Did you know porno people are also on the Twitter just like Anthony Weiner?America’s political paper of record,, has yet another hot new blog story about how somebody tangentially involved in politics also has naked pictures on the Internet. If you’re a fan of low-end Web porn, you will certainly be excited about this gal, who once worked as an intern in Hillary Clinton’s field office in Buffalo!

Long ago, before she was secretary of state but after she was first lady, Hillary Clinton was one of the senators representing a vast backwater known as “New York State.” And the field offices were often staffed by unpaid, unskilled intern labor, like in Nazi Germany or Manzanar. And one of the kids who was an intern in the Buffalo office back in the day, well times are tough and they’re getting tougher, and so this young lady turned to low-end web porn to pay the bills.

This is going to be kind of a weird question, we guess, and also you have no idea who we are, as we are Wonkette Jr., but is there money to be made in this Internet porn stuff? Because we’ve kind of noticed that you can’t search for anything online without it going to free porn sites, and we are also aware that the popular hipster MySpace called Tumblr is actually nothing but a billion trillion free porn pages with no advertising or visible source of revenue. So, this is why we’re trying out for Wonkette, because we heard it pays a little better than low-end web porn.

Anyway, meet Sammie Spade XXX, everybody, if that is her real name. [Sammie Spade Twitter/TMZ]

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  • Barb

    Note to Bill:
    When Hillary calls and tells you about this, don't say "yeah, I know already."

  • jus_wonderin

    Sammie Does Miami?

  • PuckStopsHere

    Pics or GTFO. No, really. Pics! Now.

    • El Pinche

      Either she's tiny or I need to start paying attention to some of those "male enhancement" ads in my spam box:

      • LesPaultard

        She's not so small in a few of those pics. And there's nothing wrong with that.

      • PuckStopsHere

        I get those "male enhancement" ads, too. My question: How do they know?

        • flamingpdog

          Are you on a Republican Party mailing list?

    • Well, go to her Twitter and there is a link to her most recent film, Internal Injections 2. Not that I went there and looked or anything.

  • Mumbletypeg

    turned to low-end web porn to pay the bills.

    Desperate times call for desperate pleasures.

  • Goonemeritus

    Fuck you mean to tell me there is free porn to be had on this internet thing. Well now I really feel stupid for wasting so much time on Wonkette.

    • flamingpdog

      Remember once upon a time, long before the internets, the only things for free were "love" and "Huey Newton". Oh, and "chicks", but only for the youngz.

    • I'd heard about this sort of thing but never could figure out where to find it. Thanks for the leading me to some mild nudity, Jr!

    • I can't afford any more free porn. The ink cartridges are getting too damned expensive.

  • baconzgood

    What about the Sammiespades A-XXW that worked for her? What are they doing now?

  • And you thought PUMA had a hard-on before.

  • TrotskysAxe

    Apparently this Jr. hasn't been told about the Wonkette photo pages yet.

  • horsedreamer_1

    & just when Anthony thought he could put that little mess to bed & go tripping back to Huma…

  • baconzgood

    This is the kinda girl I'd take home to meet my mom….If my mom dated Rick James.

    • Barb

      She'll never let your spirits down
      once you get her off the streets

    • horsedreamer_1

      It's a shame Buffalo's own Rick James died & that Mynah Birds reunion never got to come off.

      Speaking of coming off…

    • Give me that stuff, that funk, that sweet, that funky stuff!

      • LabRodent

        I'll take the sweet but you can keep that funky stuff.

  • Curious how Sammie Spades uses Twitter?
    No, not really, but I'm guessing with her vagina?

  • Holy fuck, that woman is ugly. I'd sooner do Hillz.

    • It looks like her head is 'shopped but it's not, which is creepy.

    • THANK YOU!!! I was wondering if I was the only one.

  • jus_wonderin

    I would really like to know when Sammie dropped in to porn. Was it during Bush's recession or Obama's recovery?

    And how wlll the wingtards smear-link this on Hillary?

    • BarackMyWorld

      They'll do one better and go after the whole Democrat Party.

  • arihaya

    … America’s political paper of record,,

    this made Wonkette the leading domestic policy analysis site and NYT the most prominent supermarket tabloid of our country

    • Negropolis

      Silly, the USA Toay is the nation's most prominent supermarket tabloid.

  • SayItWithWookies

    She wanted to go into politics, but her folks talked her into doing something a little more respectable.

    • Negropolis

      It looks like the two fields have quite a bit over overlap, these days.

  • Wow–the star of "White Bubble Butts #4". That's something to put on your resume.

    • horsedreamer_1

      Makin' the brothers go nutz since 2009.

    • Nopantsmcgee

      Really, tho, after 'WBB II, Return of the Anal Beads', they were just phoning it in.

  • flamingpdog

    But does she accept the theory of evolution?

  • BarackMyWorld

    That's not Weiner's wife, right?

  • KeepFnThatChicken

    From TMZ: The star of Big Butts Like It Big #8 … and White Bubble Butts #4 says…

    I guess the money's in the sequels.

    • There's more money in the squeals.

  • Weiner missed one.

    • BarackMyWorld

      He'll sext porn stars, but possibly has enough sense to not contact the ones who possibly used to work with his wife. That'd just be awkward.

  • Rotundo_

    Egad! *Another* sexual scandal in the democratic ranks, mercy me, it must be election time. They seem to peak just before it especially when the subject is outspoken and there are a lot of eyes with long knives looking and waiting. The republicans come out just after it, some literally, some figuratively. At least it isn't a live boy/dead girl. That should pop up or out as the case may be, just after the election in the republican ranks. Republican senator/rep from flyover country with vapor locked twink in hotel room or bathroom stall. Though you never know, they might get original.

  • SenileAgitation

    Where's the coverage of medically necessary mirror surgery enthusiast super-slut Bristol claiming that wine coolers cost her virginity and being somewhat disrespectful towards the father of her child, right near Father's Day?! I hope at least sammie will encourage people to masturbate Democratic.

    • poncho_pilot

      time to sue Bartles & James.

    • MissTaken

      I know I always masturbate Democratic. I thoroughly enjoy when I "go left".

    • Sparky_McGruff

      By "wine coolers", I'm assuming you meant to say "crystal meth and brake fluid".

  • Lionel[redacted]Esq

    So, an unpaid intern from Hillary's past latter got into porn. And it is not even Lesbian Porn? Unless there are photos of her filming with Bill, how the hell is this a story. I'm pretty sure half the interns in DC have done something sordid.

  • poncho_pilot

    the Balltease Falcon?

  • fuflans

    it's good to see TMZ has a live news desk.

  • SenileAgitation

    And Sammie is making an honest living, not running a lemonade stand.

  • horsedreamer_1

    Reminds me: I'll be wearing the same pair of socks at the gym today as I have for the past eight days this week.

  • Pragmatist2

    Is she wearing a blue dress?

  • anniegetyerfun

    Thank goodness! I have to be honest, I was getting a little tired of cock.

    • Limeylizzie

      I upfisted you for that, not because I necessarily agree with your sentiments, but because I love the way that you said it!

      • frostbitefalls

        Me too, Lizzie. I don't think I could ever really get tired of it.

  • I see no reason why a career on Wonkette and a career in "what do you want me to do?" web porn are to be regarded as mutually exclusive pursuits. The sad thing is that this site's comments area will empty while the Wonkette Jr. chat line goes live. Or worse there will be confusion as to which field to enter our depraved filthy lustful regressive ravings and which to enter which sex act we'd like to see.

  • "Gal Who Interned For Hillary Clinton’s Office Is Now Doing Pornos"
    Many would consider this a promotion.

  • Callyson

    From that reliable news source, TMZ:
    Sammie says she was accepted as a 2006 summer intern at Clinton's Buffalo office … where she did miscellaneous office work, but dreamed of sporting her own power pantsuits just like Hillary.
    Sammie says, "I was planning on becoming an attorney and then going into public office" — however, a couple years later she ran into money problems, abandoned politics … and claims having sex on tape was the best way to pay the bills.
    Abandoned politics? Why? Sounds like her political career is off to a swinging start…

    • The transition from aspiring lawyer to porn star was a lateral move, I'd say.

  • Photo evidence suggests she demonstrates some capacity with teh buttsecks.

  • DashboardBuddha

    I am a devout fan of the female form, but I cannot for the life of me get excited about thongs. All I can think of is "butt floss".

    • Limeylizzie

      They are also horribly uncomfortable and , on the few occasions when I wore one, I was always paranoid that it might get unmentionable stains because they crawl right up your bum.

  • fartknocker

    She also tweeted she was watching a movie called "Trumproast." If it anything involving Donald, his Kate Gosselin shiting-seagull haircut and him performing sexual proclivities, I'll just projectile vomit.

  • Anyway, meet Sammie Spade XXX, everybody, if that is her real name.

    How could you doubt it? Mr. and Mrs. SpadeXXX of Buffalo, New York, must be so pleased with their daughter.

  • GOPCrusher

    Chick does have a probocis on her. Maybe now she can afford to get a nose job, unless that's her schtick to separate her from the rest of the porn actresses.

    • HistoriCat

      She has a nose?

  • mavenmaven

    I'd have hoped for more nekkid pictures of Huma.
    But talking about porn, anyone see Douthat's remarkably idiotic piece in the NYT? He's revealed what the goofy beard has said along- he's really a Paultard.

  • horsedreamer_1

    Has she done any orgy films? Those are most certainly sperm competition.

  • horsedreamer_1

    I see it now, a new Law & Order serial, set, this time, in the District. Sammie Spades and Jessica Cutler play the lead investigators. Det. Stabler from SVU does a cameo as his Oz character.

  • Guppy06

    Now she can intern for Clarence Thomas.

  • AJWjr.

    Based on the relative obscurity of Manzanar, even among the Wonkeratti, I'ma go out on a limb and say this particular Jr. is Shortshortshorts.

  • OldRedneck


    She says, "I was planning on becoming an attorney and then going into public office" — however, a couple years later she ran into money problems, abandoned politics … and now she says having sex on tape was the best way to pay the bills.

    So — what's the difference between going into politics and having sex on tape?

  • Obviously, it was a slow day at the Tot Mom trial, so they needed some filler. I mean, she is the star of Internal Injections #2 and all.

  • Sorry, I was too distracted by the ugly tattoo above her bush to notice the scar…not sure whether I'm hot for her, grossed out by her, or both simultaneously.

  • Guppy06

    Thanks to the standards recently established by the Democratic Party's leadership, Hillary must now resign, lest we be distracted from the politics of bombing people by the fact that someone, somewhere, had legal, ethical, and non-hypocritical sex.

  • iburl

    "…is why we’re trying out for Wonkette, because we heard it pays a little better than low-end web porn."

    You heard wrong.

  • lumpenprole

    "This is going to be kind of a weird question, we guess, and also you have no idea who we are, as we are Wonkette Jr., but is there money to be made in this Internet porn stuff?"

    This has always bothered me, esp. when the RIAA talks about how artists are going to turn their backs on all that partying and casual sex if Taylor Swift isn't paid every time someone rocks their hips to whatever she sings. Cuz, naked ladies keep getting nekkid.

  • alaninthecastro

    Let's just say this lady is a strong argument for turning "Safe Search" back on.

  • carlgt1

    wow, obviously Hillary setup Weiner with the wrong staffer!

  • horsedreamer_1

    Where's twoeightnine to tell us how good she is… in bed?

  • PostApocalypse

    "… if that is her real name."

    I once knew a guy who went by "Fritz." Turns out, his real name? Santiago Steel.

    Embarrassment. of. riches.

  • Troubledog

    She's changing her name from Kitty to Karen. She's trading her MG for a white Chrysler LeBaron.

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