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Shocker: Another Weiner Politician In Trouble For Sexy Behavior

no, we didn't mean these kinds of weiner pixMove over, Anthony Weiner scandal, there is a new Weiner sex scandal in town. It’s not like God was ever going to let us go another six hours without another Weiner joke. So here we go again: in New Mexico, Bernalillo County Commissioner Michael Weiner is in trouble for saying creepy things to a lady staff member, which, whatever, WHERE ARE THE WEINER PIX. New Mexico Democrats are calling on Weiner to resign, because Weiner is a weiner, etc. We look forward to reading about a third installment tomorrow morning probably, so the New York Times can do a “What’s the Matter With Weiners?” trend piece.

From KOB.com:

Wiener admitted to telling a joke about having a Wiener and a Johnson on the County Commission, but says when he told a woman staffer she was “looking good,” he was talking about her office decor and not her appearance.

New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman Javier Gonzales said Commissioner Weiner has created a very hostile offensive environment for employees to work in, time and time again.

Right, that’s terrible and stupid, but WHERE ARE THE PIX. This is not an actual Weinergate Brand Sex Scandal until there are weiner photos, because that is how this works. [KOB.com via Wonkette operative “Luke J.”]

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    1. GOPCrusher

      Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener.
      That is what I'd truly like to be!
      Cuz if I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener.
      Everyone would be in love with me!

    2. OneDollarJuana

      Sometimes a wiener is just a wiener.

      But, sometimes it's a sanctimonious prick.

  1. horsedreamer_1

    Michael really should have learned to control his thoughts when presented with a colleague eating flautas.

    1. BornInATrailer

      Well, by the latest headlines I guess this is "ask and ye shall receive" though for Tony.

  2. hagajim

    This isn't Weinergate….its WeinerHotelgate….there are so many rampant weiners in America we ought to outlaw them – like the browns.

      1. Lascauxcaveman

        It did not happen on a boat!
        It did not happen with a goat!
        It did not happen here or there!
        It did not happen anywhere!
        It did not happen, Sam I am sorry if anyone was offended.

  3. SexySmurf

    says when he told a woman staffer she was “looking good,” he was talking about her office decor and not her appearance.

    When he said she has "nice knockers," he was admiring the antique door knockers she collects. And when he said "nice melons," he was complimenting her gardening skills. And when he told her "nice jugs," he was talking about her big tits.

    1. GOPCrusher

      Nice jugs? In New Mexico, maybe he was talking about her collection of Anasazi Era pottery?

  4. SnarkoMarx

    When will there be an investigation into the behavior of politicians named John Thomas? Too high-brow for Duhmerica to make jokes about?

  5. CliveWarren

    Isn't it eerie that all politicians named Weiner seem to be creepy? Imagine if all politicians named Bush were complete fuckups…

    1. __kth__

      Yes, it's quite the stretch, isn't it?

      (Snark amplification provided for the snark-impaired, which intermittently includes myself)

    1. anniegetyerfun

      You know what would be weird? If Trouble had turned out to be a really sweet, good-natured little dog.

  6. weejee

    Twat's wrong with 'Murica? I cunt bare anymore unrepentant wiener escapades. It is hitting too hard, and could lead to a dickshun.

  7. Lascauxcaveman

    Making a big deal about it? Is he a Democrat? Then they damn well better make a big deal about it!

  8. harry_palmer

    Cheney was named Dick because even his mother knew. This guy was named Weiner so everyone else would.

  9. Arken

    Since when is saying 'looking good' sexual harassment even if he did mean her physical appearance?

  10. JoshuaNorton

    Jeeeezusss! They can't speak of it and simulaneously can't stop talking about it.

  11. freakishlywrong

    This is why women don't get in to this type of trouble. We don't have last names like "Vagina".

  12. neiltheblaze

    I don't know what's worse about this – that Anthony Weiner is a juvenile doofus, or that the American media are a pack of juvenile doofii.

        1. neiltheblaze

          OK you guys – fine – but if they start showing each other their pee-pees, don't blame me.

  13. LesBontemps

    an actual Weinergate Brand Sex Scandal

    I long for the days when a sex scandal actually involved sex. Damn you, interwebz!

    1. LesBontemps

      Yes, but if the two married one would be Michael Savage Weiner and the other Michael Weiner Savage; alternatively, both would be Michael Weiner Weiner, so win/win/win/win.

  14. PsycWench

    "I'm really sorry anybody was offended"
    This must be on Page 1 of the Republican Playbook, but he omitted "if" to throw us off.

  15. Gopherit

    But did he leave any pubic hairs on her beverages? That's the sign of a skilled player.

  16. DahBoner

    At least Nuevo Mexican Weiner didn't tweet his weiner.

    He sexually harassed women the old fashioned way:

    Drunk, dirty, unshaven, sitting on a horse, shooting guns in the air….

      1. DahBoner


        And most people don't know a 1970's disco song was written to commerate Paul Revere's drunken ride, called "Ring My Bell"…

  17. WhatTheHolyHeck

    It is deeply unfair that this is happening in June, when we can't rename the month in a distinctly puerile way.

  18. Mumbletypeg

    told a woman staffer she was “looking good,” he was talking about her office decor and not her appearance.

    Probably should ease back on the carpet-matching-drapes remarks, friend. Until you've refined your 'subtle' innuendo-laden repartee, err on the side of sensitive. [Maybe you'll find the chicks actually dig that, too.]

  19. Toomush_Infer

    fer chrissakes – I've had it with these wimpy democrats, Tweety, and the rest of my fellow Wonkettes – Weiner's my hero! He's done what half the internet does every day, and lived to cry about it….go soak your tiny heads…those who have 'em…

  20. RedNM

    Weiner said part of his personality is his humor.

    "It's gotten me in trouble. Nothing I ever did was vicious. I'm really sorry anybody was offended, and it won't happen again. Things will be different around here, I will be much more careful," Weiner stated.

    Last March leaders of Albuquerque's black community criticized Wiener for forwarding a racist email joke to other county officials. Wiener apologized repeatedly for it.

    Note the multiple spellings of his last name.

  21. ttommyunger

    This "Joking on the Square" bullshit is the lamest of all scoring attempts. Man up, motherfuckers, if you run up on a supremely fuckable item, move in, state your intentions and take the risk. She'll either be offended, flattered (most likely) or receptive. Remember assholes, "Faint heart never won fair maiden."

  22. ThundercatHo

    Ok, that's it. No more politicians named Weiner. They all have to change their name to Boner or Koch.

  23. DemmeFatale

    My brothers' version:

    "There's a skeeter on my peter,
    Whack it off, whack it off."
    (You boys and your weiners! Sheesh!)

  24. metamarcisf

    The bottom line is, it ain't a joke if it ain't funny. Give me the name of one right-wing comedian. This piece of shit is racist but if you call it a joke, then I'm offended. As a comedian.

  25. Mahousu

    Obviously that joke can't be racist, since it calls them "African-Americans." If he had used the "n" word or something, it'd be different, but this seemed fine to him.

    The best part of that story is that he sent it to the director of prisons, not long after there was a brutal beating of an African-American inmate at the Bernalillo County jail. Talk about timing!

  26. FraAnima

    Headline in the New Mexico Independent:

    "Independent Probe Clears Wiener…"

    No, really.

  27. Lascauxcaveman

    Well, if you're gonna tell a filthy, racist joke, tell a whopper. That one's a whopper.

  28. WriteyWriterton

    I suppose I could call all of this purported journalism about politicians' sexual peccadilloes "a race to the bottom," but that would create/invite more problems/stupid jokes here than it would avoid/prevent.

    So, I call…Race to the Bottom!

  29. MaxUdargo

    Look "Mr. Weiner," your name itself constitutes sexual harassment. Having to say, "Good morning, Mr. Weiner" creates a hostile, offensive environment for your coworkers. Just stay home and out of trouble. And if you go to the grocery store to buy hot dogs, for God's sake pay with cash.

  30. WriteyWriterton

    [In movie-preview-narrator's voice] "In a world full of reasonable human beings…"

  31. WriteyWriterton

    A "pop-up for Siemens"? Apop-up for Siemens?

    Have you no shame, sir? At long last, have you no shame?

  32. poncho_pilot

    eh, seeing Anthony Weiner's weiner would still be better than seeing Chris Christie's helicopter.

  33. weejee

    Trying to keep with our current 100% weiners all the time meme, out here in the Soviet of Warshington Repube Rob McKenna (and 100% certified weiner) has announced he is running for Gov. We Evergreen Staters are proud to have kept the Rs from the governor's mansion longer than any other state – since 1985. But we're thinking that 25+ years is chump change, and we want to keep the Rs wandering in the political desert for a full Biblical 40 years. So iffin' you have access to any McKenna weiner pictures or Foleyesque emails to Brownies or Cub Scouts, please forward them to Wonkette Jr. for posting here on our Wonkette.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  34. GOPCrusher

    That's just having a mature discussion about race in this country. Because everyone knows that those darkies are all criminals.

  35. user-of-owls

    There's only two ways this trend can go: stale or global. It might get some legs if it goes the latter, e.g.,

    I. Van Dyck (Netherlands);
    Mai Dong (Vietnam);
    Luca Mapini (Italy);
    Imre Liebült (Hungarian)


  36. DrBobNM

    I wouldn't put anything past the politicians in New Mexico. From either side of the aisle.

    and when has it been harassment to tell someone they are looking good? Crazy PC world we live in.

    1. metamarcisf

      It'd be okay if the lady in question had felt comfortable telling Mr. Wiener, "Thanks pal and you look like a shit sandwich". But she'd would've been afraid of being put on admin leave.

  37. unclejeems

    Hell, everybody knows you put mayonnaise on a dachsund. Catsup is for les bichons frises.

  38. muddypolitics

    At least New Mexico Rep. Martin Heinrich (D) told me he forgives us for giving so much attention to the Palin publicity bus tour, Tweinergate and The Donald's "march of the birthers" campaign, because obviously CONGRESS isn't doing anything that merits the attention of the media or the public >> Confessions of a Politics Junkie: Heinrich Forgives : http://j.mp/l9gK6b

  39. BZ1

    How hard would you have to look to find a Repub with the name Weiner who also has a wiener problem? BTW, his bio shows that he made his acting debut in two episodes of the TV show “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol.” That alone would leave me at a loss for words…

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