Glenn Beck: Wisconsin Unions Want a UN Caliphate, Or Something

  the master crazy at work

OMG, you guys, Glenn Beck loves the nation-state so much. It is his favorite kind of world order. But according to his latest airtight theory, the United Nations, Wisconsin protestors, and Muslim Brotherhood are all in communication with each other about overthrowing the nature of international governance by making a single, Marxist, Islamist world government that respects human rights and freedom according to the resolutions of the UN. That may seem contradictory, but Glenn Beck is always right, so let’s listen to him. World politics sure does make for strange bedfellows, after all. In the minds of crazy people. Somebody’s going to be holding the Treaties of Westphalia close tonight!

It’s so funny how unions have had political power in this country for years and only now want a world communist government!

Oh, and it sounds like Fox News has yet another location for Egypt!

“And apparently help from Google as well—at least in Europe, or I mean, I’m sorry, in Egypt.”

Yeah, Iraq, New York, Europe—same thing. [TPM via chascates]

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