Obviously.This is according to our Google for “enemy of democracy,” not your Google, but whatever:

1. Jon Stewart
2. America
3. WikiLeaks
4. Barack Obama
5. George Soros
6. Oil
8. Ibrahim Babangida’s 1993 presidential election result annulment speech
9. government secrecy
10. Love, as practiced by the Thai
11. Islam
12. Israel
13. this guy, when he’s wearing his Halloween costume
14. government secrecy
15. the West
16. judges
17. Wisconsin state government
18. Islam
19. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari
20. Jon Stewart
21. theocracy
22. political assassination
23. Jon Stewart
24. free speech
25. corporate power

Obviously, it’s either Jon Stewart or that guy in the Halloween costume.

This is an illustration of how everyone in politics basically gets along and can come to easy solutions these days with out stabbing the evil out of one another. Pretty soon one of the sides is going to just win everything, we think! [Google]

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