from left to right: 'snipper and snapper'/ jimbob and the rabbit for christmas best blingee on earth evar/ 'my truck is mah home' sad photoThe American Chamber of Commerce is running a photo contest on Facebook asking people to “submit a photo of the American Dream as it is embodied by your small business or a business in your community.” HUUNNHHH? Apparently this was sort of a tough assignment for folk, correctly figuring out what the words in that sentence mean. “So you want us to send you our vacation photos and blingees?” is how that sentence apparently actually reads. “SURE!” So here we go:

Here is a picture of “Oatman’s” desert hobo mansion with its American flag flying over the top and its sign out front promising to shoot everybody with guns. Do not actually ask him about his business, go mind your own damn business.

This sullen-looking young lady’s small business is apparently producing children, while “life” tries to asphyxiate her. We are not sure if this is an anti-abortion picture or a pro-abortion picture.

This man’s small business is arson, which he seems to be very good at.  He will come set your small business on fire for you, which is the new American Dream, to watch things go up in flames. Poetic/sad?


AND ONCE MORE even though it is at the top, our CLEAR WINNER from this contest is the “Alcoholic war on Xmas with JimBob and his rabbit” Blingee, for obvious reasons.

Now HurryGoVote for your favorite everyone, you only have until the end of today to waste the rest of your life on this. [Facebook; h/t Wonkette Operative “Matt N”]

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