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Nuclear Horror: Third Explosion At Japanese Nuke Plant

Photo by Jack Stuef, in Tokyo. Really!A third explosion at the heavily damaged Fukushima nuclear power station 150 miles north of Tokyo has escalated the country’s nuclear crisis after Friday’s awful earthquake. Those living within 18 miles of the smoldering nuke plant have been told to stay indoors — radiation levels are now at the “immediate health risk” level and could get much worse. Four of the six reactors at the seaside nuclear facility are now damaged, and the latest explosion on Tuesday morning may well have begun a “partial meltdown.”

The death toll in Japan is likely in the tens of thousands already, with some 6,000 dead confirmed so far. And this nuclear situation — along with the lack of power and water and food and everything else for millions of people in the north of Japan — is not making things a lot better.

Here’s some soothing stuff from the LA Times:

“They do not have the situation under control,” said Robert Alvarez, a nuclear expert at the Institute for Policy Studies and a former Energy Department deputy.

The most recent reports that a “suppression pool” at the bottom of the No. 2 reactor, designed to serve as a last line of defense against a meltdown, was breached could represent a major escalation of the crisis, said Victor Gilinsky, a former Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner.

Uh, guess it’s time to order up some of those life-saving iOSAT Potassium Iodide tablets for yourself and your family. Oh wait, they’re all sold out, everywhere. In the extremely unlikely event of a radiation death cloud flying across the Pacific to our shores, it will take several days to hit the West Coast of Canada and America. So, why not take some acid?

(For what all this means, scientifically, Cosmic Log and Boing Boing have good, brief backgrounders in case you’re American and have no idea how nuclear power is even created.) [Photo by Jack Stuef]

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  1. memzilla

    I vote for airlifting Haley Barbour, Chris Christie, and Rush Limbaugh over to the plant and using their whale-ish carcasses to smother the nuclear reactions.

    1. Geminisunmars

      Yeah, but who knows what kind of reaction there would be if their molecules were to commingle with the radiation. Are we really ready for Limbazilla, Christhra, or Pokebour?

    2. dox[acted]

      Sad news out of Japan, where "Operation Dumbo Drop" failed to contain the spreading reaction. Reports suggest that the meltdown increased in speed and intensity after an unforeseen fart explosion ripped through reactor 3. A high ranking official speaking on condition of anonymity explained that scientists had not taken into consideration the altered blood chemistry of the "blocking agents."

      "If we'd known that the Oxy was still in Rush's blood, we never would have dropped him in," the official said. "The combination of bile, cheeseburgers, opioids and male enhancement supplements reacted violently with the nuclear fuel. We can only hope now that we have not created a giant radioactive monster capable of ripping apart entire cities with 'Japanese people talking' impressions."

      "Seriously," the official concluded, "ching chong ding dong? At best that's Chinese…"

    3. Rush_Oxycontin

      If they were to merge into one entity, look out Godzilla, you have some competition: We present to you DOUCHEZILLA!

  2. donner_froh

    The most frightening thing (at least for me) is that actual events are often much worse that the official word from the authorities during cataclysmic horrors like nuclear/financial meltdowns.

    It isn't always due to outright lies–with the Fukushima nukes events are happening too quickly for the reporting to catch up, although the power company that owns the plants has been fined and its execs fired in disgrace for deferred maintenance and phony paperwork.

    1. KenLayIsAlive

      I know. I was watching some poor corporate middleman wretch, two says from certain seppuku, doing a press conference about the meltdown … he was all unshaven, head down. I would make a Baghdad Bob joke, but it was pretty heartbreaking.

      You could tell he was experiencing all the pain that that fucker Tony Hayward never did.

      1. Dr_pangloss

        Yes a company that has some shame in screwing up.. who knew. These guys even had the real ready excuse of 'Fuck no one could actually have forseen this' at hand and didn't use it. Some folks might even get fired and jailed over this clusterfuck.

    2. ShaveTheWhales

      Yeah. There has been a pretty steady stream of "no immediate danger" pronouncements, with the accompanying series of progressively more worrying factoids — no detectable radiation –> four workers with low-level contamination –> 160 people with low level contamination –> abnormal radiation detected 100 km offshore –> ummm, we don't know if the fuel rods are exposed or not because all the gauges have gone blooie –> a leak? no, not a leak. wait, what?

      I sincerely hope that the emergency cooling measures work, and I know that the containments are pretty fucking robust, but the sort of verbal arc of the official announcements is reminiscent of bad disaster movies.

  3. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    This is, of course, part of the greater Muslim/Socialist strategy to install a new Caliphate in Japan.

      1. Negropolis

        The Edo Caliphate has a nice ring to it, no?

        But, what does the Yakuza think of all of this?

  4. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    In the extremely unlikely event of a radiation death cloud flying across the Pacific to our shores, it will take several days to hit the West Coast of Canada and America. So, why not take some acid?

    Wait, you have a connection to good acid?

    1. Ken Layne

      God I wish …. "brain drugs" don't seem to be in big demand these days.

      Meth, Bud Lite, Oxycontin, Red Bull & plastic gallons of vodka, pot … these things are everywhere, and sold at the Wal Mart. But you are shit out of luck if you want to take a submarine trip into your mind.

      1. Progressiveinga

        I grew up in the '60s and we were scared shitless about the prospect of a nuclear winter. I always thought that when 'the bomb went off', I wanted it to land right on top of my head b/c the effects of being radiated from afar were just too horrible. Ah, the dreams of youth……..

      2. KenLayIsAlive

        At this point in my life, the state of the world being as it is, the only thing I want to do with my "doors of perception" is to install a few more deadbolts.

      3. Lionel[redacted]Esq

        Sadly, that is my experience too. If you want to fuck yourself up, no problem. You want to funk yourself up, and there is just nothing around.

        1. horsedreamer_1

          The 60s won't be over 'til the last Boomer dies.

          Expect them to go on for awhile, considering we only just lost the last (American) veteran of the Great War.

      1. Mahousu

        I tried it once, and found it painful and expensive. I just don't see the appeal.

        Wait, we're talking about car crashes, right?

      2. BaldarTFlagass

        Played the game in my youth with the triumvirate of the acid, cactus, and shrooms, and despite my vivid imagination managed to come through unscathed (at least as far as I can tell); spent the entire summer of 1980 under the influence of Mr Mescalito after a particularly successful peyote harvesting trip to South Texas. But I think that's a youthful pursuit; I had the opportunity to partake a couple years back and passed on it.

        1. [redacted]Crusher

          Same here, finally gave it up in 81, when I came to the conclusion that when I was tripping, I spent alot of disposable income on beer and weed that went to no good purpose.
          But there was nothing more glorious than watching Saturday morning cartoons while shrooming.

  5. metamarcisf

    And so it goes. If we Americans had a buck for every dumb-ass Godzilla joke circulating the web for the past four days, we could, maybe, balance the fucking budget and have a little left over for next week's war against Libya.

      1. HistoriCat

        Ultraman – that takes me back. Kids today with their Poking Man and their Yugo don't know good Japanese television!

  6. vulpes82

    I want to say "Jesus Christ!" but I think in this case "Blessed Buddha" or "Holy Ameratsu" is more appropriate.

    Also, GET OUT OF THERE, JACK!!!!!!!!!

  7. birfdayseks

    Deth to Amerikkka via Nippon via the sea where we dumped oil – didn't anyone read Homer, don't f with Poseidon. As Glenn BeckSS said.

  8. MilwaukeeKent

    Woah, thought it was their page, But it's NHK World through TPM. Apologies to both Josh and Ken for cross-blogging.

  9. Jaded[redacted]

    If California gets atomic-death-clouded this is totally Karma. When the Orange County Trophy-Wives start glowing orange at night, just google the death toll for Hiroshima or Nagasaki, and you'll feel better.

    1. Ken Layne

      Yes, I'll make sure to tell my many California friends and relatives born long after WWII that they deserve to die of radiation poisoning.

      1. horsedreamer_1

        Did you follow his career from Pearl Harbour 'til just before Gone Baby Gone? His creative/professional lull, while not as long, was every bit as embarrassing as John Travolta's 1980s.

      1. Extemporanus

        My grandparents used to live near Three Mile Island. During one of my family's annual summer sojourns down Pennsyltucky way to visit them, we took a guided tour of the place that this then-seven-year-old nascent nerd thought was, like, totally rad.

        The following Spring, shit went radioactive pear-shaped, and my grandparents had to retreat to a Motel 6 until the airborne toxic event blew over and they were given the green light to return home.

        About a month or so later, a baby blue glow-in-the-dark "I Survived Three Mile Island" ringer tee arrived in the mail, and I wore the hell out of it until the pits went all "China Syndrome" and my mom donned a hazmat suit, forcibly removed it from my hysterical little body, and shipped it to Yucca Mountain or wherever, never to be seen—in the dark or otherwise—again.

          1. emmelemm

            Hee. I love random 70s photos (sometimes confused with childhood flashbacks).

            After I made the comment, I realized it could be taken as snark, but it wasn't. I enjoyed the image of "little kid who's obsessed with something and his mom has to take extreme measures to get rid of it".

            On topic, um, yeah, floating radiation cloud? Fuck the T-shirt. Shit just got real.

      1. horsedreamer_1

        Horses sweat, men perspire, women glow… hipsters languor in an heroinesque stupour.

    1. dr_giraud

      Mitch McConnell is a Republican, therefore this cannot be bad news for him under any circumstances. It really puts Al Gore in the shit, though.

    1. DashboardBuddha

      Wow…I was just going to make a joke about B-29s followed up by our classic "too soon"…then I thought, never…how about never. Nothing can be funny about this anymore.

    1. marinmaven

      As it seems God is powerless to stop the death and suffering of innocent people in tragic natural disasters, he/she is equally inept to save us from the Glenn Beck.

      We are on our own, people.

    1. karen

      I am in Ohio this very moment and I can honestly say it's perfectly ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    2. El Pinche

      If danger arrives, just protect national treasures Tobin Sprout and Bob Pollard. There is a secret underground base near Dayton.

    3. Terry

      They've survived burning rivers and eating white bread and Miracle Whip sandwiches all these years. They'll be fine.

        1. Terry

          Driving through can be horrific. Have you made the run from Pittsburg to Detroit in the winter? The Ohio Turnpike and lake effect snow….very very very bad. On the upside, though, the Ohio Turnpike makes both Pittsburg and Detroit seem mild in comparison.

          1. BaldarTFlagass

            I only haunt the environs of WPAFB/Dayton, Columbus, and Cincy, and I assiduously try to avoid winter travel as much as possible, so I haven't had that pleasure. When we get a freeze with precipitation down here in TX, I just take sick leave and stay off the roads, because unlike a lot of people, I know I don't know how to drive in those kind of conditions…

          2. LakeAfflicted

            The ultimate Alley of Wind-Propelled Cold White Death is the stretch of I-90 along Lake Erie between Ashtabula, OH and Angola, NY (which, along with that bit of PA containing Erie, may as well be in northeastern Ohio). You also get to add NY state troopers and endless PA road construction as attractions on your tour of highlights from Ohio's Most Blighted. Plus, a militia in each state!

  10. KnaveOfDiamond

    Yes, yes, but what I really need to know is, "What will all this radiation do to my gold?!"

    1. Progressiveinga

      And men with Adonis DNA and Tiger Blood can only wonder, "when will Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn arrive to help out?"

      1. KnaveOfDiamond

        So this week on Glenn Beck, we find out how the Japanese earthquake is a Chinese plot to render the US gold supply unusable.

  11. Extemporanus

    Jack's decision to pack rolls of duct tape instead of changes of underwear isn't looking quite so crazy now, is it?

    1. nounverb911

      Jack can get spare undies from a vending machine in Tokyo.
      (I'm looking for "Safe for Work" images, I'll let you know when I find some).

  12. SayItWithWookies

    The most astonishing thing about this disaster so far is that in one of the world's most advanced societies, so much infrastructure can get destroyed so quickly. Four days into this and nobody has a complete idea of what happened in most of the coastal towns northeast of Tokyo. I just saw footage of a mile inland in Miyagi prefecture that was completely strewn with splintered wood, upturned cars and pieces of houses, obviously made by water, not the earthquake. And the tsunami, of course, is what killed the generators that put the reactors in such danger.

    And if water levels are higher due to global warming — that myth — then we're going to have to defend against this a lot more in the future. Infrastructure, big government, regulations, red tape — all that sort of stuff. As a practical reality, not just some sort of take-over-the-world doctrine. What a time for everyone to have to work together.

    1. ShaveTheWhales

      This is, besides a great tragedy, yet another example of the fact that when people try to do "worst-case scenario" risk analysis, they ALWAYS underestimate the "worst-case", no matter how hard they try. When we think about "worst-case", we always do some real-time editing to eliminate absurdity. Otherwise you find yourself planning how to deal with legions of zombies, or the Rapture, or world-devouring black holes.

      It's only human that we extend the editing beyond the absurd, into the things we really, really don't want to think about happening. And then, on top of this, we tend to put risk analysis through committees. It seems pretty obvious that the relevant committees in Fukushima didn't rate tsunami too high on their threat lists.

      The good news is that the people who actually deal with the nuts and bolts of this stuff will recognize the new data — hey, you can have a 10m tsunami in your face with five or ten minutes of warning — and make adjustments, and for a short while, they'll even get support from their bosses.

      The bad news is, Big Mama has probably still got a few surprises waiting for us.

      1. SayItWithWookies

        I've been party to disaster planning groups for different employers where we reach a point that someone says "we've got a plan for if the office loses internet connectivity, communications are shut down, we need to restore a new office location from backup — but then what happens if the backup location fails and we can't get a tape delivered and shit is raining from the sky," etc. etc. — at some point you have to limit the scope of your disaster planning, because the recovery effort is so huge and so dependent on things outside of your control that you know you're just gonna have to wing it.

        1. [redacted]Crusher

          Me too. I like when it gets to the point where you just look at the CEO/Owner and tell them point blank, "If it gets that bad, your computer systems are the last thing we should be worrying about."

      2. SayItWithWookies

        …part 2
        But that stops when you're the national government. You have to plan for everything, and like in Jared Diamond's Collapse when Japan made a concerted effort to preserve and ultimately restore their forests after WWII, it requires a national effort only achievable by the federal government. And it bothers me that we'll miss out on completely rethinking our approach to large events when we have this opportunity — and we'll miss it not out of getting the facts wrong, but because we're doctrinally opposed to doing big things as a nation. And that's how we could end up really screwing ourselves.

    2. El Pinche

      Once again, Wookie's description of reality pours on us like black sheets of rain.

      Allah forbid all the rightwing morans take complete control over our government. We can only imagine President Haley Barbour and VP Grifter Palin trying to pray away nucular Armageddon during a government shutdown while our ground beneath us liquefies .

      1. GunToting[Redacted]

        I was watching an episode of "Dirty Jobs" where they focused on a recent report showing how shitty our national infrastructure really is. Mike Rowe kept posting the rhetorical comment/question about who was to blame, to which I kept screaming "It's the fucking Republicans who do nothing but cut taxes!!!"

        If this earthquake hit the San Andreas, it would make what's going on in Japan look like a light snowfall. Bridges down everywhere, powerplants in full meltdown, power grid collapse. Reap the fucking whirlwind, teabagging assholes!

    3. Terry

      That's typical in a lot of hurricanes, too. You can build a house to withstand the winds or the shaking, but when a wall of water comes through carrying the debris of your neighbor's house and a few fishing boats, your house will be leveled.

      After Katrina and Rita, there was a "wrack line" of storm debris…houses, boats, trucks, whole oak trees, etc… six miles inshore from the coast along southwestern Louisiana.

  13. smashaduck

    There are supposedly four 24hr news networks on my picture box. Let's see how many are covering this….oh none. Go fucking figure.

    1. Ken Layne

      I had maintained the unwatched DirecTV subscription specifically because there might someday be a big enough political/natural disaster to require a live teevee news feed. And then Egypt happened, and there was NOTHING on the U.S. news channels for days.

      And that's when DirecTV got their dumb set-top box sent back forever.

      1. Beanball

        Here in LA all three (3) PBS over-the-air stations run 24 hr news feeds at 1/2 hr each: World News, France24, BBC, RT, DW, NHK and — gasp — Aljazeera. During Egypt it was Aljazeera all the time on KVCR. Right now NHK is live and has been for the last several hours.

        Hmm, the announcer just now said "go in your house and shut and seal the windows."

  14. EdFlintstone

    You really get that safe feeling knowing 50 workers are now left to deal with all this. Kind of wonder if they're on a suicide mission. Governor Walker is flying over to get their employer provided life insurance cancelled.

    1. MilwaukeeKent

      Close, but the Republicans in congress are working hard to defund the Tsunami warning system. Another one of those frivolous spendinng programs like Volcano monitoring. If there was a God, he would have Bobby Jindahl taking a European vacation just in time to get stuck in Frankfurt for days after the Iceland volcano shut down Europe. Hence, no God.

      1. ShaveTheWhales

        If there was a God, he would have arranged for Bobby Jindal to be sightseeing on the rim of [sorry, I'm not going to look it up] when it went off.

        1. MilwaukeeKent

          True, true. I've taken to calling it "that volcano in Iceland" I think even a cut and paste would get the spelling wrong somehow. They must have really good vocal recognition software in Iceland.

          Not to be selfish (but maybe not too soon to be concerned on the US West Coast,) the prevailing winds in the part of Japan where this is are westbound for the moment. towards China and not San Luis Opisbo.

      2. Terry

        Bobby Jindahl is what happens when you elect the former president of the middle school A.V. club.

    2. KnaveOfDiamond

      He probably just wants to convince TEPCO to put a life insurance policy on each of them with the corporation as the benefactor. This would be silly if it didn't actually happen.

      1. comptoneffect

        Dose was so high that several died within three weeks of acute radiation syndrome (GI).

    3. BaldarTFlagass

      Kind of wonder if they're on a suicide mission.

      My Magic 8-Ball sez:
      Signs point to yes

      It's probably way too soon to make some kind of Belushi/Samurai Nuclear Technician joke.

  15. AddHomonym

    Anderson Cooper on CNN just now (probably a rerun from at least an hour ago but speaking of the latest explosion etc.), "Uh, that's depressing." Hard to add to that.

    1. Negropolis

      Anyone see the other night when he'd heard of another nuclear issue, and he literally lost it for a moment asking his guest all the way back here in the US if they should think about moving further inland? I don't think I've ever seen him scared to that degree, before.

      1. Dr_pangloss

        He's been in some pretty tight spots the Silver Cougar has. Even the slightest hint of seeing that "Brightest Flash" as a possibility in the future would make the toughest Marines balls shrivel up.

      1. Negropolis

        Strangely enough this is the first Godzilla reference to the disaster I've found on the interwebs

        Then you're not doing it right. The interwebs, that is.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      Too bad they didn't have Twitter back on 9/11/2001. Mr Gottfried would have had us all in stitches, right?

  16. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Wait, wait, wait. Turns out there is nothing to worry about. Glenn Beck has announced that the nuclear power plants melting down is just George Soros covering up his attempts to destroy the dollar.

    See, there was a simple, scientific answer to it all.

    1. marinmaven

      Saw a photo of a panda hugging a police officer after the earthquake. It looked scared. This photo somehow is the photo I choose to cling to, because watching people suffer is too much to bear. Still, the panda photo gets to me. We all just need to hug it out for awhile.

    1. undeterredbyreality

      Well, the Koch brothers undoubtedly manufacture those face filters that are going to just get more popular, so their stock is up.

    1. tcaalaw

      Well, the good news is that there were only four reactors at the Daiichi plant, IIRC, so at least no more reactors can catch on fire.

  17. ShaveTheWhales

    Oh, a random anecdote for Jack. In the later nineties, I made a few business trips to Tokyo. One evening, maybe in 97, I was strolling down the street in Akihabara, checking out the electronic toilet seats and mil-grade night-vision goggles and whatnot, when I stopped to observe a modest crowd (50-100) of tea-haired youth clustered in front of a storefront, where an individual in a mostly spherical yellow costume was regaling the audience via microphone.

    Since I do not speak Japanese beyond please, thank you, excuse me, check please, and pussy-wa doko desu-ka, I have no idea what the hell was going on, but everybody seemed to be having a good time.

    Of course, the spheroidal character also displayed a couple of stylized lightning bolts, but I didn't realize that until I saw his picture on a card a year or so later.

    Jack — stay safe, but enjoy. If you haven't been in Tokyo before, try to get a map of the whole city. When I went over there, the tourista pamphlets just showed maps of neighborhoods in isolation. In fact, if you're somewhere near, say, Ginza, you're within a two or three mile walk of most of the city (well, not Chiba or Yokohama, but a lot).

    1. Negropolis

      Are you sure it wasn't Lady Gaga who'd traveled back in time? 'Cause, that sounds like her by your description.

      1. ShaveTheWhales

        No, Gaga is not nearly as spherical as Pikachu. Although the lightning bolts would work.

    2. GunToting[Redacted]

      Agreed on the whole map thing. I was in Tokyo about a decade ago. My colleague and I were in Asakusa and wanted to stop in the music district. We took a cab to a place we thought was near and bailed out when traffic got bad. With our guidebook we wandered around for about 2 hours. Finally my colleague said he needed to head to the airport so we walked around a corner to a busier street, only to see several guitar-shaped signs. We had been walking in circles. Needless to say, we determined that we were the two dumbest people in Tokyo.

  18. El Pinche

    Whiskey cant even calm my nerves right now. Everytime I look at the news, the situation is worse.

    Jack..dude. You brave mutha. Part of me says GTFO, the other part (drunk one) says hold your ground . …except if the shit liquifies the earth.

  19. mavenmaven

    Charlie Sheen may be doing exactly the right thing now. I want to be cuddling with a porn star when the death cloud hits us.

    1. ShaveTheWhales

      Mmm, just checking. When exactly is it that you don't want to be cuddling with a porn star?

  20. localtimezone

    Japan is as much a part of this planet as anyplace else. All nations that are able, should be hurried to help Japans's crisis. Not only for the earthquake victims but to stablizise this nuclear situation. Radiation is long lasting. Japan doesn't have much territiory to let any get irradiated in any way. I hope that Japan will pull through this.

  21. pinkocommi

    Poor, poor Japan. You know this tragedy is only going to get worse because Pat Robertson will be chiming in with his explanation on how Japan has offended God in 3… 2… 1…

    "Pact with the Devil," perhaps? Oh, wait… that was Haiti.

  22. bflrtsplk

    So, the bottom line is, of course, that we need more nuclear power plants pronto. What a mess.

    Oh, and it looks my troll follower has called it quits. what a shame.

  23. Come here a minute

    NPR just gave me the good morning news that probably things aren't going to be that bad. The later report was that it could be really bad. Being an American "choose your news" consumer, I think everything will be just peachy! Time for another cup.

    1. 4tehlulz_lite

      I was ready to fucking kick NPR in the dick when they propped Ishihara this morning.

    1. nonbeliever7

      Nah, he just takes a lot of naps, like from 2000 to 2008. Only omniscient when he's awake

  24. dox[acted]

    What this situation needs is more people clamoring to say "this shouldn't make us question for a second our nuclear power agenda." When urged to make such arguments, ask yourself for a second: if the situation gets worse, will I look like an asshole? If yes, perhaps the lobbying can wait.

    (sorry, twitter stream is filled with normally entertaining science types who right now are preferring to sing paeans the limitless majesty of technology and engineering over the overwhelming evidence that, if people are involved, over time the likelihood that our plans and projections will get entirely cocked up approaches 1)

  25. GregComlish

    I'm going to stand up for nuclear power.

    We had some of the oldest nuclear reactors on the planet get hit by the largest earthquake in some 2000 years plus an enormous tsunami, and we're still going to make it out okay. The containment vessels are all intact. The public has been protected and only a few hundred people have been exposed to harmful levels of radiation. Tens of thousands of people have died in this natural disaster; the harm attributable to nuclear power is negligible.

    1. sezme

      Standing up for nuclear power is like standing up for democracy: It's the worst form of government/affordable power except for all the other ones that have been tried. Faint praise, and anyway it's time to try some new ones.

    2. pinkocommi

      If you or your loved one were one of the few hundred people exposed to harmful levels of radiation, I wonder if you would be so quick to call the harm posed by nuclear reactors negligible.

      1. GregComlish

        I think it's tragic that some people were acutely exposed to elevated levels of radiation and I hope that they do not suffer any permanent harm.

        I think it's far, far, more tragic that many people were permanently wounded or killed elsewhere in Japan in industrial accidents after the earthquake and tsunami.

        And I think that even in the wake of this massive earthquake, the safety record of nuclear power is comparing favorably to that of other industries.

      2. LesPaultard

        I tend to think about it this way…we get most of our power from coal-fired plants. How many coal miners will die, today, from black lung disease? How many in the past, plus mine accidents? And, we don't know how the coal exhaust affects our lives either. Mining and burning coal is not a pretty process from any angle.

        All things considered, nuclear power kills a lot less people than coal. Of course there are lots of trade-offs in this type of discussion, but a few deaths from radiation, tragic as they are, is just a blip on the electricity-generation list.

    3. chimpinatophat

      I'll be willing to support more nuclear power if we start remembering that it's not just the fucking reactor we have to be insanely paranoid about, it's all the other equipment needed to keep the reactor functioning properly. The reactors took the impact just fine, but the dumbfuck who decided it was a great idea to put really important shit like the backup generator on low ground needs to stand on a platform and let the entire population of Japan kick them in the ass. I'm sure the Japanese would queue as patiently for that as they have been for drinking water.

    1. OzoneTom

      I saw a conversion project a few years back where someone made them hump as a disk activity indicator. Usually they just hump continuously.

  26. OzoneTom

    "why not take some acid?"

    Okay, I was planning to anyway in recognition of the passing of Owsley Stanley, so now I'll have to take take 5 hits.

    1. MissTaken

      These are even better, they are USB sticks so the little doggie humps your computer while you're doing your taxes*


  27. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    The elevated spent fuel pools have also been compromised by the explosions.

    Got trust?
    Japan radiation
    BPs Gulf of Mexico
    9/11 mass murder scam

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