Aww, look who’s still pretending to be a serious human being with serious thoughts on world affairs! “I live in New York. New York is a place with lots of gays. And I think it’s great. But I’m not in favor of gay marriage.” Hey, he’s fine with gay people! Some of his best people he’s vaguely aware of living near are gay! Looks like the brilliant GOProud campaign to bring absurd New York personalities to CPAC is really paying dividends for American equality.

(But thanks for the booze, GOProud! You guys were great!)

Let’s cut to Politico now:

Trump entered into the gay marriage fray in 2009, when he defended Carrie Prejean’s stated opposition to gay marriage.

Aaaaaand then let’s cut to cutting our wrists. There, that feels better.

Donald Trump is the perfect candidate. He has the perfect amount of Reagan-esque trashy celebrity background. We always thought Fred Thompson was too highbrow. The average Republican primary voter trying to watch Law and Order is like an average member of the general electorate trying to squirm through a Wagner opera without supertitles. They need their “celebrity” “reality” teevee “shows.” And they need their insulin tanks. [Po’o]

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