No turds! Donate!
Wonkette operative and UW grad student/Wisconsin-Madison Teaching Assistants’ Association member “Ben” has sent us this email update from Madison, where he is currently State House Squatting:

If you want to know what it’s like having protesters ages 0-99 sleeping together, setting up study areas, coffee pots, buffets, and stewardship programs: People donate toothpaste; hundreds of pizzas get delivered daily; cops photograph rallies that go late into the night. Every night more people are switching from sleeping bags to air mattresses. Also there are a lot of teachers here, labor leaders pop in to say hi to working grad students, and the guy from Rage Against the Machine just showed up. I’m going to set up a homework help and grading station tomorrow cuz we all got work to do.

But the TAA needs help feeding everyone and keeping everything somewhat sanitary. So please visit Help Defend Wisconsin and donate today! Thank you!

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