Norway’s Mass Murderer Also Euro-Teabagger & Right-Wing Blog Wingnut

Did right-wing hate blogs make the Norwegian psychopath kill all those people? No, of course not. But when violent crazy people have a “safe place” (the right-wing hate Web) to spout their vile hatred and violent fantasies alongside a bunch of other dingbat people who despise various ethnicities and cultures, the situation certainly isn’t helped.

Former British ambassador Craig Murray writes:

Anders Behring Breivik posted links to the Atlas Shrugs website of the Tea Party’s Pamela Geller. Here you can see him under the name of Anders Behring (his middle name) posting links to Geller’s “Atlas Shrugs” site. That cache page is bing translated from Norwegian.

Can we just, uhh, wash out the world, with some nice No More Tears shampoo, and go back to maybe Summer 2001 or so and start over? [Craig Murray]

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  1. Troubledog

    He's a real American hero. Fertilizer bomb and everything.

    Can't wait for this guy and Ollie North to start doing a show together. To keep us safe from terror. Fits right in the slot between Mark Levin and that hideous little anchor baby Malkin.

  2. Oblios_Cap

    These followers of the "Prince of Peace" sure are a hateful bunch. Are they sure they're worshipping the right god?

    1. finallyhappy

      All the commenters saying how he can't be a Christian because he committed violent acts. Of course, if he had killed Moslems, he would just be another savior

      1. horsedreamer_1

        Can't be a Christian? Hell, he can't even be a conservative! Anders Breivig is a liberal, after Saul Alinsky's heart!

        1. DahBoner

          American Teabaggers aren't Christians, either.

          They lie and bear false witness against their neighbors.

        2. Fare la Volpe

          They somehow rewrote Jared Lee Loughner – the silverbug jew-hating Randian – into a raging hippie liberal, so nothing is really above these wackos.

    2. bureaucrap

      It's right there in the new, improved, testament: As soon as everyone follows the Prince of Peace, there will be peace. Until then, all bets are off.

      1. GhostBuggy

        Prince of Peace? That don't sound like no Jezus I learnt about in church. Sounds kinda like some Muslin voodoo to me, "peace" and all that. Kinda real Muslin.

    3. spinozasgod

      If only the world worshipped the one True superior being……his noodlie appendages of love are waiting for YOU …….

        1. mayor_quimby

          Who can doubt the unconditional love that exudes from a perfectly done chicken parm?
          Nobody, that's who.

  3. Grief_Lessons

    This website is my safe place. It nurtures my tendencies to mock, lament, and drink.

          1. horsedreamer_1

            Ken never left us. He's just become our divorced dad who doesn't necessarily keep the court-ordered visitation schedule.

          2. CrankyLttlCamperette

            When two or three of us snark in Ken's name, he is here in our midst.

            (Yep, yet another reason I'm gonna burn in hell)

          3. MLHencken

            Ken Layne sayeth:

            "Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy snark towards thy foe, who being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it."

          4. Grief_Lessons

            Maybe Wonkette editors-emeritus, like Roman Emperors, become gods after they vanish from this veil of tears.

          1. Grief_Lessons

            I think it's implied that we'll always have the memories of Butterstick, rather than Butterstick himself.

            I'm not into sharing personal info on the Internet, but I do feel comfortable revealing that Limeylizzie and I have never had a three-way with that, or any other, panda.

      1. Beowoof

        It was frightening when the fear struck us back in May. I was even offering to spend cash to join a group to keep a version of Wonkette alive.

        1. horsedreamer_1

          That's reason no. 1 why I don't want Jack to come back. He singlehandedly extended Duh Guvnor's shelf-life thru the summer. He made her a victim, again, & she ran with it as far as she could.

    1. freakishlywrong

      And rant. If I ranted like I do here, I'd have been in the hoosegow years ago.

      1. Limeylizzie

        If I used the word "cunt" in my real life as much as I do here, I would be in the next cell!

      1. tcaalaw

        It's a little known fact, but virtually all car bombers attach TruckNutz to their vehicles because it increases the deadliness of the blast from flying debris.

    1. Negropolis

      If only we were so lucky. Unlike a lot of these sites, we'll never have to see a Wonketter on the front page holding a gun, unless it's a water gun filled with delicious whipped cream.

  4. johnnyzhivago

    Yes, and a note to editors out there: don't forget Terrorist ™ is a registered trademark of Al Queda Jihad LLC.

    Please stick to terms like "lunatic", "misguided youth", etc. when describing him.

        1. mumbly_joe

          "Domestic extremist" -without reference to what precisely he's an extremist of, naturally- seems to be the preferred term of art on Faux News, at very least

          1. Doktor Zoom

            I thought a "domestic extremist" was someone who insisted on keeping their apartment spotless.

            (looks around)

            I'm glad I ain't one of those.

    1. Fox n Fiends

      For years i've pondered starting a bumper sticker and t-shirt company with slogans like your 2nd sentence. I have a treasure trove of them awaiting ambition.

      1. SpurningBeer

        Me too. I've daydreamed a series of "Vote Republican Anyway" bumper stickers.

        Jesus stood with the poor. Vote Republican anyway.

        Billionaires and corporations minimize payrolls. Vote Republican anyway.

        You get the idea.

        1. Fox n Fiends


          Jesus died for your tax breaks.
          Carter was a farmer. Reagan was an actor. Who did you trust?
          The Chinese love the Job Creators!
          and on and on and on….

    2. arihaya

      yeah i remember that NRA meme … "Guns don't kill people". Now if he assault the youth camp not with gun but with Slim Jim how many people will get killed?

      1. user-of-owls

        Well, if you consider the very long term, and if he had a boat full of said Jim's, then you could conceivably say he slightly hastened the death of some of his 'victims' by contributing to heart disease.

        Which really is sort of kinda like 'killing' if you think about it.

  5. johnnyzhivago

    By the way, anyone who posts to Atlas Shrugged in NORWEGIAN is probably a suspected Al Queda plant themselves. I mean, did he ever hear of English?

  6. weejee

    But obvs, Breivik was the fault of we lefties who rejoiced in the news from Norway and bathed in the blood so we laugh at the tightie righties like Sparky McDownfistie and not that of the pistol packing wingers' vitriol.

  7. SpurningBeer

    If Norway had our enlightened American Second Amendment gun culture, all the youths at the camp would have been armed, too, and all the Oslo office workers would have been packing ammonium nitrate, too.

    1. Goonemeritus

      Agreed I would never send my kid to a summer camp were he wasn’t at least allowed to carry a concealed Limpet Mine.

          1. AJWjr.

            That's him, alright. I've got some acreage about 4 miles from Front Sight, right across the border in California.

    2. Pres.Beeblebrox

      Sure, because when a nutjob opens fire in a place where everyone's packing heat legally, no one dies or is hurt. Like at an Arizona Congresswoman's public event, for example.

      The myth of the open-carry crowd is that guns make everything safer and that even having a gun on your person deters others from going nuts on you. That assumes, of course, that you can pull out your piece in time, and that you are able to aim your shot well.

      1. user-of-owls

        …and that every single other person in the crowd is able to do so as well, which is obviously very very plausible.


        1. ArmoredLibunatic

          You may as well expect every driver on public roads to be an expert car ninja, by that logic. Hell, I heard that before the days of the seat belt, that's what they actually tried. Who needs safety when everyone is (in a perfect world) a hard-boiled pro?

      2. Steverino247

        I was in the infantry (you know, where rifle marksmanship is taught and you actually fire weapons a lot) and damned few qualified as expert.

    3. user-of-owls

      Damn straight. I don't even bother to bring my laptop to the office anymore. There's no room for it in my backpack, what with all the Semtex and ball bearings in there.

    4. GOPCrusher

      Didn't help the people at the Texas roller rink, and that's one place I figured everyone would be packing. Plus, being Texans, they are all crack shots.

    1. CrankyLttlCamperette

      They're doing the decent thing and waiting a bit before sending him his contract…

    2. emmelemm

      Well, they could certainly argue he's a socialist, since he lives in a socialist country and all.

  8. Monsieur_Grumpe

    I found this troll turd in my email this morning. They're faster than usual this time to blame anyone but themselves. But then, to accept responsibility would take a smidgen of empathy, self awareness and would be unconservative.

    Libs thank Breivik is now following the comments you've made in IntenseDebate. This means they have opted to view updates of your latest comments.

    Some info about Libs thank Breivik:
    Description: Dems LOVE IT that so many died in Norway, so they can blame conservatives! If even 1 had been carrying, Breivik couldn't kill as many.
    Reputation: 77
    Follows: 1102
    Followed by: 38
    Blog: 30% of companies say they’ll stop offering coverage due to Obamcare


    1. Sue4466

      So SpurningBeer up there in the comments wasn't far off in what the righties would be saying today.

      I'd say SpurningBeer gets to pick my lotto numbers, if the right wasn't so fucking predictable in their responses.

    2. RickPerryIsAGoon

      Wow, one size fits all argument: blame all violence on mooslims and when it's not mooslims, blame the victim. AKA sociopathic and lazy rationale about something that he has no fucking clue.

        1. Gleem_McShineys

          "involve masturbation and cheetoes."

          I believe you just let out the secret recipe for "lightly salted rat dicks".

      1. Beowoof

        I am feeling left out, as I can never have enough downfist trolls following me. These folks just trying to shrink my p-ness, have the same effect in real life.

        1. Beowoof

          Well ask and you shall receive, he dropped his freedom pole long enough to click on following me.

          1. elviouslyqueer

            I know. I wasn't feeling the love either, but then presto! Spanky's back in my life again. *joy*

    3. MLHencken

      I think this happens every time he changes his screen name. I read the same email and promptly deleted it before reading the second line.

      Saddest club in the world.

        1. MLHencken

          Or perhaps millimeters, as it works out to penile length. (That's a little more than an inch in terms of Imperial Measurement, for you Lizzie.)

          Pint is a pound, the world around!

      1. Doktor Zoom

        Actually, back when a bunch of us were adding [redacted] to our screen names, no new notices were sent. He's dropping and then re-following Wonketters so we'll get his important message, because he is Fighting Liberalism.

    4. Steverino247

      Yup. Got the same thing. For the record: I hate it that anybody got killed. I would LOVE IT had the crazy bastard blown himself up while making the bomb. Got that Spanky?

    5. PuckStopsHere

      This rank piece of shit found its way into my inbox, also. Think about it. All it took in Germany was a few short years of propaganda and they decided butchering all the Jews was sound public policy. We've had 30 years of propaganda in this country–starting with Reagan–and this is the level of hate and idiocy which results. Why would anyone be surprised? Disappointed, yes. But surprised? Hardly.

      1. yyyaz

        The original Lost Generation (TM) was a lot more fun. And educated, sophisticated, informed, self-aware, passionate about their politics and broke their bread in far better bistros.

    6. AJWjr.

      There's a simple little clicky thing in your intense debate dashboard so you don't get bothered when ol' spanky changes his name again.

    7. Doktor Zoom

      3. Rules and coduct: You shall not…upload, download, post, submit…any content that… is unlawful, threatening, harmful to minors in any way, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, invasive of another's privacy, tortious, obscene, offensive, or profane

      4. Registration: You shall not… (iii) use as a User ID a name that is otherwise offensive, vulgar or obscene.

      –IntenseDebate Terms of Service

      TOS violations could, I suppose, be reported to If someone were inclined to do such a thing.

      (Also, folks, NO MOAR PROFANITY!)

    8. teebob2000

      It's just more page hits to keep our Beloved Wonkette rolling in the advertiser dough. Encourage the cretin.

  9. tcaalaw

    I trust Pamela Geller has already been flown to Gitmo and is being waterboarded for information as we speak! There could be a ticking timebomb out there people!

    1. mannacler

      The torturer would probably end up shooting himself. An hour in a small room with Pammy would do that to anybody.

    2. tcaalaw

      Wow, there's a whole pack of downfisters working today or Downfisty has created some sockpuppet accounts. That was a +9 post a half hour ago!

    3. GhostBuggy

      Unfortunately, waterboarding doesn't work on those with the "Innsmouth look," so no dice there.

  10. Oblios_Cap

    Some info about Libs thank Breivik:
    Description: Dems LOVE IT that so many died in Norway, so they can blame conservatives! If even 1 had been carrying, Breivik couldn't kill as many.

    It bears repeating: Some folks revel in ignorance like a pig wallows in shit.

    Why do those assclowns assume libs love the fact that people were killed? All those Cheetos must rot their brains.

    1. James Michael Curley

      What ceaslessly amazes me is how many of America's, Freedom Fighting, Heavily Armed, Self Rightious, Second Amenment Spouting, Basement Dwelling, louts pretensiously claim that when faced with some one posting fire power they will be able to whip it out and actually shoot and maybe hit their target. I speak with experience when I say, if you haven't had to walk the walk, don't talk the talk.

      1. Native_of_SL_UT

        A report I read said the first one killed was a security person, so that theory worked well.

      2. Crank_Tango

        If a second gun is the solution to the first gun, then is the first gun not the solution to the second?

      3. ArmoredLibunatic

        Word. I read once that some concealed-carry guy at the Gabby Giffords shooting tried to intervene and almost shot the wrong person. That would've made an awesome case for wannabe cowboys throughout the country.

  11. PsycWench

    It remains to be seen how Sarah Palin has been victimized by this.

    Haha, no it doesn't, the right-wing blogosphere was already whining last night.

    1. MLHencken

      Dan Lyons shares your speculation:

      "Waiting for Palin to Tweet/FB on Norway accusing "lamestream media" of "making it political." By Mon. a.m., meme hits Fox spin machine."

    1. prommie

      Its a blood libel that she would ever advocate violence against liberals, and she will take aim and shoot and kill any liberal who suggests she ever did.

      1. GOPCrusher

        Leif Erikson sailed the oceans, ringing those bells, shooting those guns, and discovered America.

  12. ManchuCandidate

    "But he's a Mooslun PLANT!! It's a false flag op! Yeah, that's it He's really a lefty because in Euroland they're conservatives!!"

    Too late for a lot of the wingnutters. Their minds have already locked themselves up in Lollipop Land where they're big, strong, brave war heroes who are smurt and sane and know everything and fit and married to a Supermodel who cooks and they've won the lottery so they don't have to pay any taxes unlike the reality they actually live in.

    1. mumbly_joe

      Almost as amusing as the notion that this guy were somehow a liberal ficus is the stuff they cite as "evidence" that he's a liberal fern. So far, I've seen,

      -He's a liberal geranium because the authorities seemed to figure out his right-wing bent awfully quickly after they captured him alive and searched his home.

      -He's a liberal petunia because he mentions the Tea Party which is weird (despite the fact that he follows right-wing American blogs) and therefore the whole thing is a plot by liberal Americans to discredit teabaggers

      -He's a liberal cactus because the things he allegedly wrote seem so over-the-top, and who ever heard of a right-winger sounding like a parody of themselves?

      -He's a liberal aloe because to a freeper, the things he wrote sound pretty "moderate", which is objective proof that they are and the guy who wrote those things is clearly not the extremist who got captured.

      -Okay, so maybe he's not a liberal philodendron, but it's still not his fault, because the Mooslins drove him to do it, by being around, in his society, so it's still really their fault.

      I'm not sure amusing was the word I meant to use, above.

      1. elviouslyqueer

        -Okay, so maybe he's not a liberal philodendron, but it's still not his fault, because the Mooslins drove him to do it, by being around, in his society, so it's still really their fault.

        See, this is where the narrative gets all confuzed. Hated Muslins = good. Shot and killed innocent people = bad. Loved Pam Geller et al. = good. Massacred children = bad. Wingnut brains should be exploding from having to deal with these contradictions, if they only had brains to start with.

        1. mumbly_joe

          It's actually kind of interesting how even some of the "vast left-wing conspiracy" people have also switched into rationalizing mode.

          One person wondered why he targed the center-left governing party and their children, instead of going out and killing muslims directly (lending credence to Chet's speculation below that there would have been more outspoken sympathy if he'd done so), and another person explained that he saw them as "collaborators", and thus fair game, and likened it to a stateside domestic terrorist targeting journalists. Which struck me as a single use of the phrase "one of us" away from actually being a self-aware statement., which is why I suspect that that particular commenter might have been a liberal kudzu.

      2. Chet Kincaid

        I don't get the wingnut rank-and-file schizophrenia on this. They quite obviously support doing violence to save the Great White Race (as opposed to venting with irreverent violent snark, as some do here), but when one of them actually acts on this, they turn cartwheels trying to deny affinity. It's exactly the same as worshipping Hess as the Nazi Peacemaker, or denying the Holocaust when it's clear that they agree with it, and would love to see it revived today.

        Of course, as others have said, if he had shot up a muslim summer camp, he would get a lot more love in the cesspool of rightwing anonymous commentary.

  13. freakishlywrong

    I hate to say it. But this evil fascist is a Conservative's parents wet dream on what to bring home to meet the 'rents in this fun country.

  14. Goonemeritus

    For a disengaged public to support war an enemy must first be dehumanized this has always been true. Fear and ignorance are the fuel that governments and radical ideologies exploit to convince people all over the world to do things they normally wouldn’t consider. There will always be people in our mist unbound by human decency but an anonymous community were they can fuel their worst thoughts surely can’t help. The internet is not the only culprit here, much of our media is almost as irresponsible as the worst poster on the worst web site.

    1. emmelemm

      He certainly looks Nordic, thru-and-thru.

      (Also, ugh, hate Tim Eyman with the white hot fire of a thousand suns.)

  15. Mumbletypeg

    Breivik posted links to the Atlas Shrugs website of the Tea Party’s Pamela Geller

    While I'd wish Way More Tears for this cretin-puppet, he's more likely to use Head & Shoulders; as it turns out, that little bitch sho' be telling him something!

  16. Preferred Customer

    I wish the Norwegians would go back to worshipping Thor and Odin. They were so much more peaceful then.

      1. Preferred Customer

        I am thinking of going to church, just so I can put that picture in the collection plate.

    1. arihaya

      I think every beach village from Portugal to Lower Saxony will strongly disagree with the notion 'peaceful"

  17. metamarcisf

    The reason I was banned from Breitbart was that anytime that Pam Geller posted an article, my comment was always, "Hey Pam. Show us your tits." In hindsight, I should stayed more to the mass murder-as-solution-dogma.

    1. whiterabid

      I respect your -88 p rating. On Friday, Big Hollywood had an article that said there was a 99.99% chance that Muslims were responsible. I was going to respond that I would take those odds for $1000 and go for the trifecta and predict that it would turn out to be a right wing extremist for another $1000. (A Labor Party youth camp?) But I didn't want to go into the red with 9999 downfists.

      Oh, the hate piece has been removed from BH's site.

  18. prommie

    Has anyone ever seen this guy and Ann Coulter in the same room? The resemblance is uncanny; is it Ann in drag? Oh, thats right, Ann Coulter IS Ann Coulter in drag.

  19. exmartinette

    Here in Minnesota, it's comforting to note that the largest population of Norwegians outside Norway are happily represented in Congress by Keith Ellison.

  20. Steverino247

    For the benefit of those who truly believe the bullshit about "if others had been carrying" let me point out that nobody carries while swimming, frolicking at a youth camp or playing soccer at a picnic. Nobody. Also, it's highly unlikely teenagers would be carrying. Hell, if this happened in Sweden, there's a good chance all of them would have been nude. Norway is pretty uptight compared to their Swedish neighbors. (That's why there's a mountain range between the two countries.)

    1. Doktor Zoom

      On another blog, I read that in the 70's, Monty Python's Life of Brian was banned in Norway because of it's supposed anti-Christian content. So in Sweden, the film was advertised as "So funny it was banned in Norway"

    2. teebob2000

      Fuck you! REALLLLL 'Murican's carry ALL the time, you librul faggot!! As long as we got's assholes, there's ALWAYS a place to conceal a weapon!!!11

  21. starfanglednut

    Silly Steve, that just proves our point! All children everywhere, engaged in any activity, should be carrying automatic weapons easily purchased at the local video game store.

  22. DashboardBuddha

    Wait a doggone minute here. He posted on the AtlasFapped website? Does his kind want to return Europe to its roots…doesn't that mean teeing up on the Jews as well?

    1. Chet Kincaid

      Insane rightwingers like Pam Geller have the fantasy that if they go as racist as white supremacists on muslims, it somehow benefits Israel. It's neocon ideology as refined by syphilis, or something.

      1. DashboardBuddha

        And don't forget that Israel needs to exist to usher Jesus back onto the world stage. After that, the Jews can go fuck themselves.

    2. mavenmaven

      Geller and her buddies hope they spend most their time hating on Moslems before they remember that they really hate Jews.

  23. bflrtsplk

    You'd think that, seeing something like this on the news, some of these Wing Fluffernutters might turn to introspection and say to themselves, "Golly gee, mebbe wee gun tew fahr." Fat chance of that happening.

    1. PuckStopsHere

      Naval lint and toe jam is about as introspective as that crowd gets. And buggers, also.

    1. Oblios_Cap

      I get bloody stool just from watching "Deadliest Catch", what with those Hansens and Hillstrands and the like.

  24. Beowoof

    The right wing posters all suffer, including the guy in Norway, from a Rambo delusion. It is always fascinating to watch how the those who would shit their pants in a situation where they would have to respond with their guns react when evil such as this happens. They think they're Rambo, when in fact they couldn't get the fat asses off the couch.

  25. GregComlish

    Norway's teabaggers are also big into the pathetic cosplay. Instead of dressing up as a minuteman, Breivik imagines himself as one of the Knights Templar. Why can't these fucks just join the Society of Creative Anachronisms instead threatening western democracies?

  26. LettucePrey

    "I thought I made it clear the first time: Feed the hungry, be kind to strangers, clothe the naked, comfort the sick, visit the imprisoned. Don’t be judgmental. Love. I never told you to be a murderous asshat or to listen to Ayn Rand."
    – Christianity for The Clueless Christian: A Course in Remedial Me by J. Christ

    1. jus_wonderin

      Oh, but any new texts would contradict the interpretation of the original texts. Most of them would tell J. Christ to go fuck himself…now-a-days.

  27. fuflans

    hey baggers!!! this is EXACTLY what you get when you call for second amendment solutions…

  28. DashboardBuddha

    Psycopath and unrepentant cunt, Libs thank Breivik is now following me. Seriously, if Intense Debate proclaims that it is the "world's premier commenting system", why doesn't it have a block function? You would think that the WPCS would have a way to block stalkers. This dude gives me the same creepy feeling I got when the priest asked me to help him move something in his office.

    1. finallyhappy

      I got three emails saying he was following me. How pathetic this thing is that he thinks anyone would be happy that anyone murdered children?

      1. DashboardBuddha

        "How pathetic"?

        If pathos had mass, he would collapse into his own black whole of bitterness.

    2. mavenmaven

      That's spanky 2/spanky2b. He sits on his toilet all day and downfists. He's following over a thousand people so its not a big honor.

    3. Steverino247

      I've e-mailed "The guys from Intense Debate" with that complaint and gotten no response. Somebody will have to get killed or raped before that policy will change.

      (Spanky. We're looking at you.)

  29. Redhead

    Is it bad that one of my first thoughts when some of the details of the shooting started coming out was surprise that this happened in Norway before it happened in the US?

      1. Redhead

        Sorry, should have clarified – I mean I though it would happen (this year/since the teabaggers started grabbing guns and screeching to reload) in the US before Norway.

  30. iburl

    Big tough knight, shooting unarmed kids and blowing up buildings. Doesn't he know the only approved way to do those things is to be in the military, the "intelligence" services, or any various number of mercenary forces?

  31. PalinPussyPower

    If it gives any consolation at all to the Norwegians, I am happy to lobby for the export of Pam Geller to their country. Any consolation. Even the slightest. Once she arrives in Norway, they are free to set her ablaze, if for no other reason than to determine the flammability and boiling point of cosmetic facial fillers. Or you know, any reason at all. Any reason. No need to even give a reason, for that matter. Just do with her whatever you'd like. Please don't fret about returning her to the U.S. Go ahead and keep her. Dispose of her at your will.

    1. GOPCrusher

      Wonder what would happen, if Norway asks the U.S. to extradite Pam Geller for conspiracy to murder and terrorism?

      1. AJWjr.

        First, we'll need to research what treaties other than NATO Norway is signatory to. And then find the nearest nation that embraces capital punishment.

    2. emmelemm

      Hell, the Norwegians can't even give this mass-murder guy more than 21 years in prison. They're not about to set Pam Geller on fire (unfortunately).

  32. Dürers Rhino

    I sprained my neck from all the head shaking when the right wing websites went from 'Death to Islam!' to 'You can't hold all Christians responsible for the actions of one sick man!'

    No sense of irony, these religious right-wingers.

  33. HelmutNewton

    You can almost SEE the cognitive dissonance going on in wingnut brains as you read the right-wing sites: "Sure, he killed a bunch of people, but that doesn't make him a *terrorist*. Or maybe he is a terrorist, but he's really a librul Manchurian Candidate who's been programmed to discredit the anti-Muslin movement in Europe. etc. etc."

  34. assistantatlas

    You guys, he's obviously not a teabagging right-winger. He's able to understand a foreign (to him) language and reads news from other parts of the world, which obviously makes him part of the librul elite. ….or a non-American.

  35. Pres.Beeblebrox

    Yay, "Libs thank Breivik", aka "Spanky", aka "Spanky2b", is e-stalking me now too. Please, Wonketteers, visit my profile so his disgusting avatars drop off my list of recent visitors. Ick.

    1. emmelemm

      I have followed you… I am not a troll, I promise. :)

      I'm not sure if Spanky is re-following me – I might have turned off the "send me a notifying email" setting. (Ugh.)

  36. ttommyunger

    Evil and cowardice are not news. The fact that this monster is only looking at 21 years in a fancy slammer is news. There are lots of grieving parents, uncles, sisters and brothers left by this tragedy. Maybe justice will be served after all, but not, apparently, by government.

    1. Negropolis

      That's something I'm confused, about. I keep reading about this 21 years, but is that like a total maximum no matter how many first degree murders committed, or is that just a single "life" sentence?

      Regardless, I hear for the type of crime he committed, there is a technical way to keep someone like him in prison, and that's when hecomes up for parole, he can be deemed "still dangerous" or some shit and imprisoned indefinitely. I hear that they actually keep the "worst of the worst" locked up using that tactic.

  37. insider trading

    Based on International Monetary Fund estimates of 2008 GDP and purchasing power parity among the various currencies, the eurozone is the second largest economy in the world

  38. PuckStopsHere

    Does she have nice tits? Is this the sort of thing worth seeing? She's pretty ugly in any other regard.

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