Hey look, it’s the three bestest friends ever, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman! Who’s that fourth guy they’re with? Are they looking to add a member to this terrific team of winning policy minds? Oh, it’s Muammar Gaddafi. This must have been taken a million years ago, right, considering all of them now want to bomb this man into oblivion? No, it was 2009. How could they do something so evil? Did the evil dictator tempt Graham with ham biscuits (young cock)?

Here’s Graham at the Robert Gates hearing yesterday:

GRAHAM: Is Gadhafi the legitimate leader of the Libyan people in your eyes, legally? And if he’s not, would it be unlawful for a nation including ours to drop a bomb on him, to end this thing?

GATES: Well, President Reagan tried that.

GRAHAM: Well that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try again. I’m asking this in all seriousness. I don’t believe this man is the legitimate leader of the Libyan people. I believe he’s an international terrorist, unlawful enemy combatant, then we’re within our bounds as a nation — and our coalition partners — to take the fight to him and his cadre of supporters. Is that on the table or not?

GATES: I don’t think so because I think it would probably break the coalition.

An international terrorist! The Lockerbie bomber! Killer of Americans! But that happened 20 years ago. Two years ago, Graham was eating ham biscuits on Gaddafi’s couch. Was he a terrorist then? According to a Wikileak, actually, he supported a warming in relations with Gaddafi.

But war is fun and should always be supported. If Lieberman became the leader of a foreign country and Lindsey and John had a chance to bomb him, would they go for it? It would be interesting! [Salon]

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