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Maine’s New Teabagger Governor Axes Labor Mural From Dept. of Labor

'There's lumberjacks and teamsters and sailors from the sea, There's farmin' boys from Texas and the hills of Tennessee, There's miners from Kentucky, there's fishermen from Maine; Every worker in the country rides that Farmer-Labor train. 'Still don’t believe it’s a full-on war against workers? It is: “Gov. Paul LePage has ordered the removal of a 36-foot mural depicting Maine’s labor history from the lobby of the Department of Labor. Worker advocates described the move as a ‘mean-spirited’ provocation amid the administration’s high-tension standoff with unions.” LePage is the new GOP/Tea Party governor who squeaked into office with 38% of the vote. And, like Scott Walker and another dozen Kochsuckers waging class war against American Workers from the statehouses, LePage is trying to break up what’s left of the unions and push everybody down to poverty just like his corporate backers want. No rights for workers, and to hell with anyone who complains — unless by “anyone” you mean “a billionaire industrialist who writes nice fat checks, for liberty libertarians.”

The mural is a 36-foot-long scene of workers and labor battles that is housed in the Department of Labor.

So what reason is LePage’s kochsucking spokesperson giving for the incredibly cheap, mean-spirited attack on a piece of public art in the Labor Department honoring the basic rights of regular Americans to earn a fair wage for their labor?

The Lewiston Sun Journal reports:

According to LePage spokesman Dan Demeritt, the administration felt the mural and the conference room monikers showed “one-sided decor” not in keeping with the department’s pro-business goals.

“The message from state agencies needs to be balanced,” said Demeritt, adding that the mural had sparked complaints from “some business owners” who complained it was hostile to business.

Paul LePage needs to be yanked out of his office by a bunch of pissed-off grim-faced yankees, tarred and feathered (this hurts!), and sealed inside one of those display canoes at the back of the L.L. Bean. But, well, nobody’s going to do anything. At least somebody’s proposing a replacement mural showing the proud history of Maine industrialists and their proud use of child labor and their proud maiming of workers in unsafe factories, etc. [Lewiston Sun Journal via Wonkette operative “Matt N.”]

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        1. mumbly_ジョジョ

          That depends. Did you inherit an energy concern and several billion dollars in unrealized capital gains from your parents?

          If not, are you unemployed?

          If not, were you recently maimed in an industrial press?

          If none of those apply, take heart! 20-hour workdays with unpaid overtime are totally the new "national holiday".

          And don't you dare think about taking unpaid leave, or we'll fill your position without notice while you're gone, you grist in the cogs of the military-industrial machine, you.

    1. Extemporanus

      This is serious.

      Without "White Sales", Teabaggers won't be able to afford new sheets for their rallies!

    2. Jerri

      As a lowly retail worker, I always enjoyed making signs for the store's front door that read "In honor of the American worker, this store will be open 10-5 on Labor Day."

      That is to say, as a lowly retail worker it felt like the war on Labor Day had been going on for some time, what with the never, ever getting off of work for that holiday.

    3. Lionel[redacted]Esq

      It will still be Labor Day, just as this is still the Department of Labor. ____But instead of getting it off, you will be forced to work without pay. To clebrate the proud history of corporate greed.

  1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

    This Saturday would be good time to rent John Sayles' wonderful movie "Matewan," to remind yourself how you have Saturday off because some coal miner was willing to get his skull cracked for you.

    Oddly enough that movie is not available on Netflix.

    Oh, and Thomas Hart Benton, watch what you paint!

      1. not that Dewey

        Word. I discovered John Sayles and Chris Cooper simultaneously when I first saw "Lone Star". I quickly ran to the VHS rental place and got everything I could get my hands on.

        1. V572 [REDACTED]

          Sayles was a fiction writer before he became a MacArthur Foundation Certified Genius filmmaker. Union Dues and The Anarchist's Convention are really good books if you can find 'em, and if you don't get arrested for asking for the latter one.

          1. not that Dewey

            I never knew him as a writer — only as a filmmaker. Thanks (as soon as I'm done with gradschool, one class per semester, at the age of 42, with a 4-year-old daughter, I will start reading again. Any day now.)

            Brother from Another Planet should be required watching for all teevee watchers.

    1. karen

      I would have rented it for Saturday, but it seems the only way I can get it is through the library system from somewhere else in the state. It will be enjoyed next week.

    2. DustBowlBlues

      Seriously–it was Thomas Hart Benton? But given the dickheadedness of the modern Republithug if it were Rembrandt's Ode to the Medieval Guild (I made that up) they'd want it out as well. Or is a more apt comparison Savanarola and Botticelli?

      1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

        Didn't look like Benton, but he's my idea of a painter of Heroic Labor. The only worker painting these guys could countenance would be something with a shoe-shine boy or an organ grinder.

  2. DownFist Troll

    Libertarianism: Because once you have no government, no bargaining rights, no benefits, no political power, and no money, you become free.

        1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

          Ha ha, Arbeit macht frei. Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humor?

    1. Steverino247

      Move to fucking Somalia, Libertarian assholes. There's not been a functioning government there for years.

      1. jonzin

        I actually suggested that to a libtard in my office a while back and he got good and pissed off. He told me that has nothing to do with Libertarians because it's not the same thing. He also believes that any form of government is slavery. Good times, good times.

    2. Sparky_McGruff

      The crazy thing about libertarians is that they all think they're going to be on top when the world crashes down. They're stupid enough to think they're the smartest ones in the room.

      1. SorosBot

        The other crazy things about Libertarians (and remember, you're supposed to capitalize religions) is that as cults go, they make Scientologists look sane and normal.

    3. Ducksworthy

      I think the idea is that, after they do away with civilization, they will finally get laid.

  3. edgydrifter

    Erasing all references to labor activists at the Dept. of Labor is balanced in exactly the same way that Fox presents a balanced view of current affairs.

    1. KenLayIsAlive

      Haha. Look at these guys. They're all exactly like those caricatures form 1920s Soviet Propaganda, aren't they? All that's missing is a top hat and a monocle.

    2. fuflans

      so many of them are like this!!! doughy, pasty, beady eyes peering out of folds of fat…

      this must be some official condition at work here.

      we need psych wench!

    3. Fare la Volpe

      My God, the only thing he needs to complete his Bloated Turn-of-the-Century Industrialist costume is the giant Walrus 'stache saturated with crumbs of poor men's bread.

      1. James Michael Curley

        The only thing that would make our NJ Gov look svelt is a small planetoid orbiting the sun. Infact, Christie is so big he has a few small objects orbiting him. Like being near black holes, most of them were sucked into that gaping maw which stands perpetually open verbally flatulating.

    4. PresBeeblebrox

      According to The Authority, LePage " worked in the private sector as general manager of the 14-store discount chain, Marden's Surplus and Salvage, from 1996 to 2011." yeah. You can't make this shit up.

  4. mumbly_ジョジョ

    I can only assume that they'll also be renaming the Department of Labor to the Department of Business Owners, as well. You know, for balance.

  5. Cicada

    I say we glue LePage's lips shut with superglue, then have the members of the Plumbers and Pipefitters union fart in his face. After eating chalupas and broccoli.

    Who's with me?

    1. natoslug

      I'm with you. I wish I had snark left at this point, but these people are so horribly atrocious that all I can come up with is bile. Besides "Fuck off and die, you fucking fucks!" is there an appropriate response to the Kochsucking movement?

    2. weejee

      Why not with LePage's mucilage glue? Up on PEI in the Soviet of Canada William LePage, of the olde sticky glue fame, got a patent for making glue out of fish heads and bones. Gotta figure this State of Maine douche is related, so let's stick 'em with the family stick 'em, and then have the fitters fart away.

    3. 教授 Zoom

      They could use this secret weapon from WWII:

      Yossarian sidled up drunkenly to Colonel Korn at the officers' club one night to kid with him about the new Lepage gun that the Germans had moved in. "What Lepage gun?" colonel Korn inquired with curiosity. "The new three hundred and forty four millimeter Lepage glue gun," Yossarian answered. "It glues a whole formation of planes together in mid-air."

        1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

          Particularly the chapters, where Milo Mindbinder contracts with the Americans to bomb German targets, and contracts with the Germans to provide air defense. Hilarity ensues!

          1. weejee

            V57, that was not that much different from what was going on in Vietnam, except it was the PX working as a prototypical Big Box Store. Wonder if that was the model used by WalMart, Home Despot, and Blowes?

          2. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

            Angelina”s dad probably got his conservatard ideas from playing Milo in the movie version.

          3. weejee

            What's good for M&M Enterprises is good for the country.

            That book should be required reading. If not for a high school diploma, then for a degree in just about anything. I'd add Johnny Got His Gun but that could be a bit hard on some of our more gentile fellows.

          4. user-of-owls

            True story: As a reading junkie, I happened to pick up a copy of Johnny Got His Gun (probably 'cuz it had a cool cover or somesuch). Killing two birds with one stone, I used it for a book report I had due in seventh grade. When I got up and announced the title, my teacher went apoplectic, screaming about how the book was pernicious propaganda written by soviet stooges. I was mortified and utterly baffled, since I understood it to be a story of WWI.

            This would have been in 1971-72 or so.

          5. mumbly_ジョジョ

            Well, Trumbo was a bit of a lefty; however, writing in 1938, he had a bit of a problem a couple years later with right-wing anti-war types reading his books and sending fan letters indicating that they got Entirely The Wrong Idea. (Because, the funny thing about the Right wing is that the only people they ever opposed bombing were the Nazis- who were, we're reminded by trolls and Jonah Goldberg, leftists.)

          6. James Michael Curley

            For my US History 1 class, junior year in HS, I did a very uncomplementary report on the John Birch Society ending it with calling it a demonizing organization leading a lot of well meaning people to believe they are patriots for supporting a social fascist governmental model.

            My history teacher was livid and threatened to fail me because my historical perspective was colored by my bias. I stood tough and refused to redo it. A few years later I learned she had moved to our town when her husband, a paid organizaer foir the JBS was assigned to NJ.

  6. smokefilledroommate

    To be truly unbiased, the mural should stay–right next to an identically-sized mural with some pigfucking capitalist CEOs standing in front of their mansions giving the finger to the workers.

    1. edgydrifter

      Giving the finger? That sounds strenuous. It'll probably show the plutocrats writing checks to their (s)elected teabagger lickspittles who will do the actual fingering on their behalf.

    2. keepem_sikanpor

      I'm afraid the finger would be too short and fat to distinguish itself from the rest of the fingers. The message might not be clear enough. Maybe a four year old sitting on a thoroughbred with a circus behind them and the Hope Diamond beside them on the front lawn might drive it home? And a Hummer, the big one.

      1. smokefilledroommate

        Actually, you're both correct..
        How 'bout a mural with said corporate fatties dining on the delicacy of 'Workerburgers', made from the innards and lean muscle of people that have been worked to death and discarded? …Blood drips from the conservative maws of horror as they tear into the beast–the Union Employee! (with cheese!)

      1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

        Destroying degenerate art? Bob Ross cranked it out at record speeds!

      1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

        "Like someone threw up on the sidewalk" is the best description of Nieman's "art" ever.

    1. Lascauxcaveman


      (Yes, Cleopatra is back, by popular demand! Consider it my mini-tribute to that hot babe that was, Liz Taylor.)

  7. Hatrabbit

    Look forward to the replacement mural depicting the glorious Koch brothers feasting on babies.

  8. GuanoFaucet

    Not to be outdone, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder plans to remove the Underground Railroad Memorial in Detroit because it's too pro-abolitionist.

    1. vodkamuppet

      It makes me really, really sad that I can't decide if this is serious or snark. I'd google it but I don't want to find out if it's true or I'm just incredibly dense. Either way, I lose. We live in seriously messed up times my friend.

    2. Sparky_McGruff

      It's just big government intrusion to say we can't have slaves. The free market can regulate who should be free.

    1. comptoneffect

      MI Gov. Snyder better not get any stupid ideas because he will have to go through me to get at the Diego Rivera fresco at the DIA.

    2. not that Dewey

      True fact: my father discovered a yellowed and creased charcoal-on-vellum drawing of my avatar's namesake in a box in the attic. He gave it to my wife for scanning/restoration, and as she was retouching some of the uglier parts around the edges, the signature popped into view — it was a DIEGO FUCKING RIVERA CHARCOAL SKETCH OF JOHN FUCKING DEWEY! So awesome.

  9. SayItWithWookies

    Well you know — having a mural showing the history of labor in Maine is equivalent to oppressing big business in a North Korean prison camp. Because you know — citizens aren't people, businesses are.

    1. Gopherit

      It's really depressing to see pictures of poor people who are doing hard jobs. Who wants to see that?

      1. Cicada

        If it was poor people it wouldn't bother LePage. It's the fact that they have good wages and benefits that really ticks him off.

        1. Gopherit

          Watching them work probably makes him think about perspiring……which he only does when he rolls on the money piles at Koch Brother parties.

  10. JoshuaNorton

    This shit always happens when the stupid chickens vote for Colonel Sanders. Then they have the nerve to be po'd when they end up headed for a bucket of Extra Crispy.

  11. Gopherit

    What the fuck. Are they going to replace it with a mural filled with top hats, dollar bills and monocles?

    1. Doktor Avalanche

      It's going to be the Monopoly guy despoiling historic Wisconsin locales and controlling utility companies.

    2. Sparky_McGruff

      I think a nice mural of seven year old girls hunched over sewing machines would make a nice mural. Or perhaps even a second panel with the same girls burning to death in a locked sweatshop. OWN IT, TEABAGGERS!

    1. NorthStarSpanx

      Is this like when the Pope Pius IX had all the penises chipped away from Vatican sculptures and scratched out of artwork for its immodesty? Or when the Afghanistan Taliban started blowing up ancient Buddhist statues in 2001?

      Is this the opposite of a Renaissance, a Corporate Revolution that America has been waiting for?

  12. Texan_Bulldog

    He won 38% of the vote. He's got a mandate, people!

    I have a friend who worked for the Libby Mitchell campaign. Everyday I worry that she's going to take a gun & go shoot this dude.

      1. Ramon_X

        I blame Mitchell. She and Cutler split the sane vote and LaPage got in on W's base. Everybody saw it coming and she should have pulled out and thrown her support to Cutler.

    1. Callyson

      If she does so, she should plead self – defense. Since 62% of Maine voters did not choose this winner, she's got better odds than she could get in Vegas.

    2. horsedreamer_1

      That's five percent different from what Bill Clinton took in '92. Five is a statistically significant number, here, too.

  13. SorosBot

    Hell, it's surprising it's taken this long to try and destroy liberal symbols; next come the anti-immigration bigots demanding removal of the inscription on the Statue of Liberty:

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me

    1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

      Are you kidding? Those homeless, tempest-tost huddled masses are our favorite source of cheap, compliant, unorganized labor! And they don't file workmans comp claims, get health benefits or Social Security pensions, because they're "illegal," heh-heh.

  14. donner_froh

    In other fucked up governor news, Rick Snyder of Michigan is about to sign legislation passed by the assholes in the Legislature to cut unemployment payments in the state from 26 weeks to 20 weeks–because there are so many jobs here.

      1. SorosBot

        As part of his overruling local government plan, Snyder will be handing control of Detroit over to Omni Consumer Products (OCP).

    1. vodkamuppet

      More fucked up: as a Detroit resident I have to find out about this shit from Rachel Maddow and Wonkette commenters because the local news is more concerned with getting Detroit 1-8-7 renewed for a second season and Miguel Cabrera's DUI than covering the implementation of LITERAL, ACTUAL FASCISM. Fuck it man, I give up, I give up. Just….fuck it. Fun fact: it took me 15 months and more resumes sent out than I could ever count to find a jerb after Wall Street decided to ruin the global economy and my career along with it. Oh and I had to wipe out my savings to survive because the meager unemployment checks weren't even enough to pay for my shitty apartment. But, you know, fuck the unemployed, they're just lazy fucking parasites leeching off of our most productive citizens.

      1. Moonbatting Average

        I also forgot Christie. Ah well, it seemed like a good hypothesis at the time…

        1. Gopherit

          Find me a horse that could carry Christie. He'd break a Clydesdale. Then he'd eat it.

          Though he would make an ironic Famine.

          1. MarshallBanana

            Snark off: If there is anything we've learned from the plight of the working poor, it's that obesity is the new Famine, because the cheapest and most readily-available foods are usually the least healthy and most fattening for you. The Bible needs an update, methinks.

          2. chicken_thief

            You are surely going to hell for THAT one. Nobody fucks with the words of Jesus, Thomas Jefferson, and Ronald Reagan in the Bible!!!

      1. Moonbatting Average

        I'm kinda surprised Nikki Haley hasn't been in the news doing something outrageous. Is it because SC has no infrastructure to dismantle?

        1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

          Well they sure as shit don't have any of them goddamn Yankee unions in the Palmetto (= "right to work for less") State.

        2. Texan_Bulldog

          HuffPo has an article about how she's appointing all her top donors to juicy positions. Although that's pretty run of the mill…I think she's laying low because she doesn't want the tea baggers to realize she is brown.

          1. HistoriCat

            She's probably just too busy to bust unions. You know – making the, uh, rounds of the bloggers … if you know what I mean!

    1. 教授 Zoom

      I dunno, the Riders of the Apocalypse supposedly have a terrible majesty about them. These guys are simply terrible.

    2. EdFlintstone

      Corbett in Pennsylvania is an up and comer. He's only cut education over a billion dollars in PA. Penn State is only 4% away from being unaffiliated with the state so look forward to the Ohio State Buckeyes vs the Geico Nittany Lions in a few years. Penn State has the highest tuition of any public university in the country and this was before Corbett proposed cutting their funding in half. Oh and we can't tax the billions being made off natural gas drilling while at the same time cutting the state's department of environmental protection budget.

  15. natoslug

    Considering that I ate almost two heads of garlic with my dinner last night, my sharts are mighty powerful today. I wasn't sure I'd make it to 9 a.m..

  16. aguacatero

    And as soon as the snow melts, LePage will be demolishing Maine's most famous ancient wonders, the giant Buddhist sculptures near Lewiston.

    1. Doktor Avalanche

      Buddhist sculptures in my Yoo Ess of Ay?! I'll have you know This country was discovered by Jesus H Christ hisself when he hired some red skins to canoe him down from Roosha!

    2. the_problem_child

      Wouldn't be surprised if he takes the wrecking ball to some of those lighthouses.

  17. Thurman Munster IV

    And this on the eve of the centenary of the Triangle Shirt Waist factory fire. I say take them down to Washington Square and make the Kochsuckers jump, motherfuckers

    1. vodkamuppet

      There's gonna be riots, I think it's unavoidable at this point. Unfortunately the billionaires will have already relocated to somewhere in Asia by then and the rest of us will just end up burning what's left of American civilization to the ground.

      1. Beowoof

        Gee middle school kids being complete assholes because they can get away with it. I am shocked by this letter and must conduct my entire policy agenda based upon some snotty 8th graders.

      2. natl indecency cmdr

        I seriously have to increase my anonymous letter output. remember the days before email? news stations used to get letters from nutjobs. they didn't fucking read them on air. now any "jackhole69" w/ a twitter account can get on cnn.

      3. tabouley

        "Tear Down This Mural?" I know we used up our irony quotient last week, so can we start again?

      1. the_problem_child

        Hey there neighbour. Think you can keep your crazy from seeping across the border? (I fear it may already be too late, though.)

        Today, we are all potato farmers and lumbermen.

  18. EdFlintstone

    You wonder what these douches will do to top the next one. I going with pay will be in form of script that can only be used at the company store.

  19. 教授 Zoom

    LePage also wants to rename conference rooms that commemorate labor leaders such as Cesar Chavez and Francs Perkins. Might I suggest "The Pinkerton Room," "The James Earl Ray Room," and, of course, 'The Koch Brothers Department of Labor Corporate Freedom Building."

    1. pinkocommi

      As they are going to have a contest for the renaming, I think the "Karl Marx Conference Room" and the "Stephen Colbert Conference Room" have a nice ring to them.

      1. comrad_darkness

        Dude, that (unfortunately totally serious and yes they are that revisionist, delusional and narrow minded, sadly) painting sparked some of the most delicious parodies ever!

        type "mcnaughton art parody" into your favorite internet search machine and enjoy

  20. neiltheblaze

    Somebody probably brought this up – but that spokes-fuck also said there were complaints that the mural was "too North Korean" looking or something. When I see a bunch of Mainers do a synchronized glowing hula hoop routine or whatever, then I'll think North Korea.

  21. emmelemm

    If I hadn't already quit the universe earlier today, I'd fucking quit it again.

    There is no snark. ONLY TEARS OF SADNESS.

    1. natl indecency cmdr

      be careful. republicans get their strength from our sad tears. be sure to cry into a beer and then drink to retain your vital essence.

      also, buck up camper! we ain't dead yet! we also are not dead yeti!

      1. emmelemm

        /snark off

        That actually did cheer me up a little bit. I'm usually pretty good at detatched, bemused ennui at all political shenanigans, but man, the posts today are really getting me down.

        /snark on

        They feed on our fear, like Pennywise the Clown. Our only defense is to starve them!

        1. natl indecency cmdr

          yes, yes, yes. i'm glad it cheered you up. sometimes i feel like these idiots have punched me in the face. and then i think, "am i going to let [insert jackass' name here] get to me? am i going to let this stupid fuck get me down?" then i get back up and say "is that all you got, punk?" try that sometimes. it makes you feel tough.

          "grrrr! i'm hardcore!"

          (because, seriously, they are attacking us. what they want is for us to get discouraged and give up and never vote again and never care again. forgive me, Mr. Beckett: "I can't go on. I'll go on.")

          to all the republicans and others who want to destroy us, i say again: "is that all you got, punk?"

        2. SorosBot

          When the weight of the world has got you down, , there's one thing you need – a montage. This may sound like a joke, but it's not; I've found certain inspirational songs can really help with this kind of political depression; so here, remember that you're the best around, and nothin's ever gonna keep you down:

          And that you've got the touch; you've got the power:

          (I may be a bit drunk now)

  22. 教授 Zoom

    Let us not accuse Governor LepPage of hypocrisy, since he clearly supports the notion that all workers should be hired solely on their merits. For instance, he wanted the best possible candidate as an assistant to his chief of staff, and was fortunate to find that his own 22- year old daughter was perfectly qualified for the $41,000 job.

    Wait, that's not nepotism–it's a ringing endorsement of child labor. He just didn't have a 10 year old available.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      A bit like the Fitzgeralds in Wisconsin: dad was a sheriff, then U.S. Marshal, now is head of state troopers; sons in Senate & Assembly leadership; wife of Scooter is a public school guidance counselor.

      What I want to know, though, is why Fitzgerald pere gave up a spot on the Chicago PD to become Sheriff in a podunk Wisconsin locale. Internal Affairs investigation, later brushed under the rug since Ol' Boy was no longer on the payroll, much?

  23. Extemporanus

    Whoah, I just noticed something:

    If you rearrange the letters on the flag in the center panel, they spell "U CUNTS"!

    Labor FTW!

  24. Callyson

    the administration felt the mural and the conference room monikers showed “one-sided decor” not in keeping with the department’s pro-business goals
    Um, do they *really* not see the irony here? Time to update Orwell:
    Freedom is Slavery
    War is Peace
    Pro-Business is Balanced

  25. Cicada

    There were five candidates running. One Dem, one Rep, three Independent. They split the vote.

  26. Wilcoxyz

    He also suggested some bible rewrites. The Moses/Pharaoh content fails to portray job creation and investment in infrastructure in a positive light. And god is clearly pro-creation.

    1. WriteyWriterton

      I note that the "Moses" thing is probably a little too Jew-y for Maine. That's probably going out the window next.

  27. HateMachine

    Am I allowed to be tired of "Kochsuckers" yet? I personally think we could be um, cleverer? More clever? Probably "more clever" but they both sound like shit. So yes, we could be [correct grammar] than that. Fuck.

    Anyway, yes. The Department of Labor is totally about being "pro-business." That's why "Labor" is right there in the name, to remind American business owners of what they once could get for free.

    1. natl indecency cmdr

      one humorless "pundit" somewhere noted that "koch" is pronounced "coke"
      so many of the signs at madison rallies "didn't make sense". to that person i say, go fuck yourself.

      now, per your comment, i agree. i personally feel as though we should be encouraging oral sex, not discouraging it. and by referring to these 2 old creepy gross men and the men who do their bidding as "kochsuckers" it gives all willing and giving participants in oral sex a bad name. and i, for one, will no longer stand for it. i will now refer to the koch brothers as dead-donkey-molesting, maggot-infested, baby-bone-marrow sucking meth addicts.

      1. Ken Layne

        Jokes (?) tend to be killed off by the editors long before most people tire of them. So, have faith! People still say Trucknutz and assfucking and blingee or whatever, but your editor left those things behind long ago. (As St. Paul the Apostle suggested.)

    1. horsedreamer_1

      Day to day, I vacillate between this & Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" as the greatest achievement in the arts in the 20th century.

  28. AnAmericanInTO

    I was born and bred in Maine, the daughter of a paper mill union worker, and this utterly disgusts me. It's just a sleazy move that has no appreciation for history or the people of the state.

    When I was a kid, my mother woke me one morning and made sure I saw Sen. George Mitchell at the Iran Contra Hearings. Who the hell am I going to wake my kids up for? This sack of crap, LePage?

    1. Texan_Bulldog

      "the daughter of a paper mill union worker," I did not realize that John Edwards had a sister. Sorry, couldn't resist.


      And of course the Maine sheep will just chew and mumble without making a move toward a physical on site public demonstration. 'Eh-yah?'

  29. 1in7000000000

    Next up: a bill that mandates all expectant mothers have C-Sections to avoid going into labor.

  30. Bluestatelibel

    Because those workers are simply unattractive. Murals of our fat, ancient, warty, baldy CEO class would be better.

  31. Guppy06

    "squeaked into office with 38%"

    Because instant runoff voting is just too darned confusing!

  32. Sassomatic

    They're not even pretending anymore that business interests are not directly opposed to the interests of the American worker.

    Maybe, just to keep things balanced, we should hang banners in hospitals that say "Go AIDS!"

  33. AlaskaGrrl

    Maybe for "balance", a mural celebrating the owners of the Shirtwaist Factory, or maybe Henry Ford with his Nazi medal, inking the deal with the Pinkertons as strikebreakers who subsequently murdered and maimed striking workers.

  34. mightykendar

    I am a lifelong resident of Maine, and I am horrified that this guy was elected. The things that he says and does are nothing short of appalling to me. I'm fairly moderate in my views, but I think LePage is an extreme batshit nutjob. Hyperbole? No.

    Additionally, I think he resembles Batman supervillain The Penguin. Coincidence? Probably not. Someone needs to sneak funding for a Batsignal into LePage's bare-bones budget.

        1. natl indecency cmdr

          there is always, always, always hope, my friend. also, in maine, there is always granite.

          be strong like granite! and not reduced to countertops in douchebags' kitchens! be like the wild, free-range granite!

    1. DustBowlBlues

      Just steps away from the troll under the bridge and eating a VW bug, as I recall. In the 70s, Fremont could out-San Francisco San Francisco.

      PS I got sober at the Fremont A&A, which was legend. And not at all cool or chic but damned straight on the subject.

      1. emmelemm

        What is A&A? (Do you mean Alcoholics Anonymous?)

        [I actually live in Seattle, so I'm curious. And confused.]

  35. fuflans

    are they just TRYING to foment a labor uprising? i mean really. is a stupid mural in vaguely soviet realist style really worth it?


    1. Rotundo_

      Yup. They aren't content with just beating people down, they want to stick their spotty white asses in folks faces and wiggle them around and giggle as they do. It isn't just the symbolism, it's the sneering giggling "this oughta piss 'em off" arrogant attitude and delivery that makes it all the more special.

  36. Dudleydidwrong

    LePage ran a junky big-box kind of store, Mardens, in Lewiston, which gave him the experience that he needed to become guv. Interesting that every totalitarian dictator from ancient Sumer onward tore down the works of predecessors to remind the peasantry that the new god was in power to be worshiped and obeyed. Fuck LePage. In the pantheon of pure assholes he shines brightly, with those other fucked-up kochsucker governors.

    1. AnAmericanInTO

      I forgot about that! Marden's is where you can get all your best fire sale and flood ravaged furniture and clothes. The sad thing is that's where all his low-income constituents will forced to shop once he's done with his reign of shit-sackery.

      Oh wait! I just realized that was his plan all along.

      Pretty Sneaky, Shit-Sack!

      1. Dudleydidwrong

        I think Mardens is where stuff went when Big Lots couldn't get rid of it. Once LePage is finished with Maine workers, as AnAmericanInTO said, that's where they'll all be shopping.

      2. mightykendar

        Big Lots is, I would say, more upscale than Mardens. I will admit that you can find some cool stuff at the latter — occasionally — but more often than not it's potentially expired nonperishables, slightly damaged or severely out-of-fashion clothing, and weird random things…I took a picture a while back of a shelf full of McFarlane Marian Hossa NHL figures (in Ottawa uniform)…JUST Marian Hossa figures. An entire shelf of them. It was bizarre. At any rate, I don't think I've bought a single thing there since LePage was elected.

        As far as what's available in this state, I would rate the classiness of the surplus/deep discount stores as such: Big Lots, then Ocean State Job Lot (whatever that means), then Mardens, followed by rummaging through your neighbor's trash.

  37. Rotundo_

    The union busting wasn't nearly as big a surprise as the petty vindictive shit they are doing on the side. You know the big stuff was bought and paid for, but the little touches like this, that rub peoples noses in it are the real signs that no mere hired flunkies are running the asylum, but purebred, state of the art assholes. Any koolaid drinker can rewrite laws and destroy the middle class, but to piss on the backs of them with a flourish as they do so raises being an asshole to an art. Generations in the future will either be worshipping them or pissing on their graves.

  38. owhatever

    The offensive mural will be replaced with a touching portrait of the baby Jesus and his mother, Bristol. and his father, Joe the Plumber.

  39. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

    At some level it's always bothered these assholes that a worker who just knows how to run a milling machine, or who swings a hammer for a living, should be able to have his own house and send his kids to college. It was never that way until there were unions (and the GI Bill), and after the trust fund beneficiaries finish their mission of destroying organized labor, it'll never be that way again. In that happy future there won't be any more jug-eared farm boys from Indiana or super-smart Asians walking around on Harvard Yard like they belonged there, and wives of the plutocrats won't have to stand in line at the Louis Vuitton counter behind some woman in sweat pants whom Mrs Plutocrat thinks ought to be working at the counter.

    1. Pithaughn

      News flash, there are still plenty of us willing to get our skull cracked. WE always win in the end because there are way more of us,

      1. V5¹∞ª℠≠½6³√•4°

        Good for you. Do it. Think of Dr King's words:

        “We will match your capacity to inflict suffering with our capacity to endure suffering. We will meet your physical force with soul force… We will soon wear you down by our capacity to suffer. And, in winning our freedom, we will so appeal to your heart and conscience that we will win you in the process.”

  40. SkinnyNerd

    Well, to be fair, it is not like we have any actual workers left in this country. Maybe he is planning on placing a mural of hard working middle managers hunched over desktop PCs.

  41. JackObin

    Paul LePage, eh? Sounds French Socialist to me. They'll have to take away his super secret Michelle Bachmann decoder ring.

  42. Veritas78

    I am so excited about the new pro-business murals!

    One depicts jobs outsourced to Asian sweatshops, another shows pension plans being looted, a third shows banksters foisting toxic loans being sold to gullible buyers while simultaneously fleecing mortgage-security buyers (this is truly extraordinary), while the fourth shows CEO salaries ballooning in comparison to laborers. Fun stuff! God bless business!

    This changes what we all think of when we think about Maine. Skip the lobstahs and the accents. It's now a place where evil, sick f**ks have persuaded a brain-dead populace to screw themselves right into the dirt. And that's a good thing!

  43. 4TheTurnstiles

    You know, I had been wondering what these conservatively-dressed, religiously-minded creative destruction types would do for a sequel after taking down the Bamiyan Buddhas…

  44. ThundercatHo

    I do not even fucking believe this shit. I drove all through Maine last summer and it is poor. So many little towns had no hospitals or clinics, teeny grocery stores and almost no restaurants. They did have lots of nice trees though. In fact, this guy needs to go for a nice, long walk in the woods with some union lumberjacks.

    1. mightykendar

      Maine is very poor, overall, and it's funny (in a sad way) because the low-income people who elected LePage on the basis of his anti-government, I'm-going-to-tell-Obama-to-go-to-hell freedom Real American shtick are going to realize sooner or later that they've been had, big time. Unfortunately, those of us who had the common sense to NOT vote for him will suffer as well.

  45. NorthStarSpanx

    So business and Christian preference okay, worker and secular security – not. Got it.

  46. DustBowlBlues

    Thanks, Ken, for the (relatively for wonkette) non-ironic and straight forward way you explained this Kocksucking bastard.

    The Republitards aren't pretending anymore, are they? They've evidently decided, based on empirical evidence, that the bottom 90% of wage earners are so fucking stupid they'll vote against anything that could benefit the middle class based on nothing but slogans made up by Frank Lutz.

  47. keepem_sikanpor

    The department of labor should depict labor. LePage should add jobs by having a mural painted at the chamber of commerce depicting union busting to keep things balanced. Lepage, vous êtes un gros graisse.

  48. user-of-owls

    Guess no one's told the Fatass in Chief about the Orozco they have hanging in the Maine Dept. of Social Services.

  49. DustBowlBlues

    My hatred for Republitards has deepened, but how can I express it more intensely than hating them all, dead, alive or in a coma?

    I know. I hate all the above. plus any fetus being carried in a Republican body.

    1. keepem_sikanpor

      What about a fetus that used to occupy a republican body but currently resides in a jar?

    2. natl indecency cmdr

      Listen, you. You need to direct this anger towards something positive. It's eating at you.

      I love you, dammit. I know you do wonderful things for people. If Wonkette is your outlet for angst, so be it. But I sense there is something deeper going on here. Take care of yourself. If you need to write to someone, you can email me at

      1. DustBowlBlues

        How sweet. But yes, I do work out the venom on the wonket. The old man doesn't express rage well but feels the same so when I express myself to him, the poor man starts thinking about anti-union thugs, turns red, and virtually grabs his heart in a Fred Sanford kind of way.

        My loathing for Repubs as expressed on the wonket is a survival technique. Since I live amongst these people they would either shoot me or call on their right wing preacher to perform an exorcism.

      2. DustBowlBlues

        BTW–Mother Jones benefitted from my rage last night. I slapped $50 on my credit car for their investigative reporting fund. Also, I'd had a slug of cough syrup for my hay fever hack and had a delightful conversation of shared hatred for the Repubtards.

  50. natl indecency cmdr

    Late night Wonketteers, I need your help.

    In today's Madison print issue of "The Onion" there is an ad for Bennett's Meadowood (yes, one "w") Country Club, as there is in every print issue. This jackass' ads vary from the merely stupid to the horrifically offensive. Here is the text from this week's ad:

    "I think we should go back to a one party system. If it accomplished nothing else. at least we'd get rid of half the crooks!"

    har har. that's not the worst part. it continues [verbatim incl. punctuation]:

    "Last night president Obama was having a nightmare. He sat up in bed and he saw Abe Lincoln sitting at the end of the bed. Obama said to Lincoln: 'You know; things aren't going very well for me right now. The economy is in shambles and the country is divided. You've dealt with stuff like this before and proved to be a great leader. What would you do right now if you were me?' Lincoln responded: "I think I'd go to the theatre."

    so, is this a threat? should I call the FBI? your thoughts, please…

    1. glamourdammerung

      "Both parties suck" is merely conservatives not having the moral integrity to admit their policies have consistently failed for a few decades now. It is basically the "Timmy did it too" defense that stopped working for most folks around the age of five or so.

    2. mightykendar

      Technically, I think he can get away with using a semicolon like that (as both parts can stand alone as sentences), but I personally would have chosen to go the comma route.

      Oh yes, and the message itself? Pretty creepy.

  51. MilwaukeeKent

    What a truly idiotic fight to pick. The GOP has been thoroughly taken over by a crowd of pig-headed, self-righteous morons. Going out of his way to prove himself the biggest asshole in a crowded field.

  52. jlr1076

    /snark off

    Actions like this really do make me think we're already at war – just no shots fired yet. And I'm looking for the President I voted for to show up and lead us and the man is nowhere to be found.

    /back to snark

  53. keepem_sikanpor

    I'm sure LePage, et al, are only bothered by the currently legal real life depiction in the left frame of that mural. They're working overtime to change it (all).

  54. MooseDroppings

    Unions? Here's my solution: Disband the unions but turn around and incorporate yourselves. Union members will no longer be members; they are in fact shareholders. The union corporations get to operate under Robert's Supreme Court Rules.

    … and as one who works for LL Bean; Chris McCormick and LL Bean are Republican douche bags.

  55. PuckStopsHere

    I have no idea, none whatsoever, why anyone is paying attention to any of this in the midst of March Madness. Look at the pretty orange ball. Bouncing.

  56. comrad_darkness

    I was going to go with "the supreme court appointed him" because that seems to be the main line into office for true douche bags

  57. MiniMencken

    Well, in a country of nearly 312 million people, only twelve million are actual industrial workers, or, in the good, old Marxist sense, proletarians. So, of course, in a democracy that values majorities, they no longer count. That's about 3.75%. In the Russian Empire, before the Revolution of 1917, the urban industrial proletariat was about 1% of the population. We can only hope…

  58. outragedcitizen

    Ah, yes, you have got to love the real 'Merikans in Maine. My sister in law HATES unions, post bad crap about them on FB all the time. The kicker is, my brother was the head of his local union for seven years and he is still a member.

    I shake my head in wonder… and then drink.

  59. PubOption

    Probably a similar situation to the Healthcare debate. She hates the unions (because of what Rush told her), but likes the benefits that have come from the influence of the unions.

  60. gwynethgh

    It is sad we can't recall him (no allowance in state law). Oh well he can only destroy one (my) state.

  61. Midway117

    Dear Lord just once I would like to see a good-looking Teabagger man! You know, someone with a low body fat percentage and pleasantly proportional facial features dressed in well-fitting clothes made this decade.

  62. jonzin

    What if the workers stone cold stop showing up for work? They wouldn't have shit to sell. They could move to China, but there would be nobody here to buy it. Workers are fucking important, dickwad! What the fuck is going on in this country? These fucks like to talk about hard work getting them where they are which is total bullshit. These fuckers got theirs by exploiting others. Remember when being a worker was a dignified thing? It wasn't too long ago. Now you are looked down on as lazy or ignorant if you are not rich and you are treated like a second class citizen. Who the fuck is voting for these people?

  63. jonzin

    Another thing: Doesn't this mural belong to the good people of Maine and not this douchnozzle? He acts like it's his decision alone to vandalize the office building.

  64. lochnessmonster

    As heard on the socialist NPR this morning, they also are renaming all the meeting rooms which were named for ppl like Cesar Chavez and the first female labor secretary. Probably call them Room 1, Room 2 etc.


    Message to Le Page:….'Stronzo!…Pigliacco!…..Scifoso….Ffidente…En Culatto…Finoccio!…
    Matto!….Infammio!….Sfortunato!…Munetze!…Merdatto!….and a few more choice Italian expressions which will not be translated but are nevertheless from the heart.. Every one of them is him!

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