Here is presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty so excited to talk to some young people about his huge Lady Gaga crush that he interrupts his lady interviewers’ questions to ask them what their favorite Lady Gaga songs are (starts at 1:48). We’re havin fun now, aren’t we, girls? Tim will also review Lady Gaga’s HBO special for you: he loved it, especially when Lady Gaga sings “Born This Way.” Yes, it might be a song about gay rights and tolerance, but Tim “I support a federal amendment to ban gay marriage” Pawlenty won’t let that ruin it for him. 

He just ignores that part of the song. Tim says, “if you had to limit your artistic choices to just conservatives, we wouldn’t have a lot of choices. You’ve gotta be willing to tolerate different politics,” which is usually the same thing Scott Walker says whenever he puts on his Bob Dylan collection. [YouTube via TPM]

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