It’s been a while since we’ve explored the backwards world that is D.C. politics, so here goes: Some five months ago, when bike lanes and education were still the rage, Adrian Fenty, champion of white-people causes, was Mayor of D.C. But one can only get so far when backed by the PBR lobby, and so he was replaced by Vincent Gray who, it turns out, (allegedly) paid another man to try to undermine Fenty’s campaign in return for a job. Whoops! In some circles this is illegal/ generally not a good idea. But let’s focus on the more important things. D.C. has a new PBR dispensary: Touchdown on U Street.

ooo yuengling

D.C. may be well on its way to being “One City” plagued by corporation, cronyism, et cetera and so forth, but PBR is reasonably priced at this new sports bar on U Street.

America is awful

Can you figure out what is missing from this wall at Touchdown? (Hint: There are 14 other ones in the bar.) That’s right! It needs a fifteenth teevee here, for the sports.

diabeteez for all

Pretty soon, we’re going to run out of things to put in mac and cheese. Maybe. Please? Though this combination works surprisingly well.

so many teevees

Look at those teevees in all their glory. But what is that beneath the teevee? Could that be art? While you take refuge in the bar for hours on the nicest of spring days, to watch football, cricket, dodge ball, or the exotic anti-American sport known as soccer, at least there will be some nice art nestled in the glare of flatscreen teevee for you to enjoy.

Touchdown opens today with 25% off all drafts, rail drinks, and food. They will also be offering other specials to mark the ancient celebration of boobs, beads, and booze affectionately referred to as “Fat Tuesday.”

Touchdown, 1334 U St. NW, Washington, DC 20009, 202-265-0708
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