paul revere told him to do itSure, maybe we can’t all spend five trillion dollars on spray paint to make the family trailer look like Sarah Palin’s Magic Crazy School Bus, but shouldn’t we, as Americans, be able to make small improvements to our vehicles, to honor Sarah and her Race to Nowhere? Isn’t “Vanity Plate Freedom” part of the First Amendment or whatever? It certainly is, at least in the Constitution of one Nevada man’s heart. This man just wants his license plate to read “GOPALIN,” for some reason, but of course, the vanity plate czars wouldn’t let him, because of librul bias!

James Linlor was all excited to get his “GOPALIN” license plate, so one day he could meet Sarah Palin and tell her about it, and she could charge him her discounted Creepy Wingnut rate for a photo op. But after submitting his application, James Linlor’s request was denied by the all-powerful DMV Special Plates Committee, so now he has been forced by the Founding Fathers to file a lawsuit.

The complaint alleges Linlor requested a personalized license plate of “GOPALIN” in 2009 and 2010, but the DMV denied his applications, stating the request was “vulgar or obscene or expressing superiority of political affiliation.”

Despite the judge’s decision, the complaint alleges the DMV again denied Linlor’s request for a “GOPALIN” plate. Meanwhile, Linlor discovered the DMV had issued other politics-related license plates, including “GOGREEN,” “DMOCRAT,” “AL GORE,” “KERRY,” “EDWARDS,” “DEAN,” “HILLARY” and “RONPAUL,” while rejecting requests for “REPBLCN” and “BUSH,” the complaint alleges.

James Linlor would like to know why “HILLARY” is an acceptable license plate, but “BUSH” is not. Does the Special Plates Committee just sit around in a dungeon, making jokes about what these plates could mean? Of course, “GOPALIN” could easily be “vulgar or obscene,” because maybe it refers to Bristol Palin, and that kind of thing is gross and inappropriate for the roadways.

There is no questioning James Linlor’s love of Sarah Palin, though, as he is quite good at being the annoying victim no one really wants to hear from anymore:

Bruce Breslow, director of the Nevada DMV, said Monday he’s not sure why Linlor brought a lawsuit this month because the “GOPALIN” plate was issued Dec. 30, 2010.

[The Las Vegas Sun]

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  • nounverb911

    Where's Palin's royalty check?

  • Crank_Tango

    What does Sarah Palin have to do with vanity, anyway?

    Plate Libel!!!

  • Come here a minute

    He got his plate, but I am still prohibited from getting "TRUKNUTZ" — typical American Christian Sharia!

  • metamarcisf

    Does EATMEBRISTOL have too many characters?

    • MissTaken

      Haha. You're combining Bristol with character. She has none, silly!

    • hagajim

      Yep. Go with NOPREGHO

    • horsedreamer_1

      CPSRPRZ or CPSPRZ should work.

    • Lionel[redacted]Esq

      BJ4BJ works just fine for Bristol.

    • ChessieNefercat

      "Does EATMEBRISTOL have too many characters?"

      Not if everyone stays in line and waits their turn.

  • Callyson

    What, NAILINPALIN was too hard for this guy to spell?

    • hagajim

      Too many letters. FUKPALIN might work tho.

      • nounverb911

        Todd already has that one.

  • baconzgood


  • CrankyLttlCamperette

    Stupid people are stupid.

    • freakishlywrong

      And numerous.

      • BaldarTFlagass

        I think "ubiquitous" is the word we're looking for here.

  • freakishlywrong


  • Radiotherapy®

    3MTA3 never gets through either.

    • That bites.

    • mavenmaven

      "don't be a faggot"…

  • Pragmatist2

    He should get a plate that reads "NILAPOG".
    Palin supporters are mostly dislexic.

    • Malasarib

      They're not dyslexic… They just don't know how to read.

  • mavenmaven

    How about GOP AILING?

    • freakishlywrong

      Gahhh! Down thread! Upfist! That's how I saw it.

  • Barb

    And yet, they still let Sarah have her vanity plate:
    PMS 24-7

    • Tommmcatt

      'IQ 80"

    • I thought her vanity plate was a mirror.

      • Boehneriffic

        I thought it was $CUNT$.

      • GOPCrusher


    • tessiee


  • DangerHelvetica

    Quick, someone come up with an Urban Dictionary definition for what filthy act "gopalin" would be.

    • Crank_Tango

      Sounds like whatever it is, it would involve copious amounts of oral santorum and a raging yeast infection.

    • FNMA

      "Going palin": The act of getting wasted on wine coolers and getting knocked up by white trash in a pup tent.
      Or, See grifting.

    • quitting everything, all the time

    • MissTaken

      not sure what the sex act itself will be but it will cost you $100,000 in new underwear for her family.

    • Hanging around with has-beens. As in "Let's Go-Pal'in around with Sarah".

    • Doktor Zoom

      Pulling out halfway through.

      • Lionel[redacted]Esq

        My thoughts exactly, dear Doctor. I'm just surprised it took an hour for someone to post it.

        • Doktor Zoom

          It also has the added utility of being an ineffective method of preventing pregnancy: "You might not get pregnant if I Gopalin, but then again, you might"

    • Dudleydidwrong

      coitus interruptus
      politicalus interruptus would be redundant

  • EdFlintstone

    It wasn't the first time Sarah's been screwed against a bumper.

    • BaldarTFlagass


    • petehammer

      Or mounted with four nuts.

  • Billmatic

    I was about to say "Well, dude's got a point," before that last sentence. These people really are even whinier and oversensitive than they accuse panty waisted big city DMOCRAT as being.

    He was declined because someone already did it (sad, and sadder) and then filed a frivolous law suit against a state government. I hope he doesn't mind flushing money down the toilet.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      "I hope he doesn't mind flushing money down the toilet."

      I'm betting he's contributed to Palin's vacation campaign, so the answer is clearly "flush away!"

    • ChessieNefercat

      Hypocritical bastard probably straightened his polyester tri-cornered hat and bustled right over to the latest teatards against functioning government rally after filing his frivolous taxpayer money wasting lawsuit.

      • Billmatic

        I bet he's on Medicare and Social Security.

      • tessiee

        Yes, but it diverted money, resources, and court time that could have been spent on something *really* frivolous, like product liability or wrongful firing, so it's really OK.

        • ChessieNefercat

          I see. Downright patriotic of him, indeed.

  • JimmyCarlBlack

    "Help, I'm being repressed!" — Michael Palin.

    • BlueMonkeh

      "Now you see the violence inherent in the system!"

      (or something like that)

    • Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' license plates is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

      • littlebigdaddy

        Peasant 1: "How do you know he's a king?"
        Peasant 2: "He hasn't got shit all over him"

    • GortRay

      The Indian of the group?

    • Pat_Pending

      "Anarchist syndicalist commune!" I just wanted an excuse to type that. Carry on.

  • I'm pretty sure that this deserves a license revoking on the general principle he is a clueless botard.

    • MissusBarry

      I think this is the second time I've seen you use "botard" today and I can't help but wonder if (a) I missed a meme or something, which is completely possible or (b) this is a reference to BOCES, which seems equally possible?

      • No missing meme.

        It was a general insult used when I was a kid. More polite than the Down S Word (I don't know if IntenseDebate still bans the Palin Like Word.) I don't know where it came from though.

        • MissusBarry

          Interesting. We used it as kids with the same basic meaning, too. It came from BOCES (I believe the acronym is Board of Cooperative Educational Services), which is a NYS entity that works with public schools to provide special education and vocational training. Each location serves multiple schools to provide services that individual districts couldn't reasonably provide for small pools of students. While they do also provide a handful of other offerings, like gifted classes, they were known for the less mensa-oriented pursuits…hence botard. While my college admissions might have suffered, I've always wished I could have taken auto mechanics…it'd be nice to be the chick who can pop the hood and say more than, "yep, looks like an engine."

  • DashboardBuddha

    He doesn't know why "Bush" was denied?

    • FNMA

      He was equally confused when they denied him that Cheney plate.

      • baconzgood


      • DashboardBuddha

        Old joke: What do John Kerry and pantyhose have in common? They both irritate bush.

    • MissTaken

      I'm sure he's been denied "bush" so many times that he can't even remember why.

      • Crank_Tango

        for some reason the green thumb on your post is broken–I click and I click and it only adds the one P. #winning

        • MissTaken

          Ah shucks!

    • He shulda snatched a peek on SHRUB.

    • Lionel[redacted]Esq

      God knows I've been denied Bush enough times.

    • OneDollarJuana

      And, of course, "Hillary" was accepted because no-one associates her with sex.

  • hagajim

    How bout GRIFTER1

    • Tundra Grifter


    • GOPCrusher

      That's the plate on the Palin family 1975 Ford F-150 4×4 pickup truck.

  • SarahsBush

    "Bruce Breslow, director of the Nevada DMV, said Monday he’s not sure why Linlor brought a lawsuit this month because the “GOPALIN” plate was issued Dec. 30, 2010."


  • Tundra Grifter

    He should ask if "QUITR" is still available.

  • BaldarTFlagass

    He really wanted "GO PALIN' AROUND WITH TERRORISTS", but, too many letters, plus no apostrophes allowed.

  • orygoon

    "Bruce Breslow, director of the Nevada DMV, said Monday he’s not sure why Linlor brought a lawsuit this month because the “GOPALIN” plate was issued Dec. 30, 2010."

    I am just like that. I get exactly what I ask for and then sue the folks anyway. And yet, this guy's in the news and I am not. I'm gonna sue about that, too.

    • NorthStarSpanx

      James, don't retreat, reload and pull a Westboro Baptist Church antic – I'm pretty sure someone is gonna take a swing at you and you can then sue them for a living.

    • HistoriCat

      It's OK – you would fit well in the Republican congressional caucus.

  • bumfug

    I want one that says "GOPALIN&TAKEBACHMANNWITHYOU".

    • Can't cause that one wuz playin' on Muhammad's Radio.

  • Dude, try POOFTER, that will get past those DMV commies.

    • Lionel[redacted]Esq

      But then people will think he supports Marcus Bachmann.

  • DaSandman

    I went to my local DMV and as a test tried :BRISKET IS A LOW BORN WASILLA GUTTER SLUT.

    Picking it up on Friday :)

    • tessiee

      Really? I should think that would have copyright problems, because isn't that the title and/or content of her "book"?

  • freakishlywrong

    Anyone else read that as "GOP ALIN'"?

    • littlebigdaddy

      ANAL PIG?

      • horsedreamer_1

        GG Allin?

  • Allmighty_Manos

    Making shit up in order to play the persecuted victim — all while pulling in some sweet cash from the deal. He really is a Palin fan.

    • BaldarTFlagass

      I wonder if he has the backwards B on his cheek going on.

  • widestanceroman

    A fellow this bright should just spray paint it on the windshield to flaunt his freedoms.

    Why does he hate the founding fathers who fought so tirelessly to end slavery like this?

    • Ruhe

      He's a romantic, of course. Spray paint on the windshield would be creepy and stalkerish but a vanity plate is classy and subtle.

    • tessiee

      YOU LIE!!!

      [ya see what I did there?]

      The Founding Fathers did NOT fight to end slavery.
      They fought to force all whitefoks to have the freedom to own guns so that socialist muslins couldn't take away their freedom to HAVE slavery.

      *runs away waving arms in the air a la Chicken Little*

  • Sue4466

    What does the fact that the DMV issued the license tag 8 months ago have to do with his suit that the DMV won't issue the license tag?

    Issuance of the tag was not intended to be a factual incident.

  • Fox n Fiends

    Funny, I had no problem getting REAGANSCUNT.

  • Laughitoff22

    I thought republicans were a strictly bumper-sticker crowd? Vanity plates require too much thought…

    • Sue4466

      And they seem a little elitist.

      Though, they don't REQ GR8 spelling. So there's that.

    • BaldarTFlagass

      And money. That goes to the state. And from there, it is disbursed to undeserving Negroes and other various and sundry peoples of the brown persuasion.

      • HistoriCat

        Unlike the "message plates" – Choose life!

    • GOPCrusher

      Jesus Is My Co-Pilot.

      • tessiee

        /Southern accent/
        Can't neither one of y'all drive.
        \Southern accent\

  • does bragging about your own foolishness really qualify as "vanity"?

    • elviouslyqueer

      It's always worked for Sarah.

  • Something something all Harry Reid's fault!!!

    And libunatics, too.

    Also…Could someone in Nevada see if the SANTORUM plate is available?

    • Lionel[redacted]Esq

      SANTORUM is only available as a rear plate.

      • YasserArraFeck

        A plate of Santorum……."When you're Here, You're Family"

  • KeepFnThatChicken

    NILAPOG means "I wish that bitch would move" in Russian.


  • Not_So_Much

    Stay tuned for Palin making a victim statement on Fox in three…two…

  • Lionel[redacted]Esq

    If he really wants to honor Palin, he should file his suit and then quit in the middle.

  • CapeClod


  • dyedwool

    What, was GOTARD already taken?

  • Goonemeritus

    I love light switch lickers that voluntarily pay for the right to inform the world that they are light switch lickers. But this guy is even better he is bringing legal action to preserve his right to tell the world that he is a light switch licker.

    • tessiee

      "light switch lickers"

      Are you Crow T. Robot?

  • Nostrildamus

    Actually, GOPALIN was rejected because it lacked the legally required (TM).

  • BaldarTFlagass

    Let's see. Today's posts: 2 Bachmann, 1 Murdoch, and 1 Palin. Do I go all in, and hope for another Bachmann and Three-of-a-Kind of Krazee, or do I call check and see if another Murdoch or Palin gets dealt and hope that I can pull in the pot with Two Pairs of Pusillanimity? Decisions decisions.

    • MissTaken

      It's feeling like a Two-Fer Tuesday so my money is on another Murdoch or Palin card before the Three Of A Clown is dealt.

      • SorosBot

        It's been a while since we've some Santorum on our Wonkette; things are due to get messy and frothy here.

        • MissTaken

          We did have a bit of assfucking earlier, but it wasn't nearly frothy enough

    • Lionel[redacted]Esq

      I would be perfectly happy with a Gingrich or Mitt Fudge post as a wild card.

      • MissusBarry

        Or that guy (other than Huntsman) that nobody's ever heard of–Cooter McCreedy, Custer McCoon, something like that. It'd be fun for him to weigh in with some epic bit of public stupidity.

        • SorosBot

          Tim Pawlenty?

          • MissusBarry

            I wouldn't be able to tell them apart except that McCooter or whatever was in favor of a tax write-off for vet bills. A memorable position for a Great Dane owner.

    • jus_wonderin


  • Doktor Zoom

    I know the pain of not being able to get the vanity plates one desires. Before I put it in storage in 2006, my 1973 Impala proudly wore plates reading "VLAD," but after I got it running again last year, I was unable to renew them–someone stole my pun for their own car.

    It didn't occur to me to sue over it, though.

    • DashboardBuddha

      Vlad the Impala…awesome! I may go out an buy an Impala just to do that.

      • tessiee

        If you can't afford an Impala, you could buy a Valiant and name it Prince.

        • DashboardBuddha

          Apropos of nothing but I was once run down by a Plymouth Valiant. It's true.

          This is the last thing I saw before waking up underneath the car.

          I was 4.

    • BaldarTFlagass

      Man, I wish I had thought of doing that for my 65 sport coupe. I racked my brains for a cool plate.

      • Doktor Zoom

        I suppose I could get "VLADD" or something like that, but it just doesn't feel the same. Once I get the paint done, I may just get the name painted in small letters on the trunk lid…

    • GOPCrusher

      Could always go with "LEX"
      Google it. NSFW

    • not that Dewey

      It didn't occur to me to sue over it, though.

      Radical liberal trial-lawyer thugs and their frivolous lawsuits, something something…

      You're clearly insufficiently liberal.

  • SorosBot

    It's nice of the dude, to give the drivers behind him a warning they're sharing the road with a mouth-breathing dumbass so they should be careful.

    • MissTaken

      I've always felt that stupid people should have a tattoo on their forehead that says "STUPID". This works, too.

  • BlueStateLibel

    Wow, cry me a river, whiny teatard. And stop wasting taxpayer time and money with your stupid bullshit.

    • freakishlywrong

      I love this comment and can't stop laughing. It neatly encapsulates all the intolerable, stupid nonsense that we've had to put up with.

    • ChessieNefercat

      They need more people, especially government types to just come right out and say this. Repeatedly. As needed.

  • elviouslyqueer


  • Ruhe

    It's always imprudent to try to guess what is in someone else's mind but in this case I'm going to give it a shot: "Once I get this license plate Sarah! is going to hear about it and she'll be so overwhelmed and want to talk to me when she comes through town and we'll talk and hit it off and Todd won't be around and we'll get dinner and go back to my place and hold hands for a while and then…oh…my…God! Whew! Ok, then, I wonder who's on O'Reilly tonight."

    • BaldarTFlagass

      A lot of people tried to get next to Danny Elfman back in the day, with their "OINGO" and "BOINGO" vanity plates, but I don't think that worked either.

      • tessiee

        That's a lot of mumbo-jumbo, or perhaps hocus-pocus. They should have just offered him a piece of Hubba Bubba.

  • arihaya

    GOPAL in?

    what is he? A Hindoo ?

  • horsedreamer_1

    Dan Kaiser understands Linlor's pain.

  • cheetojeebus

    A great nation. Can't say it enough, a fuckin great nation…….

    • Come here a minute

      As in, "This used to be ______________"?

  • MrFizzy

    What's the plate say, "I'm a dumbfuck"?

  • "The complaint alleges Linlor requested a personalized license plate of “GOPALIN” in 2009 and 2010, but the DMV denied his applications"

    This is probably because the dumbass quit filling out applications half way though.

    • HistoriCat

      Probably objected to having to pay extra money for the plate.

  • elburritodeluxe

    You gotta have some Truck Nutz to drive around Nevada with tags that say DMOCRT or ALGORE on them. Might as well have LIBFAGGT on your car.

  • Steverino247

    I'm pretty sure I've seen that plate here in CA on a van. I even posted here about it.

    Yeah, here it is. May 21, 2011:

    "I have to report seeing a van with Nevada plates that read "GOPALIN" yesterday afternoon. No time to call a Predator strike, sorry guys."


  • BaldarTFlagass

    It's just as well, I'm sure the plate would have seemed a little out of place on his BMW 745i. What's that, it was going on his 1997 GMC Sierra with CB antenna, rebel flag, NObama, and "Calvin peeing on Ford logo" stickers, and mudflaps with the naked chrome girl? Oh, nevermind, carry on.

    • MissTaken

      Don't forget the gun rack!

      • BaldarTFlagass

        Goes without sayin'. Dealer installed, no less.

      • tessiee

        And at least one window replaced with a piece from a Hefty bag and some duct tape.

    • HistoriCat

      1997 GMC Sierra with CB antenna, rebel flag, NObama, and "Calvin peeing on Ford logo" stickers, and mudflaps with the naked chrome girl

      Man – that guy really gets around.

    • GOPCrusher

      And the "Everything I ever wanted to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11" tailgate cover.

  • bflrtsplk

    Nothing says, "Hi, I'm from Nevada and I'm really stupid" better than a Palin vanity plate that you sued to get after you already got permission to have it.

  • Come here a minute

    He should become a Bachmann supporter and get the plate, "GOP ALIEN".

  • mookwrthwilson

    Maybe the guy with the HILLARY plate really likes Boys Don't Cry….

    • Doktor Zoom

      Or mountain climbers?

  • whiterabid

    I once heard of a denial for the vanity plate QQQQ.

    I wonder if Nevada would allow 4QPALIN?

  • jus_wonderin

    I wonder. Would they let me get my intials? KHUNT?

  • MLite

    Vanity, vanity…all is vanity.

    • SenileAgitation

      My favorite death rattle. Don't recall who croaked after spouting it, Pope? (This post itself an example of vanity re: education. He warn't kidding!)

      • BaldarTFlagass

        If it was a Pope, he was quoting the Bahbul.

        "Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity."

        Ecclesiastes 1:2

  • MissTaken

    This is good news for bumper sticker manufacturers

  • mumbly_joe

    Of course, “GOPALIN” could easily be “vulgar or obscene,”

    Don't be silly, Blair. "Could be"?

  • AJWjr.

    For 30 years, I had I♥HEAD on my motorcycle. Never got told to send it back, though I had more than one cop tell me they thought it was sick. Now I'm in Nevada, don't want to piss anyone off…

  • GortRay

    I tried to get PALINCANSUCKMYMUTATEDMEMBER but the teatard burrocrats said it wouldn't fit on the plate. The founding flounders would scream in agony over such tyranny.

  • MissTaken

    My dad always told me to never, ever date a guy with vanity plates. This is why.

  • BaldarTFlagass

    The amazing thing is that he spelled "go" correctly.

    • jus_wonderin

      There is, of course, the alternate spelling of "Geaux".

      • tessiee

        Well, la de dah, Mr. Frenchman! — Moe Syzlak

    • ChessieNefercat

      But accidentally. Sigh.

    • SenileAgitation


  • fuflans

    to be fair, i'm not sure what part of 'GOPALIN' ISN'T “vulgar or obscene"

  • smitallica

    Wait, I'm not a lawyer. Does a car with no engine and set up on blocks in your front yard even NEED a license plate?

  • SaintRond

    That cunt.

  • thefrontpage

    Blair: Hi! How are you?! Are you a man or a woman? If you're a woman, are you cute? And if you're a woman and are cute, are you single? Just wondering. We don't know anything about you! Please formally introduce yoself to us!

  • mumbly_joe

    Well, this is excellent news for me and my personalized NOBOBAMA plates

    • DahBoner

      Bzzzzz!!! 8 letters, too many.

      How about "NOB BAMA"????

    • tessiee

      "my personalized NOBOBAMA plates"

      Don't like Bo Obama, then?

  • DahBoner

    "James Linlor would like to know why “HILLARY” is an acceptable license plate, but “BUSH” is not."

    Well James, that's because when Hillary screams at you, it feels like your Mom nagging at you. She's keeping it real.

    Bush, however is nothing but a Elitist from Connecticut with a fake Texan accent, who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. Obviously a faker.

    That's why, James. One is real and the other is a fake….

  • El Pinche


  • JackObin


  • Mahousu

    I see the guy also asked for PALIN16 and PALIN12 (or at least claims he did). Depending on how he meant that, Willow and Piper might want to steer clear of Nevada.

  • rocktonsam

    was RETARD taken?

  • zhubajie

    How about FQPALIN ?

    • ShaveTheWhales


      • zhubajie


      • tessiee


  • ttommyunger

    He could prolly get approval for "GOPALI" and it would fit nicely with the quitting trend.

  • CapnFatback

    Of course, “GOPALIN” could easily be “vulgar or obscene,”

    Sure, you've heard of that lewd old saw, "Once you go Palin, your man junk be ailin'."

  • Guy sounds like my neighbor with the "I heart palin" bumper sticker in the rear window of his car. You just know that, despite his claim that he is all for her politics, in reality he fantasizes about fucking the snowbilly grifter and probably Brisket as well.

    • tessiee

      "You just know that, despite his claim that he is all for her politics, in reality he fantasizes about fucking the snowbilly grifter and probably Brisket as well."

      Meh *shrug*, it's not like she has any other positive qualities.

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