Hit it and quit it.Once upon a time, married Sen. John Ensign had sex with a lady who was not a man and was also the wife of one of his aides. Unfortunately for his re-election prospects, Ensign did not wear a diaper, as far as we know. And because the U.S. Senate is somehow yet another day care for trust-fund children, this one a full two or three steps beyond grad school, Ensign’s parents gave the woman and her husband a bunch of money and hoped they would shut up about it. It still got out. Years later, he Senate Ethics Committee is still working on a “preliminary inquiry” into whether this broke the law. But John Ensign says he’s retiring, so the door is open for a true forthright, up-from-the-bootstraps Nevada senator: Sharron Angle. Nevada is a terrific state full of terrific politicians.

He will formally announce his plans at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas.

How romantic. [USA Today]

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