she knows her American history, gold starOh, look what nonsense is filling up our inbox already this morning! Unemployed sorceress Christine O’Donnell is out and about grifting with the pros these days, hawking her new memoir that some Tea Party guy thinks you should buy out of “love and support” for this person you had almost entirely forgotten existed until she started whining to everyone again that she still does not have that job America owes her. Christine knows all about our founding fathers, probably not like some other unemployed grifters you may have heard about, and would you please reward Christine now?

Oh but hey, look what other super grifting technique Christine O’Donnell has learned from the more successfully unemployed failure queen Sarah Palin: don’t be afraid to make vague, half-assed implications to anyone who will listen that “somebody” is thinking about a presidential run, and then wait for the PAC donations to pour in full-stop. Donate to ChristinePAC, because she is thinking about not running, maybe.

it's working for sarah palin, come on

Haha,”ChristineOD.” It’s like she magically knows how we feel about her! [ChristinePAC / Twitter]

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