...and dumber.

This policy matter is so complex and important it required two (2) full tweets of thought.

As we mentioned yesterday, troops will continue to earn pay during government shutdown, but they will not be able to receive paychecks while it’s going on, and House Republicans used this to score political points. (I.e. they were the ones “playing politics,” which is a funny phrase anyway, because everything politicians do is, by definition, politics.) That may seem pretty banal, but according to leading military squirmish analyst Sarah Palin, at the stroke of midnight, our troops’ weapons will DISAPPEAR and will all immediately be killed by “insurgents” who will suddenly “resume actions.”

This is why Lou Sarah would make a great commander in chief. As soon as her political opponents mentioned something about the troops, she would get scared that “the bombs will stop working” and immediately give into all their demands. And THAT’S how the Left will one day force all Americans to gay-marry a dead fetus. [Twitter]

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