According to TPM’s Ryan J. Reilly, a police officer at the scene said this Muslim man shows up at the White House “every couple days” to pray. That was lucky for anti-Sharia protestors who were there and couldn’t find any Muslims to yell at.

He was quickly surrounded by a large group of protestors who shouted an array of insults at him: mocking him for drinking Starbucks coffee, telling him to go back to his country and even throwing tiny crosses at his feet as he prayed.

The “Jesus” chant is great. These people seem to think they’re spectators at a sporting event and their deity is losing the match.

Can President Obama please find these people some jobs? There has to be something worthwhile these folks can do with their time. How about we put them in elementary school classes to boost the self-confidence of America’s children, who are all more intelligent and skilled than they are? [TPM]

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