like the rest of us even have a jobBarry Obama from the Block finally got around to installing the Twitter application on his Blackberry this weekend, probably after John Boehner mocked him at their Golf Summit for running around without it. The president’s account to date has been filled with dry robot White House staffer tweets that made Chuck Grassley’s Twitter feed look like a Saturday night swinger marathon. Can you spice it up, hip Obamar? No, is the answer. “Being President is not as hard as being a father” was his first tweet. Nice one, most boring person on Twitter ever. We’re glad “body odor” can let everyone out there who is a parent know that it is harder than running the world. Could we have that job leading Earth, then? Obama also apparently likes that job better than being President, which, now our feelings are sort of hurt? 

Obama is new at this, so he has still missed the point of the whole Twitter Thing. The point is not to share your feelings about your employment situation. He will have to learn to stick to twatting bland/stupid/lewd items that reporters can parrot in “news articles,” or just retweet Kanye when there’s nothing else. Or just call Sarah Palin for help, because she is already very good at this. [Twitter]

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