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Of Course Sarah Palin Made A Bus Tour Video To Ask For Cash

Sarah Palin made a dumb campaign video called “American Foundations” about her bus tour, even though she says she was not on a campaign tour. But the video ends with a title card for her PAC, so it is pretty much a video campaigning for money for Sarah Palin. The edit is a mix of her soundbites, audio from news clips of tour coverage and a few soundbites from old white people, which as we know are each crucial “American Foundations.” Sarah Palin told you how great America is and showed you pictures of herself in famous places, and now that will be a million dollars, please. This is why God made America, so Sarah Palin could make a commercial of herself talking about it. Video after the jump:

“As we go along looking at the historical sites, we’re highlighting what it is that built America, our strong foundation, in order to move forward.” Is she sure about that? Ellis Island, a place she visited, was full of immigrants who “maybe built some things in America” at one time, up until the housing crash. Does she suddenly love immigrants now? No, because she has no idea what she is saying, as usual. She just uses the backdrop of American history to teach us nothing about history but remind us that Sarah Palin exists, give her money. [YouTube via Salon]

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  1. Lucidamente1

    You know she's not gonna sit still after it came out that Gingrich spent half a mil at Tiffany's and went on a Greek cruise (insert joke here) while his (former) staff was sweating it out in Iowa.

    1. Mahousu

      She's riding a bus; he's riding a cruise ship. Neither of them is going anywhere, but who is enjoying the trip more?

    2. riverside68

      At least he had a staff, a small indicia of a grasp of actual political campaigning, as opposed to grifting.

  2. Goonemeritus

    She serves as a kind of blotter paper to soak up the extra cash of the stupid.
    Without this vital service God knows what trouble they would get into.

    1. Tundra Grifter

      One think she learned from What-the-L Michele – ask for money every time you turn around.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      & that PAC grew up to be… Private Video.

      &, now, you know — "The Rest of the Story".

  3. BaldarTFlagass

    Her staff needs to get a new video editing machine, the one they used on that clip is all fucked up.

  4. Sue4466

    Whoever coined "snowbilly grifter" completely captured Palin's life and ethos. And she confirms it over and over and over again. Also. Too.

    1. L188188

      It was probably Gryphen from "Immoral Minority"… I see a lot of his usages on this site whenever there is a Palin story.

  5. meufchelou

    "America's exceptionalism" is lending credence to someone who sees America's foundations in a clambake.

    1. PuckStopsHere

      You only saw it 'cause of $arah. So do the right thing and send her some ca$h, tightass.

  6. WABishop

    She's living the American dream, where anyone can be successful, without regard to the vacuousness of their words or the emptiness of their soul.

      1. OneDollarJuana

        Except that Ms. Hilton is doing something useful with her life: she is sponsoring a Moto 125 motorcycle racing team. This is a truly noble pursuit, unlike snowmachine racing.

  7. BaldarTFlagass

    Too bad they didn't include the shot of the bus with the "media whore" tag taped on the side.

  8. CapeClod

    I'm sure that Ken Burns is going to be furiously jealous at her skills as a documentarian.

  9. RedneckMuslin

    This bus hasn't hit an IED yet? People aren't as militant as in the 60s Ah, the good old days.

    1. tessiee

      Given the way that the women in that family drop babbys to the left and right, they…
      An I *E* D.
      Never mind.

  10. elviouslyqueer

    So, after 3:17 I can honestly say that Sarah is still completely full of shit. I would now like that 3:17 of my life back, plz.

  11. LiveToServeYa

    I love the smell of the emissions of a grifter in the morning. Smells like … despair.

  12. prommie

    You know, she actually quit her vacation early, to take a vacation from vacationing. Had to do some grifting, before gettting back to the vacationing.

  13. donner_froh

    Sarah Palin speaking words is yet another proof that a merciful god doesn't exist. Her normal voice sounds like an F-15 winding up before take-off. When she is angry or confused it approaches bat sonar range.

    1. riverside68

      Does that mean I can't hear her when she is angry or confused? Maybe I should turn on the tv and check it out.

      All those years of rock festivals may pay off yet.

    2. ChessieNefercat

      "When she is angry or confused it approaches bat sonar range. "

      Ah ha! Mystery solved!
      "Little Brown Bats Could Disappear In The Northeast What's killing them? Is it this fungus we see on the bats, the white-nose syndrome? Or is that just a symptom of some deeper problem? "

      Poor bats.

    3. brommbaer

      Oh, come on. Is she any worse, voice-wise, than the normal US lady?
      I lived in the US for five years, and I think the US ladies are lovely when the sound is switched off. I thought that US men got immunized through listening to their moms.

      1. AJWjr.

        Depends on your native tongue, I suppose, but I still haven't figured out her native tongue yet.

  14. HobbesEvilTwin

    I refuse to watch that video. Of course, I don't have to because the media that hates Palin so much will play the damn thing 24/7 for the next three news cycles.

    Damn librul media

  15. BaldarTFlagass

    The screen shot on the unplayed youtube above, with the WWI veterans: Is that a pregnant 14 year old in the foreground?

    1. LesBontemps

      Nah, that's only boo-shield Piper, 11. But 17-y-o Willow is conspicuous by her absence from this tour; if the rumors last year were true, she should be due about now.

      1. Native_of_SL_UT

        Wait, what? Piper's pregnant now?
        When will she be on Dancing With the Stars then?

      2. L188188

        Willow was driving in a local "celebrity" car race in Wasilla the other day – looks remarkably devoid of child, an unusual state for these white-trash litter-bearers.

        1. CalamityJames

          To be fair, Miss Snow Trash herself didn't seem to be showing too terribly much when she gave birth to her flat-faced grandson. Just sayin'.

    2. OneDollarJuana

      Or the beginnings of the protruding belly of the chronically malnourished. Lou Sarah's constituency.

      1. NorthStarSpanx

        Piper looks a little kwashiorkor'd @ 1:29 – works well into Sarah's upcoming Sudan trip.

  16. DaRooster

    "Even the bus has 'We the People' on it…"

    Wowee Zowee… whoopee twang. That's not news… its plastic graphics… what an American she is- Gaudy, tacky and over-voiced.

    1. ChessieNefercat

      "whoopee twang"

      Wow, this is so cool. I have never seen that phrase anywhere except for in a novel written in the late 70s about a cursed mirror and time travel. When the heroine used the term while trapped in the late 1800s, it confused the people around her. For some odd reason, one of my favorite books.

      Anyway, memories, a pleasant break from Palin 's idiocy.

      1. fuflans

        wow what is that book? that sounds like exactly the sort of antidote to the political summer season.

        1. ChessieNefercat

          Okay, I rushed upstairs to find it…
          "The Mirror" by Marlys Millhiser c.1978 (whoopee-twang p.21)

          It is, now that you mention it, a good summer read. Enjoy.

  17. Pragmatist2

    When I look at this, my first thought is "What will the title it when they make a porn version?" I am going with "American F***dations"

  18. Dr_pangloss

    Sarah Palin hijacks a bus shouting, shooting guns and ringing bells heading to Washington to take over that bad place that she wants to be in control of so bad to raid the British and warn them that they'd better be handing over their gold and whorediamonds while the lame stream media follows close behind to recored every word of wisdom from the hawkey mom and successful half term govenor of Alaska. Sarah Palin.

    Palin/Jesus 2012. Send me your money.

  19. BaldarTFlagass

    Bumpus Family Vacation film!

    (sorry, way too obscure, unless you've read your Jean Shepherd)

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      Never heard him, but when I was a kid my dad would turn me on to the short stories he wrote about his youth that were published in Playboy. That shit cracked me up.

      1. LesBontemps

        I grew up listening to Shep on WOR; I still hear Bahn Frei in my head every time he's mentioned.

  20. Mort_Sinclair

    Ugh. I was able to tolerate about 50 seconds of that video. The soft underbelly of ignorant, racist Amurka walkin', talkin', and ridin' motorciccles juxtaposed with the historic kitsch of American history. Feel like I'm Alex in A Clockwork Orange.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      I feel more like Gregor Samsa in The Metamorphosis (sorry, I'm on vacation, no italics while on vacation).

    2. Fare la Volpe

      I feel like Winston being forced to say there are really five fingers. Anything to please Sister Sarah.

  21. tihond

    Of course she's going to ask for money, Piper's Gypsy wedding isn't going to pay for itself.

  22. horsedreamer_1

    Given Paul Ryan's budget, the Olds are foundational to the American Republican interest: the savings on the retirees's earlier death, after Medicare's gone away, will hasten the transfer of tax dollars to the wealthiest of the wealthiest, in the form of tax-cuts.

  23. DaSandman

    Watch as the money flies out of the old white racists pockets and their brains seep out of their ears.

    And that's just the beginning, the movie should take them right over the cliff

  24. OkieDokieDog

    I'm not watching that crap. She'll use the # of views to tell the FOX knuckleheads how Presidential she is. See! Merika loves me! Even though 97.5% or so of those views were from Wonketeers loling.

    I'm beginning to think that maybe there is a God – all these Palins, T-Paw, Newt, Cantor, Boehner, Mittens, every GOP Governor, any politician from Okhelloma, they're all a plague of Frothy Lube sent to torment the life and/or holy hell out of us.

  25. elviouslyqueer

    Grifty Cuntbag on American nostalgic exceptionalism: "We need to remind all Americans what our foundations are."

    Yes, Sarah, back in the good old days when rich white men ran everything, happy blacks picked cotton in the fields, gays and lesbians didn't exist, and women knew their position in life was to be barefoot, pregnant, and subservient.

    1. elviouslyqueer

      Also, didn't any of the English instructors at your five colleges tell you not to end a sentence with a preposition, you vicious salmon-fucking skank?

      1. tessiee

        "didn't any of the English instructors at your five colleges tell you not to end a sentence with a preposition"

        That is the sort of thing up with which I will not put.

    2. riverside68

      You left out the part where white men could tune up any non-white male person they came across if they were feeling out of sorts, or feeling good about the day, or not feeling anything at all.

      They didn't need no stinkin' anger management classes, when they got itchy they punched someone.

      1. ChessieNefercat

        And don't forget what they could do to any non-white female they came across, for all the same reasons.

          1. ChessieNefercat

            Ah hyphens, tricky little critters. Sorry, I didn't read it the way you wrote it.

            However, your new term really is a convenient summation for them, isn't it? Any of 'em, all of 'em, make you a non-realAmerican, right?

    3. PsycWench

      women knew their position in life was to be barefoot, pregnant, and subservient
      I'm constantly amazed at women who want to return to the good old days but magically think that they will still be able to practice law, own property and manage a business.

      1. Fare la Volpe

        Phyllis Schlafly was the Queen of that form of cognitive dissonance. The woman made more money, traveled to more places, and earned more degrees than her husband ever dreamed, but that didn't stop the bitch from brow-beating any woman who dared to step outside the maternity ward.

        Oh, and just so she clearly identified herself as an irredeemable witch, she called for the impeachment of Justice Kennedy — and I wish I were kidding about this — because he voted to abolish the death penalty for minors.

    4. tessiee

      "Yes, Sarah, back in the good old days when rich white men ran everything … and women knew their position in life was to be barefoot, pregnant, and subservient."

      She'd probably be OK with the "barefoot and pregnant" part, but I don't think she'd like the "subservient" part, especially after the first time a man backhanded her across the chops and said, "Sit down and shut the fuck up, you mouthy bitch, before I kick your ass up around your ears".

      *secretly enjoying the mental picture this creates*

  26. DaSandman

    Wait, she keeps yammering about "foundations" in this horror movie trailer.

    Does she mean her Spanx?

    1. GunToting[Redacted]

      I think it's the Spackle she trowels on her mug to keep the olds thinking that she's still attractive.

  27. Respitetini

    Epic Palin stuff here, even by Our Wonkette's lofty standards. Distilled the whole Caribou Barbie phenomenon down to one phrase: "Sarah Palin exists, now give her money."

    This author needs a promotion to being someone with a name.

  28. ManchuCandidate

    Seems to me that Sarah Palin is trying to tie herself to Arthurian legend. Instead of invoking the idea that "She is the land and the land is she", she brings out the memories of the Black Nearer "It's just a flesh wound" Knight and "let's not go to Camelot Wasilla… it's a silly place."

  29. sussemilch

    Just like Paul Revere was an American Hero by warning the British, I'm going to help her campaign by donating to Democrats.

  30. DashboardBuddha

    One of my cats died suddenly and painfully yesterday so I'm sad and angry. I will now direct said sadness and anger onto this shrill disgusting cunt.

    1. elviouslyqueer

      Oh man, DB, that sucks. I've lost two furry friends this year, so I know how hard this is for you.

    2. riverside68

      Sorry about your loss

      I'm pretty sure your kitty had a good time here, they kinda won the lottery when you came along.

    3. Fare la Volpe

      I'm so sorry, DB.

      My kitty of 17 years passed away just this March, so I feel your hurt. We placed a lock of his fur on my derby boat from scouting days, set it ablaze, and let it drift down the river near our house — a true Viking funeral. May my little furry one shepherd your little furry one to his/her grand resting place in Valhalla, where the rivers run free with mice and the walls are made of extra-shreddable couch cushion.

      Stay strong <3

    4. jus_wonderin

      DB, so sorry. Anyone that diminishes the pain of this type of loss is a heel.

      I have an 8 year old Doxie, Ripley (named after Ellen Ripley in Aliens). She is my furbaby (I have a daughter). I love that dog so much and have this underlying feeling that I am going to fall apart when I lose her.

      She did get hit by a car (dumb bitch ran right in front of it). But, 6K fixed her right up. I call her the "Six Thousand Dollar Dog".

      So sorry for you loss.

    5. user-of-owls

      Ouch, that hurts. Sincere condolences Buddha and to the rest of the grieving kitties.

      p.s. Cats have dignity and self-respect. As for dogs, just consider for a moment the whole concept of 'fetch.'

      1. natoslug

        We have five dogs and one cat. When I think of dignity and self-respect in my furred friends, I consider for a moment which five I can frequently find celebrating the circle of life by eating each others' poop, and which one waits patiently by her food bowl, purring while making me walk over to pet her rather than coming to me.

        1. tessiee

          "purring while making me walk over to pet her rather than coming to me"

          That, and sitting *just* outside your reach to be petted.

    6. DashboardBuddha

      You guys rock. I wasn't looking for an outpouring of sympathy…I just wanted to rip on that ridiculous harridan. Now I feel kind of bad, but good too seeing all of your kind words. It really helps with the grieving. Buddy was a lovable knucklehead and I didn't have him long enough.

      Sarah is still a shrieking harpy, though.

    7. poncho_pilot

      my condolences. it's harder to deal with that kind of loss when you see stupid shit like this video. makes a stupid twat like Palin seem even more puerile and disgusting.

    8. fuflans

      i'm so very sorry. as with this huge wonkitty thread, my cats are my joy and it's so very hard to say good-bye.

      my avatar is my fuflans who died in 2008 (also suddenly: age nine, liver cancer). his loss knocked me out for over a year.

      on the plus side, time does heal and we now have a (maine coon) delight who is DEFINITELY his spiritual heir.

      hang in there.

    9. tessiee

      Sorry for your loss. I've been through it more than once, and though it must not seem like it to you now, the hurt does go away, and eventually, you're able to remember all the good things about your little pal.

  31. Boredw/Gravitas

    This stabs hearts. I can't believe that Sarah, of all people, would use her family vacation to raise money. Oh, wait….

    1. tessiee

      "I can't believe that Sarah, of all people, would use her family vacation to raise money."

      Sarah is a woman who would sell her own bowel movement.

  32. LesBontemps

    Jesus, the word salad is less coherent than usual. They put this thing out on purpose?

  33. KeepFnThatChicken

    Heavy gerund use, very passive voice (lots of that and is), terrible adjective agreement, too much reliance on the word "foundation," and far too much flattery for so few annotated reasons.

    She sure did a great job of kissing the Founding Fathers' and cameras' asses, but only if your education stopped when your testicles dropped.

  34. Weenus299

    It's like the Magical Mystery Tour, only without good music and with really bad costumes. The Tragical Hystery Tour.

  35. Mort_Sinclair

    Joe McGinnis from his upcoming book on Palin:

    Sarah Palin practices politics as lap dance, and we’re the suckers who pay the price. Members of our jaded national press corps eagerly stuff hundred dollar bills into her g-string, even as they wink at one another to show that they don’t take her seriously.

    Need no further elaboration.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      Journalists really are sad, unfortunate people. & I know Ken Layne will prolly terminate this remark with extreme prejudice, but, for the sake of our nation's reporters, can we get some Paxil up in this joint?

      (Why will Ken Layne delete it? 'Cause I'm sure he's against the pharmacoindustrial complex, too. Even the diabetes medicine. Especially the diabetes medicine. Just live well, & nothing will happen to you. (It's the secular-humanist's variation on "pray the sickness away". If you eat a largely vegetarian diet, drink red wine, watch Woody Allen movies, read Flannery O'Connor books, smoke a little bit of weed, listen to the Zombies, you'll be alright.))

        1. horsedreamer_1

          With the plural, I meant the journalists of whom Mc Ginnis was writing. Maybe I should have emphasized Beltway/politics beat journalists, though.

          &, now, damnit, I'm really, really jonesing for Joe Klein's Anonymous's riotous satire of Sarah & Todd.

    2. DangerHelvetica

      My bet is Sarah's response will be, "how did he see into my living room now that I have the fence up?"

    1. horsedreamer_1

      Oh, Lord, you put the littlest (female) Palin's name in the vicinity of cock. Guess who's going to get Letterman'd?

      1. ChessieNefercat

        I'll bet deep in her wizened little heart, she has no problem at all believing that President Obama is from Hawaii. No problem at all.

    1. ChessieNefercat

      "Imagine that…"Comments have been disabled for this video" "

      Well, damn. The hell with it then.

  36. Badonkadonkette

    Ever notice how the American flag looks like it's underneath her bus? I just wonder why Sarah thought it was a good idea to throw it there.

    1. ChessieNefercat

      "Ever notice how the American flag looks like it's underneath her bus? I just wonder why Sarah thought it was a good idea to throw it there."

      She's an un-American, secessionist-screwing cunt?

    2. tessiee

      You're flattering her even more than she flatters herself if you think there's ever been an idea in that big, empty, Aqua-Net sprayed noggin of hers.

  37. Sassomatic

    Aah, vapid faux patriotism. I love how this manages so be completely vague while completely free of subtlety.

  38. horsedreamer_1

    Recalls for me Joe "You lie!" Wilson's assertion that he's really a nice guy, & likes the President personally, &, hey, Ol' Joe & Michelle Obama have a lot in common: they both have family from the same part of South Carolina.

    … Oh, wait —

  39. metamarcisf

    If the cost of the video is less than a gallon of turpentine, I'm in since I'm repainting the foyer this weekend.

  40. elviouslyqueer

    3. Help pay for my go to Sudan and pretend to be Angelina Jolie fund.

    No no no. That would mean being around smelly, impoverished, hungry blacks, which will just not do.

    1. tessiee

      Depends upon her definition of "pretend to be Angelina Jolie"; it could just mean getting her lips and boobs done and then have sex with Brad Pitt.

  41. horsedreamer_1

    I hope Lou Sarah makes it to London, & while she's there, takes in a West Ham United game. The boosters should be especially homicidal worked-up, now, after being relegated.

  42. GunToting[Redacted]

    I think you need to be acquainted from something before you can take a vacation from said thing.

    1. riverside68

      Logic smogic

      She lives in the top superstructure of America: Alaska

      She vacationed in the celler, where the foundation are. (Someone told her foundations have a lot of money, and they just give it away.)

  43. PsycWench

    O/T: I would like to thank the downfist troll for facilitating bonding and mutual caring among Wonketteers. Nothing will pull a group of people together like a common enemy, and I now feel a sense of genuine affection for my fellow posters that might have been less evident to me in your absence.
    But, still, fuck off.

      1. tessiee

        I would guess that the things that he/she doesn't realize are as numerous as the grains of sand on a beach.

    1. elviouslyqueer

      Hmmm. Apparently my calling out the downfister has raised his ire. I'm now being followed stalked by "Jared Lee Libunatic" who, among other things, claims that Democrats were the ones who slashed Medicare and thus killed scores of grandmas including his own. *joy*

  44. hagajim

    “As we go along looking at the historical sites, we’re highlighting what it is that built America, our strong foundation, in order to move forward. rewriting it in as simple and moronic a form as possible, because we're imbeciles.”

    There – fixed.

  45. MrFizzy

    I would like to see what Sarah would do with that one – showing the flag to the Japanese to warn them not to take away American guns.

  46. jus_wonderin

    I think it could be considered a "busman's holiday" where she does the exact same thing on her "vacation" that she does all the other days of the year…creates word salads, makes no sense, gets all up when someone questions her, gets defensive and goes on air to explain what she meant to say, and…yes, grifts.

  47. ChessieNefercat

    "All the quick-cuts, I didn't see, was there a shot of the Marines putting up the flag on Iwo Jima? "

    Kind of. I think it was a shot of the Palin clan putting up a flag on Mt. Rushmore just as their ancestor, the great American President George Quincy Jefferson Arnold did during the War of Western Aggression. But it was awfully quick, so I can't be sure.

  48. DustBowlBlues

    Grifting has become an art in the Repubtard party. How many of them currently have no visible means of support other than the "campaign" funds people give them. And when are the morans writing those checks out of their little social security direct payment accounts going to figure out that they could afford double the packages of Fritos they enjoy now, or maybe have their scooters tricked out to look extra cool at the WalMart, if they quit supporting these loafers?

  49. ChessieNefercat

    "Can someone please tell me what the fuck she took a vacation FROM?"

    Her own screeching hell-voice?*

    *Bearing in mind she's not too bright.

  50. orygoon

    Set in this history-lovin' backdrop, I nominate Sarah Vowell to run for President (or anything) instead of Sarah Palin.

  51. user-of-owls

    Looking at that front-frame on the video with the doughboy and Palin triggered a thought:

    Do we have any old canisters of mustard gas laying around? Just sayin'.

  52. ChessieNefercat

    In ascribing the possibility of being able to empathize with another human to downfister dipshit, you are anthropomorphizing him/her/it.

    But your point is well-made and entirely true!

  53. DaRooster

    “As we go along looking at the historical sites, we’re highlighting what it is that built America…"
    "… and then at each one I will make some moronic statement and tards everywhere will change any and all online documentation to reflect the stupid shit that spills from my mouth… oh, and.. DERP!."

  54. jus_wonderin

    Whenever I see or hear her I am left with this thought. Why did the castaways of Gilligan's Island not throw Gilligan and a half ton of coconuts into one of Lovey's oversized steamer trunks and drop him into the lagoon on the far side of the island????

    1. Gleem_McShineys

      Hmmm… The only theory I can come up with is then Skipper would start coming to one of the other characters for his abusive chokey-time buttsecks. You know it had to be going on.

      So, let's see, this is going to take a lot of work, like oh so much wax on a certain little buddy's poopdeck…

      Um, so, allegorically, the Koch-type Republicans (the scheme-hatching, farther-sighted, wealthy, more rational ones, symbolize the rest of the castaways here) allow Palin (symbolized by Gilligan, the complete idiot) to live on, which keeps the Tea Baggers (symbolized by a rapey Skipper) distracted and/or sated. If they were left to their own devices, The Baggers might start storming in and upset all their Kochtastic plans …?

    2. genxr

      Little known fact: Gilligan was the smartest castaway. There he was, a young guy trapped on an island with Ginger and Mary Ann, and every time the Professor was about to get them rescued, he would somehow screw things up, thus ensuring another week of threesomes.

    1. tessiee

      If anyone on earth who wasn't Silly Sarah were in charge of collecting the donations, I'd at least consider it.

  55. Left_Leftie

    I's not ALL old white people. I noticed THREE strategically placed black people and one Rodriguez.

  56. bflrtsplk

    Those paying $10,000 or more for the video receive the extended version that includes Ted Nugent's "killer" guitar solo for "Kiss My Glock."

  57. Eve8Apples

    The GOP loves the invisible hand of the free market. The hand is always extended, eagerly waiting to receive a roll of Benjamins.

  58. GOPCrusher

    As one of the few people in this country that is still gainfully employed, its especially painful for me to see this creature, that has no skill set or verifiable employment, joy riding around in a bus, AND PEOPLE GIVE HER MONEY TO DO IT!
    What the fuck is wrong with this country?

  59. lumpenprole

    I'll start a think tank and get you set up with a Derp Thinker title. We'll print lots of books together!

  60. Toomush_Infer

    "in touch with our nation's history…" or, putting the touch on our nation's history, take your pick….anyway, if half the nation has an I.Q. under a hundred, that's her base…

  61. Buckminster

    The only foundation this woman might remotely be acquainted with is a woman's undergarment, such as a girdle. Love how they just keep repeatin' and repeatin,' sort of like a bad taco.

  62. Buckminster

    For someone who expresses such a passion for American history, she seems to have read little about it. Come on, Sarah, at least scan the commemorative plaques before opening your trap!

  63. mavenmaven

    Did she call Washington DC "the belly of the beast"? Is that what a patriot says? Is she actually the enemy?
    Hanoi Sarah!

  64. sarjo

    Stay strong, brother! Glad to see you LOLing, instead of ROTFSYEO (rolling on the floor sobbing your eyes out, that is).Tell Buddy to keep his eyes peeled for Rassy and Peppy, my dearly departed bad-ass goofs.

  65. mog253

    Then you know it's empty! Now scoot back to Alaska where you probably seem smart. And take your stinky bus with you.

  66. AlaskaGrrl

    Never watch or listen to this waste of flesh anymore. It's always the same, "Blah blah blah, America, blah blah blah, God, blah blah blah, ME!, blah blah blah, send money."

    Eventually everyone but the clinically brain dead will figure out that they aren't getting anything new. We'll know when she is finally over when some one in the crowd of her supporters shouts out "Show us your tits!"

  67. BZ1

    '…and do want to restore what's right about 'merica", isn't that what's "Left" of 'Merica after the slobbering class got to do their thing…

  68. Tundra Grifter

    "Americans for Prosperity" has announced: "This week, from America's heartland in Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri, AFP Foundation launched our Running on Empty Tour."

    Personally, I would say "Running on Empty" is an apt description of the GNoP field of Presidential candidates.

  69. mourningnmerica

    Jesus Fucking Christ, maybe she will choke to death on a sandwich, or something.

  70. mourningnmerica

    Even in her OWN video, she sounds like she is really stupid. Do you know how much you can do with editing? Yet still, she sounds like a fucking idiot.

  71. ttommyunger

    Ha ha, Wonkette! Nice try! No fucking way I'm going to click on a Palin vid. Why do we keep reading/hearing about this worthless cunt? I haz confused.

  72. tessiee

    "I am starting the Save Our Way of Life PAC."

    I think George on "Seinfeld" already did that.

  73. Moonbat

    Grift 'em up! Cash 'em out!
    Grift 'em up! Cash 'em out!
    Bus Ride!

    Grift 'em up…
    Cash 'em out….

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