Here’s an easy way to “protest” with the people in Madison and elsewhere: Boycott the fuck out of all these companies. IF there is something made by one of these companies you cannot live without, you shouldn’t be thinking about protests, anyway. (Think about delicious anus-burgers harvested by ill-paid, ill-treated illegal migrant labor in the slaughterhouses of the Midwest.)

Good-bye to this shit:

Wisconsin Realtors
Koch Industries (obvs.)
Tavern League of Wisconsin
Brawny paper towels
Dixie cups
Georgia-Pacific lumber
Stainmaster carpet

Also quit buying gasoline and using natural gas; the Kochs own pipelines everywhere. Go solar and get a Nissan Volt, or better yet, don’t have a car at all and rent one (a Hybrid or EV) for road trips. Give a hoot.

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