I’ve Got Friends In Jihad Places

  harriet miers

Ahh! Scary ghost!Here’s some hott Harriet Miers news from the nation’s top Harriet Miers blog: She’s now working as a lobbyist for Pakistan! Cool! Dealing with terrorist-coddlers like Pakistani officials is pretty much just as bad as working with Antonin Scalia, so President Obama should totally appoint her to the Supreme Court again. Just look at Pakistan getting off the hook for abetting Osama bin Laden. She’s earned it!

She is registered lobbyist for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan President and co-chair of the PPP Asif Ali Zardari. Miers even reps Zardari’s kids, according to her Justice Dept. filing.

She began working for Pakistan, a $75K a month account for LLS, in August 2008 during the wind-down of Bush II’s second term.

Is there some way we could also implicate her in this funny old Cindy Sheehan sex scandal we came across? That would be great. Retro Day!

Welcome Back, Harriet Miers, Pakistan Lobbyist [O'Dwyer's]

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