War on Christmas Trees.Time and again since Barack Obama took office, “severe weather” has been blamed for the destruction of many beautiful old trees all around the White House grounds. Why does this socialist Muslim president hate our nation’s trees so much? As an example of why magazines should not have websites full of cutesy bullshit blog posts, Atlantic Monthly has this web thing jokingly blaming Barack Obama for knocking down a bunch of old elms and such, on the White House grounds, because of all the constant insane weather that has gotten much worse, nationwide and worldwide, since Obama took office back in January of 2009.

Look at this crap:

We don’t want to say there’s a secret plot to destroy the tress, or that Obama is behind it, or that he has the tacit support of the elm-hating Washington press corps. That would be irresponsible.

Ha ha, that must be irony or whatever, from Alanis Morissette. God, why can’t we have a Global Recession in media word output? [Atlantic blog]

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