A post on this page satirizing Sarah Palin using her baby as a political prop was very badly done and sounded like the author was mocking the child and not just Sarah Palin/Sarah Palin’s followers.

The writer, Jack Stuef, has apologized for it. And we have decided to remove the post as requested by some people who have nothing to do with Sarah Palin, but who do have an interest in the cause of special needs children. We apologize for the poor judgment.

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  • WinterOuthouse

    If you sat on a plane when you are leaking flluid, instead of being in a hospital delivering, and crossing your legs to hold 'it' in… What do you think will happen to the kid? He jus ain't gonna be rite

  • DarkStar_88

    My solution to the anti-vaxxers: load the vaccines into dart guns, find out who hasn't showed up for their shots, and retrain a few armed forces snipers.

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