Worthy of at least 1,000 PulitzersExcuse our youthful curiosity, Fox Nation, but what is this delicious-sounding Gay Pressure which you speak of? Is it similar to peer pressure, just with tons more “penis”? Maybe! Or maybe it is an ancient Chinese Homo-Puncture technique that relieves “back” problems? Please help us solve this gay mystery in the comments section!

Haha, and look! This news article originally appeared in the commie New York Times, under the headline, “Law Firm Won’t Defend Marriage Act.” No mention of America Under Gay Pressure? Good gravy. Predictable liberals with their misleading headlines.

♫This is our last dance ♫
♫ This is ourselves ♫
♫Under Gay Pressure ♫
♫ dum dum dum dee dee dum dum ♫

Thank you to Wonkette operative “Luke” for this weird Fox News headline! [Fox Nation]

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