Wisconsin’s Union Rapists Demand Collective Raping Rights

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  • Lara Logan’s tragic sexual assault is NOTHING compared to the horrors she might have experienced at the hands of those greasy union rapists in Wisconsin. [Big Journalism]
  • Uh oh, the famous internet destination for truth, Snopes.com, is secretly the holocaust-loving handiwork of America’s most evil Jew, George Soros. [RPN]
  • President Obama keeps all his best Muslim Brotherhood buds in the White House, where they single-handidly toppled Hosni Mubarak, for Sharia. [Examiner]
  • America’s most Delphic sage, Richard Cohen, bravely exposes America’s love for faking disabilities to get welfare-cash from Richard Cohen’s personal pension fund. [WaPo]
  • Americans will soon have to find another way to compensate for their collective micro-penises, since gas will be so expensive only the wealthiest welfare queens will be able to afford a Hummer. [NewsMax]

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