'Uh, yeah, Joe Biden here. What the hell did you call about, anyway, ya knucklehead?'So what’s Delaware Devil Joe Biden up to this week, while Barack and Michelle are rocking out with the Queen in England and crashing their limo into Ireland and pounding Guinness? Poor Joe is just stuck with a stack of Obama’s “while you were out” messages, and he’s got to call everybody back! Bummerz.

(And by “Delaware Devil,” we mean Delaware’s less popular version of neighboring New Jersey’s “Jersey Devil.” We do not mean Joe Biden is the Devil. Cheney already confirmed that Paul Ryan is the Devil. Are we all caught up? Presto, we are all caught up!)

Anyway, poor Joe.

Michelle Obama, meanwhile, is having a very glamorous time in Merrey Olde Englande. She even got to meet Shelley Duvall, for some reason. [White House Flickr]

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