Oh, Chris Lee Was Also Messing Around In the Craigslist Transsexual Section

Going for a  Golden Corral of Craigslist encounters.When Republican Congressman Chris Lee resigned a few weeks ago mere hours after Gawker published what appeared to be e-mails and a photo he sent to a lady on Craigslist about wanting to have an affair, it surprised people. People such as us. If a married diaperman such as David Vitter can survive and even be re-elected to the U.S. Senate after having weird relations with prostitutes, why should Chris Lee resign if all he did was ask a regular, not-prostitute lady on the Internet if she wanted to have an affair? Because he also asked the same thing in the “m4t” section. Yes, some odd e-mails forwarded to Gawker, Chris Lee may have also been offering himself to transexual women.

Revealingly, the headline and ad itself contain many elements from Lee’s first known Craigslist flirtation, including the words “fit” and “classy.” It dates to the same evening Lee exchanged emails with the woman we told you about two weeks ago. And it even featured Lee’s infamous shirtless Blackberry picture, albeit cropped to hide Lee’s face. Yes, that’s right: a member of Congress posted a personal ad seeking transsexuals and crossdressers and even included a picture of himself, all without thinking twice, apparently.

Is there any other kind of member of Congress? No.

Fiona said she found out who Lee was much the same way the other Craigslist correspondent did. “I copied and pasted his email into Facebook, and that’s when his picture of him and his wife and his little boy showed up. Then I clicked on the link and realized he was a politician from New York, and I was like OMG.”

Sounds like these ladies have the journalism skills to bring their extra equipment to Wonkette.

Unfortunately, Gawker’s story seems a little undermined by the fact that “both” apparent transsexual sources disappeared when Gawker looked into the matter more, including one who provided Gawker a photo of Lee she censored until Gawker gave her some of that scoop money the give people. But politicians having affairs with transsexuals they found on the Internet is always fun, so let’s just mark this one down in the fact column. [Gawker]

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    1. Texan_Bulldog

      You mean the other size 18 red pump that trannies can only buy at Payless because Foot Locker (where they normally shop) doesn't seem to be able to accommodate these fine folks after-hour needs.

      1. WunkRocker

        Oh I thought this was the deal all along, else why would he resign so quickly. I figured there were several ladyboys in the woodpile.

  1. donner_froh

    Ex-Congressman Lee is a real dog. If a more or less straight or deeply closeted guy wants company from a tranny the only honorable way to do it is to pay the tranny. Go to an escort site.

    Trolling for free dick, even if it is 8.5 inches, fully functional, is just plain tacky.

  2. nounverb911

    "Oh, Chris Lee Was Also Messing Around In the Craigslist Transsexual Section"
    Isn't that a requirement for the teabaggers?

  3. PublicLuxury

    Take the sex where you can get it, Chris. When you're horny, you're horny. Sometimes a little spice is nice. At least you hasn't fucked a cat, that alone should make you elgilble for a state office. Stick with it, so to speak.

      1. PublicLuxury

        Thank you. I'm going to change it back to the old avatar after we win this mess in Wisconsin. I'm a bitch and I don't see why I should alter my message. Being a bitch is a badge of honor. Many claim to be one but few achieve true bitchhoodness.

    1. Sophist [APPLESAUCE]

      Look, when he offered to check out that extra equipment she promised him, he thought she was talking about a Bowflex that was gathering dust in the corner of her apartment or something. It was an honest mistake.

  4. V572625694

    "…until Gawker gave her some of that scoop money the give people. But politicians having affairs with transsexuals they found on the Internet is always fun…"

    Politicians is always fun no matter what the doing.

  5. Progressiveinga

    Phew! I was getting worried that maybe there wasn't any more to the story and this guy felt guilty for soliciting a natural born girl and really did want to spend more time w/ his family to make things right. Now, he's totally looking like a republican and all is right with the world. Tranny's Rule!

  6. Crank_Tango

    Sources quoted the disgraced former Buffalo congressman as saying, "Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Dude looks like a lady!"

    and, "Let's go hit the ballet." Also.

    1. Crank_Tango

      And by ballet, of course I am referring to the Canadian Ballet, which may or may not be what you think it is.

    2. Beowoof

      I was going to say that was a rather obscure reference for those who may not have lived in Buffalo. Now you need a passport to fullfil your artistic fantasy.

  7. Weenus299

    Indeed, this is why we haz jernalizm.

    On a side note "Seeking an affair with a non-prostitute" is now the new "Spending more time with my family."

  8. PublicLuxury

    I love the ultra-conservative's sex life. It is so much more interesting because they espouse 'family values'. Eeee cheee momma, what's it like to grow up in their homes?

  9. SorosBot

    So to the "dead girl / live boy" misconduct which will actually lead to a Republican stepping down, we can ass "Chicks with dicks". Good to know. Meanwhile, a consensual non-marital blowjob will still be grounds for impeaching a Democrat.

      1. GOPCrusher

        Agreed. Compared to a poop fetish or getting kinky with some trannies or teenage boys, a heterosexual blowjob is fairly mild.

  10. LionelHutzEsq

    Clearly this was just a sad attempt by Congressman Lee to cover up his free-wheeling heterosexual cruising with something that would find a little more support among his fellow Republicans.

  11. DaRooster

    Too bad these guys are too dumb to make up some anonymous Gmail account…

    Probably taken.

  12. ttommyunger

    I am shocked, I tell you, shocked! And, also, in addition, what does Joe Scarborough think about this? Oh, nobody got murdered? Never mind.

      1. ttommyunger

        You would be too if you were the other woman and the guy was a married, six-foot four inch beady-eyed psychopath with a proven track record in unsolved homicides. O keep waiting for daddy “Z” to take him out as only the Russians know how to do so well.

  13. HateMachine

    Calling bullshit. In line with our original observations by comparison to Vitter and Craig, if there had actually been a tranny involved Lee would have stayed in office. After a super-awkward press conference with his wife, of course.

    1. DeeJayKitteh

      Have we actually seen a picture of his wife? Maybe she's walked a mile in their size 14 pumps and won't be so surprised, if you know what I mean.

  14. Callyson

    What I don't understand is why he took his chances on craigslist? Maybe he got off on the thrill of the risk of getting caught, but I'd think it would have been much easier just to ask one of his Republican colleagues for a referral. Can't be too hard to find someone who has a girl with something extra on speed-dial in this Congress…

  15. chickensmack

    If this Fiona person "was like OMG," were they interviewing her in chat? And how do they know they weren't talking to Mark Foley?

  16. Terry

    Now, this makes a lot more sense, doesn't it? Congress has lost a member who was definitely willing to work both sides of the aisle.

    Why is it that the GOP'ers who preach about family values and the like turn out to be the ones with issues in those exact same areas?

    1. Dudleydidwrong

      "Why is it that the GOP'ers who preach about family values and the like turn out to be the ones with issues in those exact same areas?"

      Google "reaction formation"

  17. WhatTheHeck

    We are F-a-m-i-l-y values.
    Also, too, When I picked her up at the bar, ‘she’ said ‘she’ was 18 and ‘she’ looked mighty fine.

    1. Dudleydidwrong

      Lola. Is that a girl's name or a boy's name or…?

      "It''s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world…" especially if you are lonely GOP congressman.

  18. smokefilledroommate

    Isn't it listed in the Rules of the Republican Party that all affairs must be with partners who are (in some form) male?

    1. Beowoof

      Isn't that the truth. Quite a few nut jobs from my old home town. However, Rochester where I am at now does give Buffalo solid competition.

  19. mereoblivion

    Somehow I'm comforted to know that Fiona "was like OMG." In fact, from now on I only want to hear from people who were, are, or will be like OMG. To be like OMG or not to be like OMG is no longer even the question.

  20. prommie

    Girls who are boys
    Who like boys to be girls
    Who do boys like they're girls
    Who do girls like they're boys
    Always should be someone you really love

    1. mereoblivion

      I met her in a club down in old Soho
      Where you drink champagne
      And it tastes just like Coca Cola
      C-O-L-A Cola

      1. SorosBot

        I went up to this girl, she said, Hi, my name is Fiona
        I thought she'd be good to go with a little Funky Cold Medina
        She said, I'd like a drink, I said, Ehm – ok, I'll go get it
        Then a couple sips she cold licked her lips, and I knew that she was with it
        So I took her to my crib, and everything went well as planned
        But when she got undressed, it was a big old mess, Fiona was a man
        So I threw him out, I don't fool around with no Oscar Meyer wiener
        You must be sure that the girl is pure for the Funky Cold Medina

  21. ttommyunger

    I've provided my share of “Health Problems” over the years, but wasn't clever enough to come up with that moniker. Prolly cause I didn't have access to friends in high places like Morning Blow did, does. I'm still waiting for Mika's dad to give Joe some fatal “health problems”, I know he desperately wants to and I know he has the will, means, experience and knowledge. C'mon “Z”, America needs you.

  22. Crank_Tango

    Exactly. I mean I'm not gonna judge what someone hammered does at 3:45 in the parking lot of the "Old" Pink, but it's not how the straights in buffalo usually roll…

    1. GOPCrusher

      And they say that Democrats are degenerates. LOL! Its not that you like a little she-male action on the side, its the fact that you lie about it and you look down your noses at people that do.

  23. cheaphits

    Suppose Chris's wifey has hustled him off to the doctor to be tested for STDs yet?

    Then again, maybe she could care less, because he's not getting any, anytime soon.

    1. Beowoof

      I am sure he is heading over to Canada for the performances of the Canadian Ballet, featuring Ft. Erie's finest dance talent.

  24. Beowoof

    As a former Buffaloian I can say the opportunity to find hot and horny polish girls, even 3:45AM was always an option. And a pleasing option at that. None of them had dicks though.

  25. Extemporanus

    Let this be a lesson to each and every one of you:

    No matter how fucking hungry you might be, never order a BLT from Craigslist.

  26. mourningnmerica

    When Chris Lee says "C-O-L-A cola" he's not talking about cost of living increases in Social Security.

  27. GregComlish

    I'm not going to judge the because he's into transsexuals.

    I am, however, going to judge the guy because he's a hypocritical sack of shit. And I'm also judging him because he's so dense that he used his real email address while trolling for tranny sex on Craigslist as a member of Congress.

  28. SaintRond

    Anyone who deliberately gives a Republican a hard-on is going straight to hell when they die.

    That said, I wish all men were trannies. Then there'd be no more wars and people would just be in a better mood.

  29. Negropolis

    Honestly, who didn't see this coming?

    Man, why don't these guys enter politics as Democrats? They could have all of the gay and transex their little hearts desire without the crushing and biting hypocrisy and guilt, the fools.

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