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U.S. Wingnuts Ready To Pretend-Attack Norway Bombers/Shooters

Always plotting against us, or Norway, wherever ....Nobody knows what’s really going on in Oslo or at the holiday camp island in Norway where a bombing and a shooting have left many people dead, but it’s always safe for American Idiots on the Internet to jump in with a suspect (“Muslims”) and a verdict (“guilty”) and a list of co-conspirators (“Obama and the liberals”) and a punishment (“kill ‘em all”). No matter that a tall blond man of “Norwegian appearance” and wearing a police uniform is described as the shooter on Norway’s Utoya Island — thee muslins are increasingly able to appear as whatever people or things they want to appear as, just like the Cylons or Harry Potter. Here’s what the foreign policy experts at FreeRepublic.com are saying about the attacks right now.

  • But thank God we’re safe here in the US with the man-thing Janet Napitalano focusing on “white terrorists” rather than worrying herself about Muslim terrorists. /s
  • As tragic as this is, at least when and if we ever get a president who really wants to fight terror, we’ll have reliable allies in the effort.
  • Execute everyone involved!
  • “Wipe them out….All of them!”
  • Insightful tweet:

    RayburnThompson R. Alex Thompson
    Dems just blocked a balanced budget, and there’s a terrorist attack in Norway… and #whenblackpeoplegetpaid is the top trending topic?

  • This will not stop until a real war on islam begins… and we all know that it is muslim demons that are doing this.
  • The Norwegians need to round up every Muslim in the country and send them packing, immediately. We need to do the same thing, but of course we never will.
  • That’s one thing the appeasers just don’t get. Sure they might not blow you up while you’re slowing giving up your way of life to theirs, but any holdups in that process will poush the warfare from cultural to general violence very quickly. Basically, submit or die. It’s what the islamics say and it’s what anyone with any sense understands. The PC types have no sense.
  • That second explosion is a fake.
  • Obviously this was retaliation by Islamic terrorists for the publication of cartoons 5, 6, years ago depicting Mohammad. As you can see Muslims never forget an affront… they are still fighting the invading Crusaders from 1500 years ago! We’re fighting this war on terrorism the wrong way. Instead of us just reacting to the threats and spending trillions of dollars in the process, what we need to do is that every time there’s a terrorist bombing we should select a Muslim city, at random, and bomb a few square blocks, equal to the terrorist bombing. That will give them something to think about…!
  • Interesting you mentioned them running the drug trade, I see reports the muslims push drugs in many non muslim countries. Interesting for such a devout people but they are victimizing non muslims, so it’s ok. I’ve also read they carry out Hatfield-McCoy type clan killings and wipe out muslim families down to the babies. They decide if you did something “wrong” to their family your whole seed is imperfect and they kill everyone. Meanwhile, we are taught how bad Christians are.
  • CNN called this a RANDOM act of terror
  • No. RANDOM would be if they killed Christane Amanpour.


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    1. flamingpdog

      But, but I knew a sweet young girl named Oslo Freeman when I was a young pup. Don't bomb her!!
      Oh, wait, she was brown. Never mind.

    2. Dashboard_Jesus

      This just in…"On a Facebook account that Norwegian media outlets have attributed to Breivik, he describes himself as having Christian, conservative views. He says he enjoys hunting, the games World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2, and lives in Oslo. He also lists political analysis and stock analysis as interests."

      sweet holy jeebus, WHO coulda guessed it was a white, fascist/ right wing/ conservative gun nut/ capitalist/ video gamer fucktard?

      1. Negropolis

        Paultards gone wild. This is your future, America, if things keep going the way they are going.

      2. SorosBot

        If Spanky wasn't banned, I'm sure he'd have some convoluted explanation to claim the guy was really a liberal.

        1. Doktor Zoom

          You know what? I'd honestly like to see him unbanned so we could ask him about this. After all, he was the one who, a few weeks ago, was talking about the need for "disinfecting" America of its liberal infestation. Wasn't he also the one who talked about libunatics as insects–rather like David Adkisson, the guy who shot up the Knoxville UU church in 2008, whose note said "Liberals are a pest like termites. Millions of them. Each little bite contributes to the downfall of this great nation." *

          To be fair, Spanky didn't actually state the next part: "The only way we can rid ourselves of this evil is kill them in the streets. Kill them where they gather." But I'd like to examine his thoughts on the matter.


          * You know who else said "Liberals are like termites eating away the foundation of our country…this is a call to arms!"? Conservative hero Michael Reagan…and that was in 2010

  1. Come here a minute

    Reports from the scene indicate the perpetrators are Norwegian wingnuts furious over free contraception.

  2. Allmighty_Manos

    Forget FreeRepublic. Go to Yahoo news for genuine yahoos pontificating about the evils of Islam/NObama

      1. finallyhappy

        I think that was where I posted something saying maybe it wasn't Muslims(tall blond?) and my comment is hidden due to low ratings

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      But are the Yahoo posters as smart (IQ ca. 75) as the ones on YouTube?
      I wouldn't want to waste my time reading the mindless spew of dumbfucks.

    2. Dashboard_Jesus

      Thank jeebus it turns out the murderer is just another rightwing, fascist, blond-blue-eyed, good ol fashioned Nazi…I'm sure 'Merkan racist/ fascist Xtain gun nuts will tone down their 'anti-Muslin jihadist' screeching to start a defense fund/ web site for their *brother-in-arms*…also, $carah Palin will find a way to make this about her, too

    1. JustPixelz

      Thank you for being the voice of reason.

      The scary thing is how Muslim terrorists are now blonde and blue-eyed. I will not be able to watch Fox News*\ babes without wondering what they're really thinking.

  3. pinkocommi

    "As tragic as this is, at least when and if we ever get a president who really wants to fight terror, we’ll have reliable allies in the effort."

    Obama actually found and killed Osama Bin Laden, but is a president who does not really want to fight terror? The racially-motivated defiance of logic is staggering.

    1. SorosBot

      Because, unlike the brave patriots at Free Republic, he does not want to enact a Final Solution to the imaginary Islamofascist threat and force all Muslim Americans into death camps while bombing the Middle East to death, for freedom, which makes him a commie-Nazi.

      1. finallyhappy

        Someone started to bleat to me about how we don't know if Osama was killed and the DNa wasn't real- etc. This because I was explaining to the public how we can track a certain whale(but not in the Indian Ocean)

    2. millerdunwoody

      Killed Osama? You probably think we landed guys on the Moon, too. Get with it, meat.

  4. DemonicRage

    Is this going to affect Ikea's rollback of the price of the plate of 16 very fat rich meatballs with the creamy, fatty sauce on it (currently $3.99)? This is the part of the story that America cares about.

    1. MissusBarry

      Totally different Scandanavian country with a substantial population of muslins not blowing shit up. Also, too, I've never liked Swedish meatballs (or anything besides bund-ost and limpa rye from the Swedish culinary realm)…Uncle Sven rolls over in his grave.

      1. finallyhappy

        But Ikea has an excellent price on its lox platter esp as compared to the lousy one stalish slice you get at Einstein Bagels on its overpriced lox and bagel. Where is there a decent lox and bagel in the DC area that isn't $12.95!!!!

        1. MissusBarry

          You schlep to Woodbridge (or, I think there's one in MD, now?) for lox? That's some dedication. Apologies that I'm from western NY, where you have to drive a couple hours to Cleveland to get lox, and I've never acquired the taste, so I have no recommendations. I'll ask around, though.

          Also, too, while I'm not into the Swedish food, the booze is a whole other story…aquavit, Glögg, Tom & Jerry…yes, please.

    2. V572 Hair of Destiny

      What is it about melamine-veneered particle-board furniture that goes perfectly with fat-glazed meatballs?


      All right, then carry on. But know that Ikeas in Italy look just like the ones in the US, and have the same stuff, and sell the same weird foods.

  5. SorosBot

    Yes, they're re-fighting the Crusades from 500 years before the start of the First Crusade.

    1. comrad_darkness

      And wouldn't the salient date be the most recent crusade anyway?

      Of course, then you'd have to decide if Bush, in his holy war against the demons Gog and Magog, was still fighting a crusade. . . I guess I see the problem.

  6. Ducksworthy

    As muscular Jeebus said, kill 'em all and let muscular Jeebus sort 'em out. Amen. (PS. Muscular Jeebus is the anti-christ.)

    1. Dashboard_Jesus

      hey now, jus' cuz I been workin' out lately don't mean ya gotta go all 'muscular jeebus' on me…a guy's gotta stay fit in *obese* 'Merka

  7. donner_froh

    The FreeRepublican commenters must have the real story since they are quoting Fox News and SkyNews which are always right about everything.

  8. JoshuaNorton

    Obama and the liberals

    Stoopit libs. Don't ever forget that popular John McCain came in SECOND in the last election. Nobama came in NEXT TO LAST.

    Go ahead. Try and deny it

    /teabagger rant

    1. axmxz

      That is a joke straight out of Communist Russia!

      (Seriously, in the 70s there was a Russian joke about Soviet newspapers describing a race between Brezhnev and Carter: Brezhnev came in "second" and Carter "second to last.")

      1. Sue4466

        Yeah, but that one's voluntary. I want a mandatory tax with jack booted thugs coming to collect from the nonpayers.

  9. freakishlywrong

    Thank you for wading in to the fetid fever swamp that is Free Retardlic, Wonkette Jr. I can no longer visit those sites with any sense of humor. Actually, it makes me weep.

    1. elviouslyqueer

      You're far more empathetic than am I. Just scrolling over some of those odious responses makes me either want to vomit or put my fist through the computer screen.

  10. donner_froh

    Rupert Murdoch's reporters (to use the term incorrectly) are hacking into the voice mail accounts of the parents of murdered children and the spouses of those killed the bombing.

    Should result in great coverage.

  11. bureaucrap

    "Norwegian-appearing"? Somebody check O'bomber's schedule. It would have been no trick at all to sneak into Oslo on AirForce one, dye his hair blond en route, use a spare assault rifle that they have lying around the white house, kill children of an ally for no discernable reason whatsoever, hop back on air force one (stopping only to pick up 5 lbs of Norwegian smoked salmon for his zionist-jewish henchmen), wash the dye out, and be back in DC in time to raise taxes, punish job-creators, and kill babies with birth control. IMPEACH!

    1. flamingpdog

      Amazin' what one of them lazy nigras can do when they's a mess o' smoked salmon in it for 'em.

  12. axmxz

    "As tragic as this is, at least when and if we ever get a president who really wants to fight terror, we’ll have reliable allies in the effort."

    Yes, it's truly targic. Why can't we have a terrorism-fighting President, like Bush, rather than a terrorist-coddling President, like Obama? 9/11 was an act of aggression against terrorists, and killing bin Laden was a massive act of capitulation and appeasement. War is peace, slavery is freedom, and cognitive dissonance stops hurting brain after brain liquifies.

    1. PristineODummy

      Scary, innit? For the longest time, the only response I *could* make to these troglodytes was something on the order of "Hummana Hammana Hummana."

    1. Rotundo_

      But will we be tracking shipments of salt cod or lye to prevent terrists from bringing them into the USofA? Hail No! Loads of little restaurants scattered throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin will be serving it up without a thought to the danger. If those fumes hit the wind the right way, millions of lunches could be lost, thousands of feral cats could swarm, who knows what all other manner of chaos could rain down upon us.

    1. ArmoredLibunatic

      ESPECIALLY the vitims! We have to kill them to save them!

      …wait, what? I'm not sure what the fuck they're talking about, either.

  13. Steverino247

    OK, let's see the asshole downfister strike on this one:

    Let's hope the wounded recover quickly and that this never happens again, anywhere.

      1. Steverino247

        Figures… "Asshole" seems to fit, though. We have identified one suspect anyway!

      2. SorosBot

        Well of course; Spanky2/2b, like the Freepers, wants more white Christian people to be killed in terrorist attacks by brown Muslims so as to stir up more racist hatred and get us to bomb of them.

        1. Steverino247

          I don't think he's got that much of a clue. It's pure twisted talking points and stalking all of us through Intense Debate's servers.

          I offer him my hand, just like I did the idiots of Arizona. Left or right, both leave a nice mark.

          1. flamingpdog

            I decided this morning to take Dogass's down-fisting as if it were down from a duck – lightweight, soft, and hanging around only briefly to be replaced by something much more substantial.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Actually, according to the Guardian coverage (6:30 post), there was a video of what was claimed to be a second explosion, and it was a hoax…from where, who knows.

      Credit where credit is due, too–I found the Guardian link at Freepland.

  14. imissopus

    Yes, obviously the Muslims are retaliating in Norway for cartoons published in fucking Denmark several years ago. What the hell, all these tall blond people look alike.

    1. Sue4466

      Wait. Are you suggesting Norway and Denmark aren't the same country? I thought Denmark was the capital of Norway. Huh.

      1. finallyhappy

        Yeah, aren't Norway and Denmark big cities in Scandinavia- also there is that little city there -Finland.

  15. donner_froh

    “This is our homeland, this is my homeland; I condemn these attacks and the Islamic Council of Norway condemns these attacks, whoever is behind them,” said Mehtab Afsar, secretary general of the Islamic Council of Norway.

    Clearly guilty. Off with his head.

  16. SarahsBush

    Did they all forget that Norway is a socialist country with a monarch? I guess cognitive dissonance doesn't work when you lack cognition.

  17. fartknocker

    If you think the Free Republic comments are disappointing, go over to the Houston Chronicle and see their reader comments. Sad, very sad.

  18. elviouslyqueer

    the man-thing Janet Napitalano [sic]

    Hmmm, sounds like Ewick Ewickson is having yet another case of penis envy.

    1. Rotundo_

      Well Janet's penis equivalent probably is twice the size of Ewick's and is no doubt much easer to find. The fat folds make Ewick's "Little VIking" a challenge to locate I'm sure.

    2. arihaya

      "Ewick Ewickson" does sounds like a Nordic Right-Wing extremist … waterboard him already

  19. SmutBoffin

    But now that the Murdoch empire is tottering, who will steal the voicemails of the victims?

  20. Doktor Zoom

    Forensic analysis of the debris suggested that the bomb originated with a Swedish terrorist cell, as a reconstruction of the device determined that it had been assembled using a tiny Allen wrench.

    1. user-of-owls

      If I call you a miscreant for that comment in condemnatory terms ("You are a miscreant for writing that!"), does that make me a creant?

  21. BaldarTFlagass

    "This will not stop until a real war on islam begins…"

    Yeah, violence will go right down to zero when a real war begins.

    1. millerdunwoody

      (He touches her cheek with his hand, gazes lovingly into her eyes): "We'll always have the Crusades."

  22. SarahsBush

    Your downfisting has just been reversed, Spanky. Hope you enjoyed wasting your time again!

    1. SexySmurf

      It did get you to acknowledge his existence. He probably hasn't been this happy since his mom agreed to pay for his World of Warcraft account.

        1. Rotundo_

          So that's how ya remove Cheeto stains from a penis, I would have figured him to be the "Leave it orange cause I'm a badass" type.

          1. jus_wonderin

            Well, Marcus shouldn't have Cheeto stains on his penis unless he is a submissive-nonreciprical-acts-required kind of guy that worships his alpha male. Oh, wait……..

  23. SayItWithWookies

    Well I only hope if they catch those terrorists, President Obama doesn't allow them to be tried on US soil.

  24. GhostBuggy

    "they are still fighting the invading Crusaders from 1500 years ago!"

    Maybe that's because, I don't know, the "Crusaders" are still invading them?

    1. MissTaken

      At least he/she acknowledged it was the Crusaders who invaded. I guess that's progress?

    2. GOPCrusher

      "this crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take awhile."

      -George Bush
      Sept 2001

      1. PhilippePetain

        They're quoting that approvingly on FreeRepublic right now. Hahaha. Remember when they were claiming that they had been against Bush all along?

        1. AJWjr.

          But why, why, why are libtards now oliver sudden quoting ronnie raygun on raising the debt ceiling?

  25. Oblios_Cap

    Who in the hell would want to bomb Norway? Are they fighting over lutefisk and herring fishing grounds?

    1. Terry

      Phone up Anonymous and offer them a few cases of Mountain Dew and a half dozen bags of Cheetos.

  26. DangerHelvetica

    Obviously this was retaliation by Islamic terrorists for the publication of cartoons 5, 6, years ago depicting Mohammad.
    That cartoonist was Danish. The terrorists must have worse aim than even Dubya.

    A fun fact: every time there's an explosion, it's caused by an Islamic terrorist. The internal combustion engine? Fueled by muslins.

    1. JustPixelz

      I love the "obviously". When it fits their predispositions, something like this is obvious. But when actual facts differ, it's a conspiracy or falsehood.

      Obviously, without the authority to borrow money, the U.S. government will not be able to pay its bills. Except Giethner, Obama, Moody's and common-sense are all lying.

      Obviously, global climate is warming jeopardizing our future. Except the scientists have "doctored" the data. (Though technically, they are PhDs to anything they do is "doctoring"..)

      Obviously, the Bush tax cuts did not create jobs or prosperity for almost anyone. Except, they did.

  27. BornInATrailer

    Jeepers.. Freepers.. where'd you get these -BLEEP-ers?
    Jeepers.. Freepers.. where'd you get these 'tards?

  28. MissTaken

    This must be tough for the wingnuts: Norway bombed = bad, BUT Norway also = European Socialism at its finest. Tricky, tricky.

    1. PristineODummy

      Unfortunately, I can't give this comment as many upfists as it deserves. Consider it virtually upfisted into the thousands.

  29. Oblios_Cap

    It was a Labour Party Youth Camp that was bombed so it was probably Norwegian Freepers that did it.

    1. Negropolis

      That was my thought. Sounds domestic and internally political. They try to kill the Labour prime minister (fortunately, he was at home), and then shoot up a Labour youth camp.

  30. Thurman Munster IV

    Gotta be Mooslims. Today is 7/22. 22 is 2 times more than 11 and add 2 to 7 you get 9. 9/11!

    1. jus_wonderin

      Thurman. Thank you for showing your work. Class, Thurman has shown an excellent example of how to follow directions.

  31. orygoon

    I myself suspect right-wing lunatics who have made so much hateful noise about who's been getting Nobel Prizes.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      Yeah, the geographical intelligence for bombing Oslo for something that happens in Stockholm fits right in.

      1. horsedreamer_1

        Norway gives out the Peace Laureate (since Alfred Nobel didn't trust his Swedish peoples to get that one right).

  32. BaldarTFlagass

    The gunman notwithstanding, I really hope this turns out to be an exploding gas main.

  33. DaSandman

    Yet all the acts of terror here in Murica are committed by the right wing. Oklahoma bombing anyone?

  34. Oblios_Cap

    Obviously this was retaliation by Islamic terrorists for the publication of cartoons 5, 6, years ago depicting Mohammad. As you can see Muslims never forget an affront… they are still fighting the invading Crusaders from 1500 years ago! We’re fighting this war on terrorism the wrong way. Instead of us just reacting to the threats and spending trillions of dollars in the process, what we need to do is that every time there’s a terrorist bombing we should select a Muslim city, at random, and bomb a few square blocks, equal to the terrorist bombing. That will give them something to think about…!

    Some people revel in ignorance like a pig rolls in shit.

    1. finallyhappy

      Haven't we been doing this in Iraq and Afghanistan-but without the waiting for a terrorist attack here?

  35. weejee

    Snark aside, this is a really sad event & it is more than a bit much that the wingnutz are galloping away with gunz blazing and no clue iffin' it was the Injuns or Jesse James who done the deed.

  36. SorosBot

    Could it have been someone from coastal Europe, getting revenge for all those Viking raids?

    1. Steverino247

      Makes as much sense as Armenians blowing up the Turkish Travel office in Paris, narrowly missing me and the missus celebrating our fifth anniversary in 1978, to get even for something that happened in 1918, sixty years before.

        1. finallyhappy

          In that case, maybe it was my people, the Jews. The Crusaders liked to kill Jews in Europe on their way to "saving"the Holy Land.

  37. Geminisunmars

    Hey, wha happened to the upfists for those comments at the top? How'm I supposed to registrate my opinions.

  38. x111e7thst

    My guess would be that French Socialists (secret Muslims) are actually responsible. Bring back the Freedum Fry!1!

  39. Doktor Zoom

    As we all know, the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do in a time of crisis is to make sure that you link it with your ideological opponents.

    Once the bombers / shooter are identified, it is vitally important to check their Facebook page for anything that suggests can be twisted to suggest a connection to American electoral politics.

    EDIT: fixed that

  40. BklynIlluminati

    Fuck these morons pray for my Viking bros, if that ain't your thing send donations. Remind the Norwegians feel that they have friends everywhere

  41. mavenmaven

    My sympathy for the victims. It appears there was an attack, as part of the coordinated bombings, at a summer camp of 15-16 year old kids.
    Not a time to joke, in my opinion. There are bad people in this world, and sometimes, no matter how progressive we may be, they will do terrible things. They must not end our attempts to make the world a better place.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Thanks for the perspective–and even though I did post a lutefisk joke, I agree. I think I'm done on this, for now.

      1. ShaveTheWhales

        As a 3/4 Norwegian, I can say that there is almost always room for a lutefisk joke.

        But this really, really sucks.

  42. prommie

    The only differences between the freeper comments and Sarah Palins tweets and speeches, is that there are more of them. The stupidity level is absolutely identical.

  43. Ducksworthy

    Sounds like they read "common Eastern (Norwegian) accent" as "common middle eastern accent". Better hurry and kill all the Muslins before we figure out it was white supremacists.

  44. Barrelhse

    I was unaware until now that Al-Queda and the Taliban are, in fact, left-wing progressive organizations. I must thank FreeRe for opening my eyes to this travesty, and I will never vote for a Democrat ever again because they share the same philosophy as promulgated by mid-east terrorists.

  45. fuflans

    they are still fighting the invading Crusaders from 1500 years ago

    1500 years ago would be 600 AD. the only crusading going on in 600 was actually, well, muhammed.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      Who, not being born until 610 AD, was still swimming around in his father's balls.

    2. zhubajie

      The battle cry of the early Muslim armies was "Surrender! We'll lower your taxes!" Primary sources, like al-Baladhuri's _Book of Conquests_ are one account of negotiations after another.

      Remember, Umar et al., were sophisticated international businessmen. Clovis the Frank was the real barbarian.

  46. 5thstate

    Its 104 Muslim Terrorist degrees in New Jersey, because of the debt crusades from 5,000 years ago, so obviously we must bomb History and bank-thermometers (whilst "regretting" the loss of bank clocks in the process), for Norway, and the Swedish Bikini Team! .

    1. flamingpdog

      Don't blame the bank-thermometers – they don't use the Fahrenheit or Centigrade scales – those readings are in Cementigrade.

  47. AJWjr.

    My condolences to $arah and her brood for this terrible thing that has been visited upon them.

  48. Limeylizzie

    Those freaks don't realise that the women of Norway would love to see our Barry naked, when I was in Sweden , as a college student, all the men were crazy for my friend Gillian Cartmel who was dark haired, brown-eyed and olive-skinned , the blondish and blue or green-eyed of us couldn't get a look-in. The most popular colour for condoms was black, also.

    1. Steverino247

      When I was in Korea, the most popular colors were red and green as they were used for Xmas decorations in the barracks.

  49. Goonemeritus

    I know the good people of Norway will at least be rational in their response. Were they like us they would be calling up their munitions suppliers and doubling standing orders way before they understood who attacked them.

  50. user-of-owls

    any holdups in that process will poush the warfare from cultural to general violence very quickly.

    I'd really like to poush these pricks off the highest bridge in the world. The whole scabrous lot of them.

    Also, aw fuck.
    And, there's something awfully squirrely about this, something very hinky indeed.
    Plus, seriously? Machine gunning a bunch of kids at the beach? Aw, fucking fuck.

  51. Callyson

    Hey limp dick downfister…how about you have some real cojones and enlist in the service, rather than sit on your ass blaming liberals for everything?
    (I know, file that under NGH–not gonna happen…)

          1. AJWjr.

            However, they took Randi Rhodes, who suffered from the same malady. For what it's worth, so did I. It didn't keep me out of the military though, I had to get more creative than that.

      1. LetUsBray

        Or he'll show up with a week's worth of dump in his pants, like tough-guy Ted Nugent. Only not because he's trying to feign craziness; his hygiene really is that bad.

  52. Ducksworthy

    Retaliating against Norway for cartoons published in Denmark would make about as much sense as invading Iraq in retaliation for an attack by Saudi Arabia.

  53. Guppy06

    It doesn't matter what the assailant looked like, all that matters is what the victims looked like. The Freepers wouldn't even know about it if the victims didn't all have Aryan features.

    It's a War on White People!


    Socialist country with a monarch? I wish my car runs on smoked salmon, so we can invade Norway.

  55. BlueStateLibel

    You know what other tall blonde men liked to kill people? (I'm sorry, but it had to be asked.)

  56. iburl

    Tall blond gun weilding man kills a bunch of young social democrats at a political retreat.

    We must transform the facts:
    Wingnut powers activate… form of a left wing communist…. shape of a Muslin!

    Ya see, Obama's fault!

  57. sussemilch

    The no-fly list is going to see a lot of names with f's and j's added to it, fur jure.

  58. prommie

    This is horrible, it sounds like the death toll will even be a little worse than some of our drone attacks on Afghani wedding receptions.

    1. donner_froh

      The violence and indiscriminate death brought today to Oslo is routinely and constantly imposed by the U.S. and its closest allies in a large and growing list of Muslim nations.

      Glenn Greenwald, today.

  59. user-of-owls

    God have mercy on my pitiful soul, but a particular quote (paraphrased) just popped into my twisted head:

    No, no, 'e's not dead, 'e's just pining for the fjords.

    Oh lord, I've finally snapped.

  60. ingloriousbytch

    Sadly a lot of those Freeper comments are also showing up on NPR's site. Thanks a lot, Juan Williams.

  61. chicken_thief

    "…and if we ever get a president who really wants to fight terror, …"

    Ya, that Obummer guy is such a pussy weenie Dem commie loving military hating tree hugger. Just ask that Somali pirate, all those fucking Pakistanis killed by drones, and bin Laden.

  62. tcaalaw

    Norway has lots of oil and natural gas, so we should definitely send a protective military force there ASAP!

  63. SheriffRoscoe

    Tim McVeigh bombed a US government facility full of kids so white guys get a pass, eh, Freepers?

  64. Redhead

    "But thank God we’re safe here in the US with the man-thing Janet Napitalano focusing on “white terrorists” rather than worrying herself about Muslim terrorists. /s"

    So… Napitalano is keeping us safe from the guy shooting all the kids in Oslo right now? And this is a bad thing? (Sarah Palin blames this on the liberal media in 3…2…1…)

  65. Steverino247

    This just in:

    The two attacks are definitely linked, a police spokesman said. The person detained in Utoya was allegedly seen around the government building at time of explosion. The man, who is still being questioned, is tall with blonde hair, “Nordic appearance,” police said.

  66. GOPCrusher

    Until the nationality/religion of the perpetrators has been determined, I'm going to bet on this being the result of a Norwegian Death Metal band video being filmed.

  67. Doktor Zoom

    According to BBC news, the Norwegian justice minister just said that the shooter is Norwegian, which presumably means not Muslin (early info subject to update, of course)

    1. SmutBoffin

      Stone cold crazy person, a la Laughner? Or some variety of Teutonic supremacist, perhaps?

      So many more conclusions that we can jump to!

  68. anniegetyerfun

    "Meanwhile, we are taught how bad Christians are."

    I remember being taught so much during my Christians Are Big Fat Jerks classes in high school. Learning!

    1. zhubajie

      "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; there is no one good, not even one" is a Christian teaching.

  69. mumbly_joe

    To be fair, they do have one good point there- if Dubya were still president, we'd have *totally* invaded Finland by now, in response.

  70. ringletwraith

    I hope the GOP sweeps in and fixes the economy pronto so these people can all get jobs and stop spending their time putting their stupidz on public display via the Internet.

  71. Steverino247

    Norway's Prime Minister made the following statement:

    "I have a message to those who attacked us. A message from the whole of Norway. You won’t destroy us. You won't destroy our democracy. We are a small but proud nation. No one can bomb us to silence. No one can scare us from being Norway," Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said.

    "And when tomorrow comes, let’s show the world that the Norwegian democracy still stands strong. The most important thing tonight is to take care of each other."

    Well said, sir. Clearly, you've never posted on Free Republic.

  72. gvvt

    From the comments: "The idiot BBC announcer can only conceive of "right-wing extremists" as a plausible alternative to Islamist involvements in these attacks.

    And the analyst is talking about the "0.1%" of Muslims living in Oslo who might be Islamist extremists, whereas the vast majority of Muslims living in Oslo are peaceful people. On what basis can he get away with making such a ridiculous and unsubstantiated claim (rhetorical question only – of course he can make such claims unencumbered by the need to speak factually – this is the BBC, after all).

    BBC is also "reporting" rumors from Twitter that the island shooter was a blue-eyed, blond-haired person.

    No attempt whatsoever to separate out speculation from facts. This is the highly-touted, "objective" BBC that is so often held up as the gold standard of news reporting? Massive fail… "


  73. Barrelhse

    Updates seem to indicate that this guy is a right-wing crackpot. Maybe Fox will drop the whole story?

  74. AlaskaGrrl

    Those Freeper kids don't have to worry. They never get out of their mother's basement. They haven't the intellectual or social skills to get a job in any place that would remotely appeal as a terrorist target.

  75. mumbly_joe

    You know who else has been fighting the Crusades from 1500 less than 1,000 years ago?

  76. jodyleek

    I just read that the Norwegian government feels this is retribution from a right wing fringe group over immigration policy and against the Labour Party. Which makes way more sense than "Islamists". Ugh! Tea Tards in Scandinavia? Sorry, Norway.

  77. Fred_Wertham_Jr

    He's not a terrorist. He is a noble freedom fighter trying to bring down an evil socialist/fascist government. Freepers should be getting behind this guy.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        Washington Post is lecturing that American liberals need to "resist" comparing this crackpot to our conservatives. When I start taking advice from the WaPo …

    1. Doktor Zoom

      This will not stop until a a real war on Lutheranism begins.

      EDIT: Just found this pearl of wisdom in Freeplandia: "OKC was a Muslim production, probably coordinated through Iran…Some of the people involved in it were known to be German/Iraqi connected, although the only people apprehended were McVeigh and his buddy."

    2. arihaya

      he is a hybrid of McVeight and Loghner … he bombed the PM's office and shooting kids in the island camp with .. yeah.. a Glock

  78. Warpde

    Muslims terrorists are chameleon's don't ya know.
    One day looking all tanned in turban's, sporting AK-47's and RPG's.
    Next day wearing a Police uniform, with their blonde hair and blue eyes, AK-47's and bombs.
    The next day looking Orange and like they have had too much too drink. But no AK-47's or whatever, just dept ceiling hostages.
    And the next day, god forbid, women suffering from PMS with migraines that make you wish all she had was an AK-47, RPG's, bombs and a drinking problem.

  79. Doktor Zoom

    Well, now that the attacker appears to be a right-winger, the narrative needs to change. Instead of collective punishment for all Muslims ("Every act of terrorism should be met with a retaliatory strike at one of their ‘holy’ sites."–from the Freeper thread), it is now imperative to explain that the killer is a lone nut who is solely responsible for his actions, and is not at all representative of others who look or think like him. If it turns out he had neo-nazi ties, of course, we'll be shoveling through another load of "Nazis were SOCIALIST" crap.

    Somewhat amusing that the Freeper post is now virtually inactive.

  80. mavenmaven

    Wow, once again right wing terror will have been the major source of large numbers of deaths (80! This guy was killing children!!!):
    After the shooting the police seized a 32-year-old Norwegian man on the island, according to the police and Justice Minister Knut Storberget. He was later identified as Anders Behring Breivik and was characterized by officials as a right-wing extremist.

  81. ShaveTheWhales

    I know some of you have already commented on this, but oh fuck. The shooter (a right-wing, anti-muslim nutcase) killed upwards of 80 teen-agers. Eighty. LXXX, for those who refuse to recognize arabic numbers. I wonder if he is a Christian. I hope not.

    I'm 3/4 Norwegian, in the sense that three of my four grandparents were direct immigrants. Since modern Norway is the very model of a successful social-democratic monarchy(?), I'm pretty sure they will treat this motherfucker as if he deserved consideration. Personally (and perhaps genetically), I'd like to see sequential dismemberment, one joint at a time. I'd volunteer to use the pliers.

    Eighty. Fuck.

    1. Negropolis

      He's been described as anti-Muslim, nationalist, anti-government, and a conservative Christian.

      1. ShaveTheWhales

        Hand me the pliers.

        Oh, BTW, I'd have the same reaction to some Muslim that offed eighty (EIGHTY) kids, of any religious persuasion.

        1. Negropolis

          Yeah, no kidding. The religion of the guy only worth mention because all of the wingnuts mumped to the conclusion that it was a Muslim. Ultimately, people like this are just singularly evil. I'm actually a bit disappointed he didn't do a death by cop. This is one of those guys who I don't need to know why he did it, because there is no explanation sane enough to explain this. I mean, the bastard willfully targeted children just because they were at a camp being sponsored by a left-leaning party.

          So much death for so little reason.

          1. ShaveTheWhales

            The only thing I disagree with you about is that this abomination was "singularly evil". I bet you he was trained to be evil, at least implicitly.

            I'm surprised he didn't SBC. Norwegians are considered pretty humorless even by other dour Scandinavians. There's a chance they'll be able to track back his influences.

    2. orygoon

      I do not believe that their legal system would even allow life in prison–I think a Norwegian on the PBS news last night said they would set hm free at some point.

      I can almost wish for some kind of "prison justice" for him, which is vigilantism, really. But killing so many children? We'll be finding out that some were sibling sets, that some were honor students, that some were kind and some were witty and some took care of parents with disabilities and all were loved by their families and friends.

      I would probably personally hang that man, or throw the switch to the electric chair, or volunteer to serve on a firing squad. (And I sure as hell do mot miss Tim McVeigh either).

      1. finallyhappy

        My daughter went to a liberal/leftist camp(one of her camp "clubs" at age 11 was about child labor and the companies that produced goods using child labor). I guess our campers would be the sort of kids who woulld ahve been this bastard's targets. Despite owning no guns myself and having been largely pacifist, I would be glad to help fund his death in prison. I understand (at least here in the US) you can help out a prisoner's family and the prsioner might do you a favor on the inside.(or maybe this is just urban legend)

    3. Redhead

      Up to 85 kids on the island (plus 7 more from the bombing) now, and expected to keep rising because they're still looking for a lot of missing people.

    1. Fukui_sanYesOta

      I'm not going to make jokes about this because it's so fucking awful.

      However, I will make a prediction that the very same collective guilt bullshit being spewed by the freepers doesn't apply when the progenitor of this sick slaughter holds similar views to their own.

      1. glamourdammerung

        However, I will make a prediction that the very same collective guilt bullshit being spewed by the freepers doesn't apply when the progenitor of this sick slaughter holds similar views to their own.

        That is not really a prediction as much as stating a belief that a trend will continue.

        See "Poplawski, Richard" for more examples.

  82. arihaya

    well now we know the terrorist a .. gasp .. right wing extremist,,,,,


  83. Beowoof

    Oh so the nuts are ready to attack the folks who did this, well lets start with Fox News, Cato Institute and other right wing douche bag organizations. As it is being reported over on msnbc, this attack was carried out by a right wing extremist. Finally a right wing movement I can get behind.

  84. glamourdammerung

    I wonder if the conservatives are going to admit they jumped the proverbial gun yet again now that the shooter is known to be a white, right-wing Christian.

    Just kidding, I am sure our trolls are convinced the shooter is a leftist due to the body count indicating some level of competence.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      That "level of competence" is the down-side of Norway's mandatory military service.

  85. gullywompr

    So apparently the Freeper line now is – the right in Europe are actually leftist, just like Hitler and Obama, and the Muslim raping of Norway pushed this brave man to action, and the MSM will cum all over themselves for about 24 hours until it is discovered that the guy had no ties to the right at all, but was actually a lib, just like Jared Lee Laughner.

    1. lumpenprole

      I was looking at someone's Nobama bumper the other day. One sticker said "THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU!" I was mulling that over, cuz anyone who doesn't know that already is too stupid to read in the first place. But now I realize that's not what the sticker means to that angry guy (yes, he looked really cranky). The MSM is going to lie and tell everyone that this Scando-teatard is a right wingers whereas the Truth the Freepers will soon uncover is that he's really a Islamo libtard.

  86. glamourdammerung

    When are the conservatives going to demand all Christian clerics renounce the violence?

    After all, to not do so would be a double standard.

  87. glamourdammerung

    How many all nighters is spanky and the other Breitard(s) going to pull to defend their hero?

  88. Goonemeritus

    The right wing will either down play this story or wind up the old lone nut job meme. Oh and Janet Napolitano is patiently awaiting your apology. The moral of the storey is hate is hate no matter what twisted ideology is used to justify it.

  89. teebob2000

    “Wipe them out….All of them!”

    They're right — kill all the Christians and right-wingers, nothing but trouble.

    So NOW are we gonna retract the apology we were forced to make to the right-wing fucks when the DHS issued the report saying that right-wing fucks should be monitored just like the Muslins? No? Figures.

  90. stew1

    It's clear we now need to profile all christians at airports. If they're morbidly obese and have a southern accent–full cavity search, bitches!

    1. LetUsBray

      Damn right. I'm not prejudiced at all; some of my best friends are wingnuts. But if I see some teabaggy-looking person getting on the same plane I have to take, it makes me nervous.

  91. BZ1

    It's so depressing reading the righties blog sites, everything is back to a hate on for the first Black prez…

  92. Mahousu

    Backtracking I've seen so far:
    1. He's not the real shooter; this is just a government coverup to protect the Muslims and/or provide cover for Norway's siding with the Palestinians.
    2. All right, he's the shooter, but a right winger in Norway is somehow equivalent to a left winger in the U.S. (I'm not sure why; Coriolis forces?)
    3. Forget the left wing/right wing stuff, the real issue is that this is what happens when you ban guns. What? Guns aren't banned in Norway? In fact, gun ownership (for hunting and marksmanship) is quite common there? Well, then it's because the kids weren't open-carrying handguns at all times, even when swimming. (Yes, someone actually made that argument.)

    1. weejee


      (He was a) former member of the right winged political party Frp (Progress party). It's the second largest political party in Norway and their main issues are lower taxes and a much stricter policy on immigration.

      Mmmm…does this sound like anyone you know McDownfistie?

    2. Doktor Zoom

      Yep, the conspiracy spin is already in action. From the Freeper thread linked in the OP:

      Rambo had nothing on this Norwegian.

      This Norwegian had incredible skills. He put together a powerful car bomb and we have seen how hard that is from Times Square and London. To top that off he planted another bomb high up in a nearby building and timed it to go off when the first responders were on scene dealing with the first device. That takes a high degree of expertise and coordination. Only a highly trained demo man could pull this off. But that is of course not all. He then drove 40 miles, got in a boat, talked his way into a camp in a disguise and killed 87 people with small arms. Somehow, at some point, whether earlier or during this evolution, he also planted a third bomb on the island but that one was discovered and disarmed.

      This would make James Bond green with envy.

      The skills necessary for a bombmaker are generally different from those of a shooter. This one guy was a one man Army. Or so we are told less than 8 hours after action.

      One lone “madman” with a “minor” criminal record…

      I ain’t buying it.

      (In other words, since it involved some planning, it HAD to be a conspiracy? Also, I'm pretty sure there was no second bomb… Gotta love the coldly "rational" Internet Tough Guy tone of our would-be debunker…)

      1. Pres.Beeblebrox

        Sure, I mean, OKBOMB was actually a Muslin plot and McVeigh and Nichols took the fall. How could two yokels have put together a fertilizer bomb that took down an entire Federal building?

      2. imissopus

        Sure, but the bombers in London and Times Square were actual Muslims and they couldn't pull it off, so in a weird way, doesn't this prove that white Christians are superior and the guy should be celebrated? God is it confusing to think like a Tea Bagger.

  93. weejee

    We will not be safe until Napolitano finally accepts some rational profiling and bans all Muslim-hating and/or socialist-hating conservative Christians from all forms of domestic mass transit. Particularly the blue-eyed blonds, obvs.

    1. finallyhappy

      I'm safe- Pretty sure i have never seen a blond blue eyed person on the S-2/S-4 or 79 bus in Silver Spring to Dc.

  94. Goonemeritus

    One of the commenter’s on Free Republic posted the following.

    “You are correct…the West needs to make it known that a 20-1 ratio for retaliation is our minimum…more is always better. Unfortunately, the West does not have the collective resolve or outrage to do anything but bang our spoons on our little highchairs.”

    My question is after we drone strike the 50 posters on Breitbert's site how do we pick the other 1750 right wing extremists?

  95. owhatever

    "This will not stop until a real war on islam begins… and we all know that it is muslim demons that are doing this."

    Becomes ….

    "This will not stop until a real war on christianity begins… and we all know that it is christian demons that are doing this."

  96. Redhead

    And the latest from the NYT: the death toll is 92 and climbing and they arrested someone, "a right-wing fundamentalist Christian," "a gun-loving Norwegian obsessed with what he saw as the threat of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration."

    "Though he does not call for violence in the postings, he denounces the demographic change that he says has undermined Christian communities in places like Kosovo and Lebanon. Mr. Breivik writes: “Can you name ONE country where multiculturalism is successful where Islam is involved? The only historical example is the society without a welfare state with only non-Muslim minorities (U.S.).” "

    So apparently he was a regular commenter on Faux News as well.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      Spain, before the Inquisition? Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, India (sans Pakistan's fuctardedness). New York City.

    1. arihaya

      if the shooter were a Muslim teatards will yell "WATERBOARD PAMELLA GELLER !!!" already

  97. donner_froh

    Not surprising that among the most vile, meretricious and disgustingly slimy "mainstream" discussion was on the Wall Street Journal editorial page:

    Whatever the case, the attacks demonstrate that Norway is no more immune than any other country to such atrocities, no matter what its foreign or domestic policies may be. If this does prove to be the work of Islamists, it will be noted that neither Norway's opposition to the war in Iraq nor its considerable financial and political support for the Palestinians spared it from attack.
    (emphasis added although hardly necessary)

  98. Doktor Zoom

    Oh, hey, here are some further Free Republic Analyses of the situation:

    “To the white people of Europe: You can run, but you can’t hide.
    So man up and kick these invaders out”
    Some get it, some don’t.

    by izzatzo (Palin2012, she's one of us.)

    That sounds like something that could have been written by Anders Behring Breivik himself, eh?

    I pray for those families, I cannot even express how much sorry they must be feeling…

    Weren’t those the “Obama Youth” types at camp. These were kids that wholeheartely embraced the multicutural myth of appeasing Islam. Their leaders allow thousands of Muslims into their homeland every year, preaching diversity and tolerance.

    Wasn’t Norway the place that found that 100% of all forceable rapes were committed in their country last year (like 1356 of 136) were linked to Muslims?

    The same ideology that panders, like here in the US, will get you killed. Why are Liberals so f-ing stupid?

    wac3rd (Somewhere in Hell, Ted Kennedy snickers….)

    Hey, thanks to Anders Behring Breivik, there are now 80 fewer of those stupid liberals! Guess he showed them, huh?

    Or maybe this thread about the background of the shooter…conclusion: he's a patsy for the Muslim conspiracy, because anti-Muslim hate could never motivate someone to mass slaughter.

    Some astute thinkers see an even wider plot, of course:

    Media matters declares war on fox, fox strikes back.. Then suddenly unconnected an explosion of a 2007 case of phone hacking smacks Rupert Murdoch… Then suddenly a right wing terrorist appears in Norway.

    I sense a pattern here.

    Samurai_Jack (ride out and confront the evil!)

    Interesting that there is a Norwegian right-winger in the thread, "marthemaria," who is shocked and horrified, even though politically, she agrees with Breivik's positions on Muslims: "he blamed the labour party for its politics. Ruining our country. I agree with him that's the worst. He really wanted to kill people from the labour party which is the ruling government party as well." She's being mostly shouted down by American Freepers, including one genius who patiently explains:

    Just remember Right Wing in eurowimp land is the equivalent of left wing in the USA.

    Our lying media will never state the truth but remember the Nazis have been labeled right wing for decades when they were the National SOCALIST Party. Hmmm, Socialist sure does not seem to be right wing in the USA.

    Wurlitzer (Welcome to the new USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika))

    OK, that's about all I can stomach for now. Remember, he's a leftist!

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      "because anti-Muslim hate could never motivate someone to mass slaughter."

      Somebody learned their history in a Texas school.

      Oops: I forgot to read between the lines: "anti-Muslim hate could never motivate someone to mass slaughter of non-Muslims."
      A Texas education remains a distinct possiblity.

    2. arihaya

      next thing we know Freepers will label Eastern European Jews (Ashkenazim) as Fascist just because their name contain the letters NAZI … go figure

    3. JustPixelz

      Thanks for takin' one for the team DD.

      When our wingers talk about how Obama is destroying America, they are setting up the rhetorical argument to act like a nutty Norwegian and start shooting. After all, "destroying America" is an existential threat, it demands a destructive response.

      America cannot be defined, standardized or understood except in terms of the people here who live, work, vote, enlist, volunteer, argue, pay taxes, help each other. The wingers should already know that. It is the literal embodiment of that "plain language of the Constitution" they claim to love.

    4. Fukui_sanYesOta

      Our lying media will never state the truth but remember the Nazis have been labeled right wing for decades when they were the National SOCALIST Party.

      As a European, I detest these pig-ignorant fucks with a passion akin to solar heat.

      We, as a collective group, lived through the emergence of this shit. Yes, it was the national socialist party, yes. That's true. Piggybacking on the popularity of socialist parties across Europe after ww1. That was the name, yes. All true socialists were expunged from the party by 1936.

      In summary: fuck you, revisionists. Fuck you, "right in Europe is left in the US" people. Fuck you, Nazis are communists people.

      You are not only wrong, but you're dangerously, stupidly wrong.

      edit: just to be sure, this isn't aimed at you JustPixelz. This is a random incoherent rant aimed at the type of fool who'd claim that the Nazis were lefty.

      edit 2: Authoritarian fuckwittery is pretty much indistinguishable be it left or right – see PRC vs Nazi Germany. The Nazis are right wing, and fuck anyone who says different.

    5. Fukui_sanYesOta

      One more, about this "Wurlitzer" character.

      I've not met anyone in Europe who's espoused views that despicable. I've known shit-ignorant racist fucks in Europe, sure. People are people. However, I've never seen any kind of meta-justification along those lines.

      Personally, I love the USA, but I see goddamn horseshit like that written by voters and I sometimes fucking wonder about the future of the country,

    6. glamourdammerung

      Our lying media will never state the truth but remember the Nazis have been labeled right wing for decades when they were the National SOCALIST Party.

      Yet the People's Republic of China and the Republic of North Korea are somehow not Republicans according to these same fools.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Charming: Breivik has simply taken a different approach: he attacked what he sees as the enablers — frustrated, perhaps, by a failure to vote them out of power. It is a new form of protest, and he is the first to use it. But I fear that, unless Europe begins demanding that its Muslim population live according to its Enlightenment traditions and the values of democracy, he will not be the last.

      Hey, at least her victim-blaming is more forthright and honest than the Freepers, who are suggesting Breivik is either a patsy, a front for a muslim conspiracy, or a leftist. After all, American wingers never dream of wiping out liberals

  99. ttommyunger

    All this squabbling is being conducted against a backdrop of a hundred or more innocent and very dead human beings, many painfully young. Where is our sense of dignity? Propriety? Shame for our condition? I think I'm beginning to be glad I'm old.

    1. GunToting[Redacted]

      It seems that "wrote" is not quite accurate. It appears he "cribbed" the Unibomber's manifesto, and some creative find/replace to introduce terms like "multiculturalism" where "leftist" was before. I suppose it's somewhat comforting to know that Europe's teatards are as intellectually lazy as ours.

    1. weejee

      Well perhaps not Cape (see usernameguy's post just above). The smoke hadn't cleared from Utøya Island before the tards were blaming open-minded Muslim-loving Bolshies (Norway's ruling Labor Party) for making the righteous Jebus-loving tax and immigrant-hating alleged perp a victim (see numerous earlier Palin victimhood rants). We ecumenical lefties are driving poor honorable tightie-righties to unspeakable acts. This is similar to Janet Reno driving poor Tim McVeigh to bomb the Oklahoma City Federal Building, and only makes sense with sufficient gin. Lots and lots and lots of gin.

  100. stew1

    I'm getting paranoid! My neighborhood is overrun by fat, white people who watch nothing but Fox News, want immigrants shot at the border, and believe evolution is an evil, secular belief…any of them could be building a bomb AT THIS VERY MOMENT!

    1. comrad_darkness

      Fortunately most of them are too addled by pre-diabeties to stick to a task that long. Also too illiterate to produce the required 1500 word screed.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        Yes, it's the fit ones you have to worry about. Wingnuttery and exercise = a dangerous combination.

        Seriously. McVeigh and Nichols, the Unibomber, Harris and Klebold, Jim Jones, Charlie Manson, the Mariel boatlift guy, the Atlanta daytrader, the veteran who killed the Pittsburgh Police officers. Even the non-politicals like Charles Whitman, Richard Speck, Starkweather and Fugate, the wanna-be surfer who killed 35 people in Port Arthur. Not a fatty among them. I'm askeered of skinny guys!

    1. comrad_darkness

      Yes, pointing out an obvious source of danger to life and property is "exploiting".

  101. ManchuCandidate

    From our friend, "mr" classy.

    Libs thank Breivik is now following the comments you've made in IntenseDebate. This means they have opted to view updates of your latest comments.

    Some info about Libs thank Breivik:
    Description: Dems LOVE IT that so many died in Norway, so they can blame conservatives! If even 1 had been carrying, Breivik couldn't kill as many.

    If you want to send your disgust to IntenseDebate, send it to support@IntenseDebate.com.

    1. glamourdammerung

      Bringing up the general stalking and extra accounts to harass folks might be in order as well.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      "The horror in Norway no more discredits Merkel’s views on Muslim assimilation than Ted Kaczynski’s bombs discredited Al Gore’s views on the dark side of industrialization."

      The difference, of course, is how proponents of these two different world-views react to world events. Environmentalists don't, by and large, murder people. People who believe that their country is being invaded by hordes of Islamic terrorists do.

    2. iburl

      "many of his beliefs and arguments echo the rhetoric of mainstream cultural conservatives, in Europe and America alike."

      Thank you for admitting it Doucheshat.

  102. Fox n Fiends

    And exactly how many Al Gore acolytes have killed anyone? Fucking AssHat and his endless false equivalencies.

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