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A Children’s Treasury of Mr. Spock Being Unimpressed With U.S. Politics

We're not impressed, either.Oh hooray, there is a new Internet Meme, just in time to Make the Internet Laugh Again, during this era of gloom and strife and unspeakable bullshit. Mr. Spock is a demon from the not-actually-popular television melodrama Star Trek, which was a cultural contemporary of the Sid & Marty Kroft show H.R. Pufnstuf and The Velvet Underground and Nico and the comeback presidential campaign of Richard Nixon. It was a time just like now, but without anything memorable. That’s why what we have instead of creative culture in the 2010s (social media) has a new fad starring Spock looking unimpressed with whatever anybody is doing — especially Boehner and Obama and the rest of these Captains of the Titanic.

This was also Wonkette's response.“Illogical,” said Mr. Spock. “Alex Jones said Osama bin Laden died in 1999.”

One of these was actually named 'Enterprise,' because of Mr. Spock.Why would this unpatriotic devil alien not be impressed by the final launch (in 2011) of a series of low-orbit space gliders built in the 1970s?

England's least favorite flower girl.Spock is also unimpressed with those inbred bucktoothed prematurely-balding Germanic “royals” in Merry Olde England. [Tumblr]

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  1. Billmatic

    Boy, I really know exactly how he feels. I was just called a music snob by people who like Train and sneer at whatever alt rock I listen to because they "never heard of it" and it wasn't in some commercial for a tampon.


    1. LettucePrey

      Have you heard the joke about the indie music snob?

      What…. you haven't heard it?

      1. Come here a minute

        Meh. I have a chunk of the guitar he ruthlessly smashed at the end of the show.

      2. Swampgas_Man

        But you can't wear your Spock Tshirt at a Spock concert, because that would be uncool!

    2. LettucePrey

      Q: How many music snobs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
      A: Oh, some obscure number you've never heard of.

      1. Steverino247

        Q: How many Vietnam vets does it take to change a light bulb?


      1. Billmatic

        Xiu Xiu!!!!!!!!!

        PS Yo La Tengo is SO mainstream dad rock now, man. Stop being a dinosaur!!!

    3. MissusBarry

      (a) Maybe you should avoid talking to people who like Train. (b) Tampon commercials should be eradicated and replaced with female arousal cream commercials because menstruation is fucking disgusting.

      1. Billmatic

        When you're stuck in a cubicle for 8 hours a day you kind of have to talk to people like train and refuse to listen to Sleater-Kinney because they've never heard of them.

        1. MissusBarry

          I understand, and am pretty lucky in the people-I-sit-near department. I also have ear buds in either to listen to music I like or avoid talking to people I don't.

          1. Billmatic

            My friend regales me of tales of working for a non-profit where she has conversations with her coworkers about Sleater-Kinney.

            For some reason I'm stuck with the set of ladies that aspire to be suburban soccer moms and don't understand how I find music when I don't even watch TV!!!

          2. DaRooster

            A guaranteed fix for them to like it-
            Charge them to listen to it.
            In all the bands I have been in I refuse to do a gig without a cover charge. I don't mind if the money goes to someone other than me but if you don't charge at the door people complain endlessly… if you do charge… it's the best thing they have ever heard.

          3. Billmatic

            It's weird how true this is.

            I'm intensely critical/snobby no matter what but you know, such is the life of a cynic. You just see shit everywhere.

          4. prommie

            I've been with Dunder-Mifflin for 8 years now. My neighbor in the next office, his very favorite band is Asia. Second favorite is Howard Jones. This is all true stuff.

          5. MissusBarry

            I'm so sorry. You probably don't want to hear that the chick in the cube across from me introduced me to Amanda Palmer. We drink together a lot, too. Hell, I drink with everybody in the office who's willing to throw a few back. But, take heart, we're bureaucrats…you don't have to work at a non-profit to sit near people who don't take their music tips from commercials..

        2. genxr

          And when you're stuck talking to these Train fans you want them to be fresh like a summer breeze.

    4. SorosBot

      Great, you had to mention Train; now you've got that horrific Hey Soul Sister song stuck in my head, dammit; I'd rather have Friday stuck there.

      1. Billmatic

        I said "I wanna be a singer like Lou Reed"
        "I like Lou Reed" she said sticking her tongue in my ear

    5. GortRay

      I really know what that's like. In 1967 I was one of about 3 kids in my concrete bunker of a high school who were listening to the Velvet Underground and the Mothers of Invention. Even now, nobody ever heard of them.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        You can't depend on no miracle.
        You can't depend on the air.
        You can't depend on a wise man.
        You can't find 'em because they're not there.

      1. DashboardBuddha

        I must say, in all respect sir, that you are woefully mistaken. Pistols at dawn?

          1. baconzgood

            That's what makes Kirk AWSOME!!!! Who watches Star Trek for anything but it's cheesyness? That's like going to the Sizzler and ordering a salad.

      2. SorosBot

        Please; anyone with taste prefers Picard, the only Captain it is acceptable to prefer is Sisko. Note that Picard never got taken out like a punk by a bridge.

  2. Come here a minute

    Surprisingly, however, the Spock watching the YouTube videos of Republican congressmen getting arrested for drunk driving is laughing his head off.

  3. Captain_Quark

    Maybe the old pediatrician Dr. Spock could offer some advice on how to deal with these problem children.

    1. Beowoof

      Dr. Spock would say the only thing to save the world is to give them a good spanking and send them to bed without supper.

  4. memzilla

    Kirk: "What do you think of Boehner's approval ratings, Doctor?"
    McCoy: "He's dead, Jim."
    Spock: "I agree. His decision to wreck the economy, for the sake of political advantage, was quite illogical."
    Red-Shirted Crewman: "AAAAAAAARGH!" *thump*

    Today, we are all Red-Shirted Crewmen.

  5. PuckStopsHere

    If being unimpressed with duh Boner were a career option, I'd have, like, a gazzillion dollars now and would be telling all of you to suck it AND DONT RAISE MY TAXES. Unfortunately, it is not and I am just as fucked as everybody else.

  6. SayItWithWookies

    An internet meme for all those people who found lolcats too strange and frightening. Whaddya think Sarah?

  7. mavenmaven

    Hasn't Jon Stewart been doing this over the last few weeks with that Mark Halperin- Willie Geist image?

  8. LabRodent

    Did Spock have a last name? Or was he like doing the one name thing like Seal and Sting did. (its friday)

    1. forgracie

      He was asked that once (remember the planet where he got sprayed with funky sunflowers and went all goo goo for a chick?) Anywho–she asked him that and he told her "you couldn't pronounce it."

      Good Lord I'm a nerd….

      1. comrad_darkness

        You beat me to the answer. Today we are all nerds . . . or memes . . . or something.

    2. comrad_darkness

      His mom's maiden name was Grayson . . . if that's helpful.

      I could have wasted my braincells on booze as a youth, but no, I had to waste them on this.

      1. fuflans

        you know you posted that a while back and i had an earworm for months and now i've been suckered again.

    1. comrad_darkness

      But in the darkest depths or Mordor, I met a girl so faaaair. But Golum, the evil one, crept up and slipped away with her errr, her errrrrr, yeahhhh. . .

      1. tejanojim

        God I hate that lyric. What was the narrator doing in the darkest depths of Mordor? Who is this girl, and what was she doing there? And Gollum is small, did he put this girl in his pocket? Did she go willingly? If so, how did Gollum and this girl escape from what I assume to be the lowest levels of Barad-Dur? Narrator, same question? Were some or all of them in league with Sauron, and if so, to what end? Gah!

        Don't judge me, this thread was nerdy before I got here.

  9. weejee

    And the Rethugs are planning to put all but the top 2% of Dr. Spock's soon to be retiring babies, the Boomers, in cardboard boxes under freeway overpasses as part of their tough love soc security/medicare safety net.

  10. bureaucrap

    In the situation room pic, I can't help but notice that the president has a direct view of Mr. Spock's crotch. Are you trying to suggest that our Barry likes the alien boiz?

  11. Ruhe

    Is Spock the modern Krampus, here to hit us with a switch for being so utterly boring.
    Or is he the manifestation of the Universe itself, a la The Stranger, benignly indifferent to our incompetence and impending doom. Maybe Sarah knows.

  12. freakishlywrong

    brb, I lol'd and now you owe me a new keyboard because of some type of beverage spraying out and getting all over it. I know. TMI.

  13. Mumbletypeg

    Just needs Frank Gorshin's Bele placed carefully between Obama and Biden there in pic #2 (whatever windowless room where they're practically sitting on top of one another) and open up for discussion, ye nerd-fans of deep-meaning-embedded, sci-fi clichés!

    1. MissusBarry

      I can't see the phrase "beam me up" without thinking of corrupt Ohio politician, Jim Trafficant, who used to use that phrase on the House floor. In my head, I hear it spoken in Jimbo's voice, too. Hashtag that under shitthataintright

  14. Tundra Grifter

    It is no wonder Star Trek wasn't actually popular.

    In every episode, their spaceship was going to run out of gas.

    Any being they met in outer space was going to try to kill them. There just are no friendly aliens.

    And any passenger on the USS Enterprise was wasting money purchasing a round-trip ticket. The life expectancy of each guest star was about 60 minutes.

    1. BerkeleyBear

      There were quite a few friendly (green and horny) aliens, but only for the Captain.

  15. Goonemeritus

    Actually Spock would have plenty to teach the emotionally incontinent Speaker of the house.

  16. baconzgood

    Some one bought me Spock's book when my first son was born. It had nothing about Star Trek in it. Just all this stupid shit about stuff I'll never do for my kids.

    1. Beowoof

      Well Beck and Limbaugh either didn't go or failed miserably when they got there so you may have a point.

      Nope it is a valid point, the uneducated being led by the uneducated. America!

      1. comrad_darkness

        If you know how the world and government and the economy works you are just an elitist who makes them feel bad about themselves. That's unacceptable.

  17. DahBoner

    "Vulcans can perform mind melds with members of most other species, most notably Humans"

    Spock is perplexed why his "mind meld" didn't work on Boehner.

    <Insert Punch Line Here>


    1. jus_wonderin

      "Captain, the reason my mind meld was ineffective is quite simple. This antiquated political party, the Republicans, require a mind to which I can apply my meld. Now, bring me a real elephant if you wish an intelligent solution to this debt ceiling issue. One of these wise animals will trample the shit out of Congress."

  18. Nostrildamus

    The cost of the royal wedding was way more than reported if they budgeted for a ceremonial Vulcan three-way.

    1. Moonbat

      On the other hand, if they put the ceremonial Vulcan three-way on PPV, they could probably have turned a profit on the whole thing.

      1. jus_wonderin

        Though, Vulcans only have sex every 7 years. So someone, not sure who, might end up injured.

      2. Nostrildamus

        I dunno. Have you priced dilithium sex cream or transparent aluminum dildoes lately?

    1. Doktor Zoom

      I think Halo is a pretty cool guy, eh kills aleins and doesn't afraid of anything.

  19. MinAgain

    "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

    Citizens of the United States = The many.
    Teabaggers = The few.

    Thank you for playing Star Trek: The Doomed Generation.

  20. DerrickWildcat

    I like those new Star Track shows with the hot model chicks that prance and strut around in leotards and have big tits, but they fuck up their face just a little bit to remind you that they are ALIENS!

  21. Amo_of_Bogio

    I'd like to see Spock be unimpressed after viewing Kortney's "shocking" vegetable act.

    1. jus_wonderin

      That's a good idea. I can work that up for ya. I might try to put him in a frame with Sarah, but I fear his stoicism and disinterest would not be geniuine as in that scenario the unemotional Spock would be screaming "STFU you cunt!"

      1. Geminisunmars

        Let me know if you do that (the Hawking thing). The Sarah thing – now that would be too cruel to poor Mr. Spock. He'd spend the rest of his life sputtering "does not compute — does not compute — does not. . ."

    2. SorosBot

      You wouldn't need photoshop with the superior show; Hawking appeared in a TNG episode with Data.

      1. Geminisunmars

        Always – the next generation thinks it is the superior show.

        Maybe a photo with Hawking and Data. Now that would be seriously unimpressed.

  22. Pres.Beeblebrox

    Wait, wasn't he the guy who said that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few … or the one? (Right before he died from teh radiationz).


  23. genxr

    I would make a picture of Spock being unimpressed with a picture of Spock being unimpressed, but I'm like, meh.

    1. jus_wonderin

      One might thing the Romulans are evil. Hmmm, might be true. But, geez louise, they get shit done!!

  24. fuflans

    Hey everyone!! NPR is going to interview a bagger today! about the debt crisis!! and air it top of the hour!!!

  25. stew1

    No S.S. payments–my parents are already dropping hints they may be paying me a very long visit…

  26. tejanojim

    You say is was a not very popular show, and the numbers back you up. Still, here we are nearly a half century later, after six TV series, eleven motion pictures, and G-d knows how many games novels and spoofs and cultural references. Something about these guys stumbling around cheap interstellar sets really struck a chord with people. Why do you suppose that is?

  27. mrbubb

    Man, I *still* have screaming acid-flashback nightmares about H.R. Pufinstuf. Sid and Marty were some fucked-up dudes.

  28. DerrickWildcat

    Back in the day, I used to get on the Prodigy BBS and get on the Star Trek BB and tell everyone that I was one of the top 10 experts in the world on Star Track. They banned me . I was also banned from the Stephen King BB for always saying Steve King (I am a good friend of his and good friends call him Steve).
    My GF and I also started a topic,
    "Who is tougher: Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys!?
    Unbelievably, this turned into an ugly flame war.

  29. Negropolis

    Boy, what I wouldn't pay to see Spock Vulcan Death Grip, or Vulcan Mind Meld with, the GOP.

  30. jus_wonderin

    We will find that Obama is an ancestor of Spock on his Mother's side – Amanda Grayson.

    One of Sasha Obama's great, great grandchildren will be a Grayson.

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