Back to the future.
Above, your editor tries his hand at using a real revolutionary-era copper dicking pot this kindly Teabagger was carrying around his belt. Unfortunately, this man was the only one who got the memo about it being Halloween, but in case our government finally turns back the clock to whenever this (albeit probably incorrect and anachronistic) costume was in fashion, he’ll be ready. CPAC is great. Really great.

Credit cards accepted, you guys.
For only $20, you too can count down the days until Barack Obama is no longer black. (What’s the “HOAX” here? The illusion that any of these idiot presidential candidates at CPAC have a chance at beating him?)

Spraypaint '2012!' That's so street, RP.
The epic struggle of Teabagger v. iPad.

Out riding fences.
A guy was running as a write-in on the straw poll, we guess. He gave out these hats. Yeah, he’s probably going to win, so.

Look who can raise enough funds for a bumper sticker!
Well are you, punks? Are you? If you are, shout out, “Pizza pizza!”

There you go. Complain about these being taken on a cell phone some more, you thankless jerks. Sorry it’s not worth framing these and hanging them above the mantle.

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