Mouth-breathing “Fox and Friends” commentator-of-the-day Bob Dilenschneider was roving around inside the decaying asbestos filling his skull cavity when he found this bizarre string of words to complain about all the media attention on the News Corp hacking scandal: “Citigroup, great bank. Bank of America, great bank. Are they getting the same kind of attention for hacking that took place less than a year ago that News Corp is getting today?” Yes, why ARE victims and criminals subjected to a different level of media scrutiny sometimes? That is very unfair!

Dildoschneider also explains that the “real issue” is hacking, because “we’ve got a serious hacking problem in this country” in almost the same breath that he says, “Murdoch, who owns it, has apologized, but some reason the public, the media keeps going over this again and again.” This is a good point, the very fact that this is a serious issue means that by definition we should be ignoring it and everyone just move on. Normally this is what the media is very good at!

Ugh, we hope it is not possible to grow eyeball tumors just from watching teevee segments that are so freakishly cancerous. [ThinkProgress]

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