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‘Julian Assange: Houseguest’

Look, if Allison Silverman sends us an e-mail asking if we would post a video she made, what are we going to do, not post it? We’re going to post it automatically. Because that woman is a comedy genius.

It’s going to be a fine tragedy when the Anonymous retards kidnap her Neopets or whatever it is they do to people. [YouTube]

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    1. OvertonWindolt

      So I actually watched the video, despite it not featuring Phil Hartman or Sinbad. I really hope Jack was being sarcastic, because this is the unfunniest 6 minutes I've ever experienced.

      And I've seen Mike and Molly.

  1. Hatrabbit

    I had a similar experience when Newt Gingrich stayed at our apartment.

    Our cat still walks funny.

  2. DownFist Troll

    Julian Assange: My Wiki-leaky condom, or how i learned to stop flirting and just sex my hosts in their sleep

  3. Extemporanus

    If you turn the sound all the way down and imagine that the silver-wigged houseguest is Andy Warhol, the video is actually rather amusing.

  4. walstib

    The two voices are douche-tastic wimps.

    If you're that much of a pussy, you deserve to get walked on, used, butt-raped, etc…

    My god they sound like Republicans complaining about their boy-toys' not washing their ballsacks.

    No wonder Colbert fired her. (At least thats the word on the street…)

    1. MiniMencken

      American women in their twenties seem to come equipped nowadays with either the blue collar voice, which is a sort of Betty Boop-meets-Valley-Girl sound, or the white collar voice, which is the monotonous, jaded drone in this video. I can still remember when women had individual voices that one could listen to forever. Think Joan Crawford in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," Joan Greenwood in "Kind Hearts and Coronets" and, more recently, films starring Kathleen Turner.

    1. Mumbletypeg

      Oh those wonkette jags, you say.
      Some time ago, you referenced cubism.
      I'd like to second that, and Mr. Mumblety would like to third it.
      Do consider checking it out, RadioDacted, and all the other 'dacted's..

      1. Rad-T

        ex-mpeg, tonight this commenting system is more messed up than Grace Slick at Woodstock…and there is a downfister troll to boot. Tarnation.
        Mrs. Radio and I are all over the Picasso exhibit, weekday road trip. The next stop on the tour is the de Young in San Fran .

  5. BarackMyWorld

    Anyone ever heard of that Sara Benincasa gal?

    She makes some pretty funny internet videos, too.

  6. XOhioan

    Thank you. After posts about Knut the polar bear dying, old Daniel Ellsberg being arrested for peaceful protest, and poor people being forbidden to carry money, this was welcome comic relief.

  7. MinAgain

    I guess Ben Franklin was correct. Julian Assange, like fish, begins to smell after three days.

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