Nuclear Holocaust May Affect Distant Nation’s Sushi Supply

  priorities of zion

And Belgians fear a lack of anime kiddie porn.Everybody suffers in their own way, okay? Don’t judge! Sometimes when somebody loves a fish in a very special way, that person is unhappy when the fish can’t be shipped from Japan, on the other side of the world.

Is this a real thing? Because we here at Wonkette very much enjoy eating ourselves some sushi — although we’ve sworn off the unsustainable stuff such as toro (bluefin) and actually use this guide to order fish that’s plentiful and caught in sane numbers — and we know that the tastiest seafood is your fresh, locally caught seafood. Isn’t Israel next to a sea? What the hell, people, eat the fish you’ve got right there. Also, Israel? This makes you look like assholes, again. Perception is reality, etc., right? Jesus christ …. [Ynet via Wonkette operative "Oren"]

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