An old Getty stock photo of Fred & Riley smoking weedPresidential hopeful Fred Karger is anti-war, pro-pot and single-handedly revealed that the Mormon Church bankrolled Proposition 8. He’s also an openly gay California Republican Jew who has a major hard-on for Ronald Reagan! But whatever. If a half-Muslin Kenyan from Kenya can be commander-in-chief, why can’t a gay Jew from Laguna Beach? (This question would look exceptional on a bumper sticker/man-thong.) We scored exclusive CPAC partytime interviews with Fred Karger and Dan Choi, both of whom support Fred Karger, so you must clicky click and watch these videos!

Here is Fred, discussing how he was banned from CPAC. He got himself a Marriott bedbug suite anyway and then hosted a crazy rave, just out of spite. Total badass:

Oh hey, we also talked with openly gay West Point Army Man & Fred Karger supporter Dan Choi:

Everybody go vote for Fred Karger. []

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