Still plenty of sausagethings on a stick, though!

  • Growing hysteria about radiation-rich tap water deemed “unfit for babies” (someone’s picky!) has led to a bottled water shortage in Tokyo. And while supermarkets have plenty of vegetables and fine meats, there’s hardly any instant noodles to purchase — not even for ready money. (Similar to a glass of water, a Styrofoam cup of chicken-flavored chemical broth is an excellent way to replenish your precious bodily fluids.) Japanese authorities insist that “levels of radioactive iodine in tap water [are] above the safe level for babies,” so why won’t the babies stop with this nonsense? Radiation levels are totally normal in California and in surrounding states, so please don’t hoard bottled liquids (yet). [VOA]
  • A NATO helicopter “accidentally” murdered two Afghan civilians while attempting to kill “suspected insurgents.” Sounds pretty sketchy. Just another day! [AP]
  • A Pentagon prosecutor compared the Seminole Indians to al Qaeda, in a bizarre attempt to defend the use of Gitmo kangaroo tribunals or something? Now he has to apologize for being stupid. [Miami Herald]
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