Ken always goes for the bad boy.
That state attorney general who “won” at being the first to defeat Obamacare in his state apparently would like to be beamed up to heaven very quickly so he can go be one of Osama bin Laden’s “Virginans,” which sounds like a cross between “virgin” and “vagina” and “trans.” Wow, what a combo! Whatever your weirdest sex fantasy is, Ken Cuccinelli just topped it.

According to Jason Linkins, Cuccinelli may be “referencing” this ancient Internet chain-letter “joke” about Virginians meeting bin Laden in heaven. But this still doesn’t make sense. Ken Cuccinelli desperately wants to be dead? Somebody put him on suicide watch! He’s gone emo on us! (Something he shares with his new lover?) Just be careful not to give him any health care, because he HATES health care and that will probably just make him more suicidal.

Cuccinelli then responded to the people making fun of him on Twitter, assuming those accusing him of making a typo just didn’t understand what a “Virginian” is:

Why does Ken have to deal with such plebes? Don't they know English? Pshaw.

Yes, Ken Cuccinelli is so hubristic that he didn’t even go back to read his tweet and see that it was INSANE and DID include a typo, he just assumed that everyone was too dumb to know what a “Virginian” is. Also, doesn’t everyone want to get ass-fucked by Osama bin Laden in another dimension of existence? Something you can tell your grandkids, at least. [Twitter/HuffPo]

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