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  1. carlgt1

    well at least it's for a good cause, too bad the camera didn't drop lower though…. ;-)
    but she has 5 o'clock shadow in her armpits?

  2. Troubledog

    Only thing I want to hear from Meghan McCain is "Here are my keys; keep the drinks coming, will your friends be here soon?"

  3. elviouslyqueer

    Meh. I won't be impressed until I see the prostate cancer PSA featuring Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and The Situation.

      1. elviouslyqueer

        Oh, I would never wish prostate cancer on anyone, so it would have to be anti. But the tagline would have to be "Four of America's Biggest Assholes Agree; Get Your Prostate Checked Early!"

    1. Beck_is_Trig

      Thanks for giving me nightmare material…although a PSA of all the above triumphantly announcing they have prostate cancer would be sort of a dream, but the images would be a nightmare; the paradox is confusing….

  4. edgydrifter

    I'm going to be thankful that this wasn't a video of Newt naked on a roof, because I'm an optimist like that.

  5. deanbooth

    I would not have recognized her. The only pictures I've ever seen of her have been on Wonkette, so maybe it's the camera angle or lack of pachyderms.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      As with Megz Mc Cabe, BackroomCastingCouch (a frequent contributor to this site of which you speak) is located in the Greater Phoenix Area.

      Now, I wonder, what's Megz nom d' spooge.

  6. memzilla

    Hmmm… doesn't this discriminate against orange-faced Rethuglicans? Oh right… that's the nicotine. Carry on, then.

  7. BaldarTFlagass

    Can't watch here at work, but from the stills, I must say that Christie Canyon has held up well.

  8. FNMA

    Maybe she'll skip the "acting," and get right into the alcoholism and shoplifting thing.

  9. GregComlish

    I'm a proponent of multiculturalism in general, but the fact is that black people are generally not at risk for skin cancer. My apologies to Vanessa Huxtable, but this is one of those things that really just comes down to the color of your skin:


    Embracing diversity doesn't mean pretending that everyone is white.

    1. Arken

      I think you're confusing 'not at risk' with 'at a lower risk.' Anyone can get skin cancer. Having a lot of melanin makes it less likely for you to be at risk for it, but it does not make you immune.

    2. mavenmaven

      This is a dangerously false myth. African Americans have a HIGHER incidence of cutaneous lymphoma than the general population, and while the absolute number of melanoma diagnoses is lower, they are more likely to present with advanced disease than non-AAs. (this is what I do when not commenting on wonkette).

      1. GregComlish

        Maybe you could change my mind with data, but for now I respectfully disagree with your perspective. I find your argument akin to saying that men are the most at risk for a certain form of breast cancer. It might be true, but it doesn't change the big picture that breast cancer is generally a women's health issue and not generally a men's health issue. In our case, the big picture is that the incidence rate of skin cancer for Caucasians is an order of magnitude greater than the incidence rate for people of African descent.

        1. mavenmaven

          Again, that is not the case for cutaneous lymphoma, which is more prevalent in African-Americans than in whites, and while melanoma is less common it is not zero, and tends to be more aggressive in those patients. Besides, are you arguing that men shouldn't support breast cancer research or women support prostate cancer research? We work on gastric cancer here even though it is more prevalent in Asia. From my perspective, as humans, we have responsibilities for one another even if I personally will not likely develop breast cancer.

          1. GregComlish

            That is a distortion of my argument.

            I broadly support medical research. I support breast cancer research even though I am male. I just don't get mammograms because I'm not at-risk. And I think that the protective power of Melanin largely obviates sunscreen.

            I would, however, support a public awareness campaign to tell at-risk populations about the dangers of cutaneous lymphoma.

      2. Left_Leftie

        Is cutaneous lymphoma prevented by wearing the proper amount of sunscreen? My wikipedia research does not answer that question. This is a snark-free honest question.

        1. mavenmaven

          Probably not, unclear what the aetiology is, but T cell lymphomas are more common among certain populations, for example, ATLL is primarily seen in Caribbean and Japanese patients. Why? No one really knows. But there have been dramatic breakthroughs in treatment options for these patients over the last few years (non-chemo!) , all based on novel therapies and research.

    3. Beck_is_Trig

      Yes, but even reduced risk means they can still get it, so an information session about skin cancer is worthy. This isn't like sickle-cell anemia where ONLY black folks and Arabs seem to develop it (if I remember my biology). A video involving white people with sickle-cell would be as you say, useless diversity because honkeys can't develop it. So, I understand what you're saying, but black folks aren't immune so letting people know this at least gives them information even if the risks via probablity of occurance are indeed less.

    4. sezme

      Thanks for the data. With melanoma death rates of up to 5 in a population of 100,000 for the highest risk group (white males), I think I'll take my chances with the bad ol' sun and soak up that sweet, sweet vitamin D. And for black women, yeah, the risk is less than negligible. This is not a dangerously false myth, according to numbers.

  10. Pop_Socket

    I wish I had thought of putting "Topanga Naked" in my blog. I'm still getting hits from the time I mentioned "Miranda Cosgrove" and "The Naked Brothers" in the same post. There are a lot of pervs out there.

    1. Beck_is_Trig

      Hah…yes there are although I don't know who any of these women aside from Megs, Brandy and the less attractive Huxtable girl are. So, while I can think of more than once on the video where I woulda said "okay, demonstrate HOW naked" I wouldn't say it's because I lusted over them as a kid; I just like seeing titays when the opportunity presents them. But yeah, your central thesis is correct, there are A LOT of pervs online.

  11. BlueStateLibel

    But isn't that tough, hardened, over sun-exposed look very chic among Repub women? Megan is a RINO!

  12. Weenus299

    OMG Tempest Bledsoe! Have the sudden urge to watch the Cosby Show after the wife goes to bed.

    1. Beck_is_Trig

      That's why the camera stays neck high, kinda sucks. I mean if I'm going to be brought in by a promise of nude Megs, I'd at least like to see her good friends/ways to get out of traffic tickets or it's just not worth the effort to click over.

  13. MinAgain

    I was wrong. The Real Housewives of Osama bin Laden is not the worst reality show evah. This is.

  14. Redhead

    So THAT'S how we found Bin Laden – forced detainees to watch Tits McCain take it all off until they got eye cancer and caved, giving us his location!

  15. XOhioan

    Meghan was actually shielding herself from Cindy's laser eyes. Those things will kill you.

  16. user-of-owls

    Topanga, Moesha, and Meghan McCain Naked On Rooftop

    …and the bartender says…

  17. fuflans

    i don't know who any of those people are except meghan mccain and that is only because of wonkette.

    i am pathetic.

  18. El Pinche

    Hahaha, I'm alone in the meeting room. After lunch, someone's going to get the wet spot.

  19. J Rbt. Oppenheiner

    These girls could be baggers at the Safeway for all I know. "Cept for Megan, I've never heard of any of them. Should I have?

  20. J Rbt. Oppenheiner

    20 people a day? That's all?

    Well, 5400 kids die a day from diarrhea worldwide. There's your perspective for the day.

    1. Beck_is_Trig

      Thanks for the mood whiplash….I go from thinking "why doesn't that Fishel girl move her hands?" and thinking the camera should pan down at least a foot on naked Megs to….diarrhea. You officially get the prize for giving me the biggest mood whiplash for today….

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