Sarah Palin made a dumb campaign video called “American Foundations” about her bus tour, even though she says she was not on a campaign tour. But the video ends with a title card for her PAC, so it is pretty much a video campaigning for money for Sarah Palin. The edit is a mix of her soundbites, audio from news clips of tour coverage and a few soundbites from old white people, which as we know are each crucial “American Foundations.” Sarah Palin told you how great America is and showed you pictures of herself in famous places, and now that will be a million dollars, please. This is why God made America, so Sarah Palin could make a commercial of herself talking about it. Video after the jump:

“As we go along looking at the historical sites, we’re highlighting what it is that built America, our strong foundation, in order to move forward.” Is she sure about that? Ellis Island, a place she visited, was full of immigrants who “maybe built some things in America” at one time, up until the housing crash. Does she suddenly love immigrants now? No, because she has no idea what she is saying, as usual. She just uses the backdrop of American history to teach us nothing about history but remind us that Sarah Palin exists, give her money. [YouTube via Salon]

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