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Hola wonkerados.

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    1. Gopherit

      It's not every day you see a dozen houses burning as they float away on the ocean. Surreal just doesn't cover it.

  1. BeWoot

    Wow. Great footage. And this is going to put Jack in Japan ahead of Wycliffe Jean. That's pretty cool. (Will he be live-blogging the aftershocks?)

  2. phishsbrevity

    Ironic that I was given a South West ad before the video started? "Need to get away?"


  3. SayItWithWookies

    Holy shit — it looks like a huge amount of water (carrying debris and a big boat) are washing onto agricultural fields. Is that a tsunami? 8.9 is immense as far as quakes go.

  4. [redacted]byreality


    I hope Jack can be safe (first) and send us a liveblog while he's there (second) so we and our small minds can rank on it.

    Numerous airports in Tokyo area are closed for now. Jack may not be going anywhere.

  5. phishsbrevity

    Ironic that I was given a South West ad before the video started? "Need to get away?"

  6. phishsbrevity

    Good god! Someone found out that they're grandfather dies halfway around the world in a disaster that's barely an hour old. What a world we live in.

  7. arihaya

    God saves Japan,,, hopefully nothing terrible happens.

    I still need my steady supply of Hentai.

  8. bumfug

    This is totally fucked. I was living in Alameda (right next to Oakland, on SF Bay) in 1989 and that wasn't shit compared to this. I really feel for these poor bastards, especialy since I sent my last money for the week to MoveOn.org for Wisconsin. Not that I'd give ten cents to the Red Cross after the way they've fucked around in Haiti.

      1. bumfug

        There's Alameda Naval Air Station where, I believe, Jim Morrison's dad was stationed. I don't know if they have nukes but it wouldn't surprise me.

    1. proudgrampa

      Wow. My wife and I were living in Fremont and working in Palo Alto in '89. They closed all the bridges that day (though my wife got through just before they shut down the Dumbarton Bridge). It took me 8 hours to get home that night via Hwy 237.

      Good times.

      But I am sorry for the Japanese. They have sustained a lot of damage.

      1. BerkeleyBear

        I moved to berkeley in 1990 and lived in the bay area until 98. The scars that quake left all over the region were pretty amazing to witness (and I grew up in Southern California, so I thought I knew from destruction). When I think of what something this size would do there, I just shiver.

  9. [redacted]byreality

    Update: Tsunami warning issued for Indonesia, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Mexico.

  10. nounverb911

    Hope everyone comes through okay.

    Jack, if you make it over, go to Daiwa at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo for breakfast, you won't regret it. (Just get there before 7am otherwise the line is two hours long).

    1. horsedreamer_1

      Sounds like what happened when Milwaukee got its first Krispy Kreme location (2001 or '02 — cannot remember, for sure).

    1. karen

      Are you kidding? The Japanese have every damn religion covered, they practice them all to avoid any issues!

    2. MinAgain

      Hell, Christchurch named the city after Jesus, but that didn't stop the earthquakes from coming.

  11. cheaphits

    This hit the same time as one of the strongest solar storms ever was hitting the earth.

    Which may only coincidental, but then again…

  12. ShaveTheWhales

    Holy shit. 8 point fucking 9? At least the epicenter was kinda in the boonies (to the extent that there are any boonies in Japan).

  13. bumfug

    Fuck, there's a tsunami watch out for L.A. and Ventura counties! Glad I'm a couple of miles inland.

    1. OC_Tsunami_Surf_Serf

      The beaches from Dana Point to Long Beach need some clean-up from January's rains…lemon meet lemonade.

  14. Fare la [redacted]

    This is the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japanese history.


    That's a country whose entire field of architecture is built around surviving not just an earthquake, but the next earthquake.

    1. proudgrampa

      Jeez. Just caught the picture of the whirlpool with a ship trapped in it. I have never seen anything like that before!

  15. Negropolis

    'Tis Godzilla's Revenge! Either that, or Lil' Kim's eathquake machine.

    Seriously, though; this is horrible. The only silver lining is that this struck so far to the north. You center this thing near Tokyo, and Japan would have been through for a few years.

    1. horsedreamer_1

      Li'l Kim? I would have figured, maybe, B.I.G. rolling over in his grave after catching word of Making the Band

  16. Texan_Bulldog

    Crap…maybe the apocalypse is coming. Sorry, Wisconsin, you had your 15 minutes in the spotlight. There's a shiny new object to fixate on now.

  17. PsycWench

    Seriously, I am glad to have Facebook now. One of my students is doing a semester abroad in Japan and has posted that he's fine. I'm sure that type of posting is taking place all over. In earlier years everyone would frantically call friends and relatives, making it impossible to get through. I remember a terrible half-hour on September 11 trying to reach my sister who flew frequently for work back then; luckily she was fine.

  18. Oblios_Cap

    Godzilla and Mothra are going at it again!

    Seriously, that is some scary looking footage. I was watching it on the BBC before work.

    1. littlebigdaddy

      Wasn't Godzilla created out of a nuclear accident? Just sayin…maybe we should rethink this whole good nukes energy policy.

  19. Redhead

    "also, Wonkette’s Jack Stuef is going to Japan tomorrow"

    I think you mean WAS, Ken. Word is the ceiling in the airport collapsed and air traffic is grounded…

  20. natoslug

    We're on Tsunami watch here in Humboldt, but so far nothing exciting has happened. If one hits Arcata, we're in for a massive toxic patchouli slick polluting the coast. Sorry about that, rest of California and southern Oregon.

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