• America’s new favorite Thomas Kinkadeā€”a brave “fifth-year” art student at the Pratt Institute, is being CENSORED because his message is TOO TRUE and POLITICALLY INCORRECT for the sissie limp-wrists of the art world. [The New Criterion]
  • Evil Muslims (is there any other kind of Muslim, really?) want to destroy the Statue of Liberty and turn it into brand new Victory Mosque for their innumerable blood rituals. [Before It’s News]
  • Obviously, people from Berkley California are all terrible ivory tower tenure-leaches, but did you know that are also solely responsible for the financial crisis? It’s true! [Pajama’s Media]
  • Glenn Beck can lift fucking BOULDERS now, people. So his conspiracy theories must be right! [Glenn Beck]
  • China’s messenger pigeon army is ready to obliterate America with waves and waves of bird feces. [Telegraph]
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