“OMG REP TN 4 LYFE” is what Hooters girl-turned Republican Tennessee Rep. Julia Hurley wanted to carve into her desk in the state House chamber, but she only got to her initials before she saw something shiny and got distracted. And now she has to pay for her vandalism, even though she does not understand what the big deal is, you guys.

House Speaker Beth Harwell said Tuesday that Rep. Julia Hurley’s initials will be removed at the fellow Republican lawmaker’s expense.

“In the excitement of being a freshman at the end of session, Representative Hurley etched her initials into her desk,” said Harwell, a Nashville Republican.

Julia Hurley rolls her eyes and smacks her gum at this desk thing, because “It was like 1 in the morning on the last day of the session,” so she had her mind on more important things, like chicken wings and lip gloss. [AP]

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