The Republicans have found their “union thug” of the Wisconsin protests! Hooray! No more collective bargaining for you, Mick. Except this didn’t happen in Wisconsin, where, we suppose, people like this have been unable to enrage the gentle “Wisconsin nice” union members who are staging knit-ins, of all things. It happened outside FreedomWorks’ offices in D.C. So we all know the guy pestering the guy in the union t-shirt will be fine, because he has a master’s degree and is thus a certified genius. But what about the woman holding the camera? Is she okay? No. She was raped. Raped by socialism. And her harrowing tale is the top story of the conservative Internet.

She got a prime slot at RedState to make her case:

In addition, it’s disgusting to me that the first response I received from the Left was rationalization. “You were too close, respect personal space” and “well he obviously didn’t want to be filmed!” – essentially, it’s the “her skirt was too short” defense. No one deserves to be hit. The concern from a bystander was that “You’ll get on the news, stop it!” Unfortunately for him, he did not know who he was dealing with. I will ensure that this happens.

Oh yeah, blame the victim! Blame the person shoving cameras in union members’ faces hoping one of them will take the bait and can be called a “thug!” All this woman ever wanted to do as a little girl was use misleading YouTube videos to undermine the humanity of her political opponents. She didn’t know her CAMERA would be PUSHED BY A GUY’S SIGN, which is basically rape, you guys. [RedState]

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