It’s been a long time since members of Congress had any chance of swaying a colleague’s vote. It’s been even longer since they could do it with the strength of their rhetoric. Why do we even have a floor of the House anymore? Just let members of Congress works from home and send votes from their smart phones. They can do it while they’re having sex in rest-stop bathrooms! They’ll like that! We don’t need the Capitol. Sell it. You can probably get good money for it. Those lobbyists are always looking for more space. DEFICIT FIXED.

So here is Rep. Joe Crowley with a little “speechless” routine. We get it! Everybody needs to do this now so they can put it on their YouTube and become Internet famous/get campaign contributions! But this sort of thing is best left to Anthony Weiner, who actually gets a little creative.

Oh, and Zach Galifianakis.

[YouTube via Wonkette operative “David G.”]

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