the ghey and the brownz have gotten to them so now they are just like that motherfucker Hilter.

  70. finallyhappy

    I was sent to the vice principal in junior high in 1966 for talking to a friend in assebmly when we were being taught the proper way to sing the Star spangled Banner("Banner yet Wave" has 8 notes- or so I was told).

  71. Doktor Zoom

    Oh, teachers have always been a threat to decency. Back around 1980 the Moral Majority warned students to never confide in teachers, especially not English or Social Studies teachers, because those fields were especially infested with the secular humanism.

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